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PERFECT LIFE!! ECSTATICLY HAPPY!! I LOVE YOU GARY SPARKS!! Jan 15th, 2007 9:26:11 pm - Subscribe
Mood | stress free happiness!! I LOVE YOU GARY SPARKS!!

Another perfect day courtesy of my perfect fiance Gary Sparks!! I love him so much!!

I got to his place around 10 and we layed around and talked and laughed which I love to do!! It relaxes me and makes me remember there is someone out there who loves me!!

I can't wait to have his baby soon!! I'm excited!! So is he!! Everything I hear from him is about our baby!! He is so excited I'm surprised he can even sleep!! I love it!! He doesn't want me working because he's so scared of something going wrong with the baby!! I love that too!! He is so sweet!! Every moment with him is perfect!! I love you so much Gary Sparks!!

I should get the chance to see him Thursday if all goes well!! These past few times they have been making me come back at 5:00 in the evening where I have been allowed to stay out as late as 11:30 or 12:00 before they started bring me back early and I'm hoping I'll get that time schedule back!! I can't stand being taken back out here that early!! I miss him way too much!! Of course I always do but it cushions it when I get to keep the old time schedule!!

Well I don't think we are getting married as early as we planned but that's ok cause I know we will cause he loves me and I love him too!!

We are the super couple that everybody wants to be like!! We have it together!! We are perfect!! Now if we could just get my loser family to stop running their mouths and complicating everything we would be fine!!

They are worried about Gary getting a job but I'm kind of scared for him too because he is short of breath sometimes and it worries me because I'm afraid that I will force him to work and something will happen to him!! I could not live with myself if that happened!! I would kill myself for making that happen to him!! I never want to lose him!! I love him so much!!

I guess that's it for this entry!! I'll update more later when something new and exciting happens!!

I love you Gary Sparks!! That will never change!! I love you so much!!

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