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gatorjunki Hello - Subscribe
I'm finally here, Sarah! Tadaa!!! happy.gif

I have one more day of work, and then it's off to the beach I go!! I can't wait. I have seriously worked all week long and I'm dead on my feet almost. I'm just ready for a week of rest and relaxation, and some time with my honey. I can't wait!! The sunshine and beach will do me good! cool.gif

So, yeah, I'm new here. This place seems pretty cool. Thanks to my good friend, Sarah, for suggesting it. wink.gif

I can't write much now because I need to get some rest before a long day at work tomorrow. I probably won't be back on until after the weekend. I have work 11-6:30 tomorrow, and then we are going out for my dad's 46th birthday. I'll get home late probably and then will have to finish packing. Then Friday morning, it's off to the beach and I probably won't be back until Saturday or Sunday! Wahoo!!

Anywho. It's great to be here! I look forward to meeting people and catching up with you, Sarah! Hope you're doing well!! Love ya!

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gatorjunki Happy Birthday!! Mar 16th, 2006 7:53:24 am - Subscribe
cool.gif My dad is 46 today! Happy birthday, Dad!

I hope all is well for everyone today. I am feeling a little tired, but mainly I'm just ready to see 6:30 today. I get off work and then I'm off the rest of the weekend. It's off to the beach tomorrow. I have to finish packing tonight!

But I have to go so I can get ready for work. Have an awesome day and weekend!

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gatorjunki Afternoon... Mar 20th, 2006 7:24:49 pm - Subscribe
Hello, all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Let's play catch up!

Thursday, my mom wasn't feeling well and had blurred vision, so my dad took her to the ER (on his b-day). Come to find out she had a mini stroke. Yeah...I was pretty shaken up. So, we ended up eating here at the house for dad's birthday.

Got up Friday and got things ready for the beach. We all left around 9. Got there around 11 and got what groceries we needed and had some lunch at Bennigan's. Went to check in to the hotel I reserved and they told us we couldn't stay there because we weren't 25. So, I had to let Kyle handle all the calling to to change everything and get a new hotel. I was too stressed at that point to do anything. Kyle got us another hotel for the same price; only problem was, it wasn't on the beach. So we ended up at a hotel about 20 minutes away from the beach, but it was the only other one in our price range.

Got to the hotel and checked in and got settled. Some of us went to the pool while others hung out in the room. We went back to the room later and got showers and changed. Luckily we didn't have to drive anywhere for food...there was a Winghouse right next door. So, we had dinner there with some drinks. Good times.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and just hung out, drinking and watching TV. We got up Saturday, checked out and went to Denny's for breakfast. Since there was nine of us, it took forever to get seated. So we didn't get out of there until around noon. Left there and went to the beach. It was so nice!! Very windy!

Kyle and I didn't stay long because his family from TX is in town, so we left to spend time with them. We got home around 6 and had dinner. After dinner, all the "young" people went out to Gators Dockside for a good time.

Yesterday I slept in because I was so worn out from working all last week, and then our trip. Met up with Kyle in the afternoon and went to the mall. Had dinner with his family again, and then I came home.

Today was nothing special. Back to classes. cry.gif I ended up dropping my biology class because I didn't do better on the test we just had. So, I sold back my book (I got ripped off....only $44 for a $100+ book). Kyle and I went to lunch at Schlotsky's and then I had to work 2-6.

Now I'm home and am relaxing. I'm really tired tonight. I took a nap between classes because I was so tired. Think I'll probably go to bed early tonight.

I have a lot of stuff I need to do. My laundry is overflowing its basket, especially after this weekend. I need to do a book report for my online class (and then I'll be finished!) and write a paper for my child psych class. I need to write a thank you letter, pay some bills, print pictures and update my scrapbook. I need to do all kinds of stuff, but I should have plenty of time to do it this weekend. I don't have to work too late Friday, and Kyle will be working all weekend, so I'll have a lot of time to myself. Maybe I'll go shopping. It's getting warm down here, so I need to get shorts!

Well, toodles for now. Enjoy the night!
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gatorjunki Friday!!!! Mar 24th, 2006 9:31:12 am - Subscribe
I'm so glad the weekend is here! This week wasn't bad or anything; I'm just glad to see the weekend here.

I think Kyle and I are both sick. I think it's this sudden change in weather. It's been in the high 80s for the past few weeks, and now it's been raining and cooling down to the 30s....yeah. My throat has been hurting a little since Wednesday, and I've been congested. Well, at work last night, Kyle came over and asked if I had anything I could give him for a cold. I was like, "Not you too." He called me after I had gotten home last night and he said he thought he might have a fever. sad.gif At least we'll be sick together.

I have to work at 12 today. I'm only working until 7, so I'm not there too entirely long today. I'm just glad I'm not there until 8. That last hour at the other store is always the longest. We seriously sit and watch the clock.

I came home early yesterday. We were dead the whole day. Got some inventory done, since it's next month. But I left about and hour early. There just wasn't anything to do.

My computer has been being really stupid lately. It hasn't been wanting to connect to the internet. It's really annoying because I need to do some research and do my online stuff. I was surprised I could actually connect today. But I think the connection is so slow (I have dial-up) that it won't connect to my online work site. So, I'm probably going to go to Kyle's tomorrow morning and do some work before he goes to work, or I'll hit up the lab at school.

I'm looking at another job right now. It's at a dental lab, and they train you in what you need to know. It pays $8+ and hour and there are benefits. Plus it's a full time job, Monday through Friday. That would be really nice right now...a full time job. And I would be making more than what I am now. I don't even make $8 yet! I haven't had a chance to run over there yet, one, because I've been working, and two, because I'm not quite sure where it is.

Anywho. I need to get a move on. Have a great weekend! cool.gif
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gatorjunki Early morning Mar 27th, 2006 5:42:19 am - Subscribe
Time: 6:30 A.M.
Music: Morning Flakes morning show on Kiss 105

My baby is sick. He called me at 6 this morning saying he was lonely. (He actually called me at 5:30, but my phone didn't connect for some reason.) He said that he just had this feeling of stress and anxiety all over his body. He said he had a dream that added to it. He's just stressed out for no reason. It's really weird. I wish I could be with him so bad. We both got sick at the end of the week, but he's definitley got it worse than me. They sent him home from work last night. He's really congested, has a bad cough, and just aches. I feel so bad for him. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I think I had the worst of mine on Saturday. I slept in that morning, but I was still tired the whole day. I went over to Kyle's and ended up sleeping about an hour. Then I came home when he had to go to work. I was supposed to meet up with Cassie, but her horse show was running late, so we just decided to go out next weekend. So, in leiu of that, I ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon. I think I slept from about 3 to 7. I felt a lot better yesterday, although I was still congested. I felt well enough to drive into town and bought this really hot outfit.

I feel okay this morning; still a little congested. No where near as bad as Kyle. I told him he needs to stay home from class today and just get some rest. I would take him to the doctor, but I have to work today, and I know he won't go. He wouldn't go unless he was dying. LOL...he's just that stubborn. angry.gif

It seems to be a little cold outside this morning...31 degrees!! Brr..... There's a little bit of frost on the ground. I wish the stupid weather would make up its mind. I think that's why everyone is getting sick. But they say it's supposed to start warming back up today and the rest of the week, so that's nice. happy.gif

The Gator basketball team is going to the Final Four! Oh yeah, baby!! cool.gif GO GATORS!!!

Oh, let's see. We have roughly, four and a half weeks left of class! I'm so happy. I'm so ready for this semester to be over. I just really hope I get into the radiology program this fall. If not, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll go out of my mind!!!

Well, anywho. That's all that's going on in my world right now. I've got class in a few hours, and then I'll be at Kyle's taking care of him until I have to go to work at 2.

Take care everyone, and have an awesome day! wink.gif
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