Date: Aug 11th, 2006 8:20:00 pm - Subscribe
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Finally, it is here! I'm so glad!

Work was really slow tonight. We pretty much just stood around twiddling our thumbs. LOL...and who does that anymore?

I'm going shopping with my grandma tomorrow. She's been wanting to take me shopping, but tomorrow is the first chance we've gotten. It should be fun, and it'll give me something to do for the first part of the day. Kyle and I may go see that new movie "Step It Up" tomorrow night. I really can't wait to see it. It looks so good.

So, school starts Monday, and my little brother is going to be sophomore. I can't believe it. I am really starting to feel old....especially since I have two cousins in college now, one that is a senior, and then my brother. Ugh....I hate being a grown up.

Starting Tuesday I will be babysitting three kids of one of the pharmacists I work with. Their names are Darby (10), Tara (5), and Doogan (2). They are really great kids. I've already kept them once and they were a blast. Right now I will be keeping them two days a week, since the mom is a part-time pharmacist. I will be picking them up after school and then taking them to their home and keeping them until mom gets home. It should be fun and it'll help bring in a little bit more money, since I'm not getting much at the pharmacy. But it'll be good experience for me.

I'm starting to get too anxious for Daytona. I really just want to know something right now!! You know? Sometimes I am just way too impatient.

I have my medical terminology final on Tuesday morning, and I haven't even studied yet. I need to get on that. It shouldn't be too bad though...well, all except the part where we are given certain words/phrases and we have to give the correct definition or medical term for it. That part really screws me up because I second guess myself and end up going against my gut instinct. Oh well....I did okay on the midterm, so this one shouldn't be too bad.
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kittie - August 16th, 2006
Did you watch Step It Up? Was it good? Well, I feel bad... haven't visited your blog for a long time... but at least I have been emailing you occasionally. I need to email you... it keeps me comforted and sane... haha. Anyway, yeah, I know, all the kids you grew up with... they all turn into adults in such a short time! Your brother is going to be a sophomore... wow, I'm sure that does make you feel old. I remember when I met Micah (at age 17) and he was youth pastor... I was in his youth group... but I was one of the older kids... Most the kids in the group were mostly around 14 or 15 years of age. Every now and then, when I run into them... they're all adults now... everyone is becoming older and growing into adults so fast... it's crazy. Now all those kids from that youth group 8 years ago are all married and so forth... hard to believe.


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