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Eventful does not capture the happenings of the past few weeks, both in the personal and political arena. What with job hunting and revelations of scandals!! After finishing my degree course requirements, comes the realization that I am never going to be a child again. Worse still, I am going to be an adult for the rest of my life. If I look at my time line for the next 50 years, all that remains is to be an adult. Adults are not my favourite people at the moment, considering how much suffering people who are supposed to be "grown up" have caused. After this realisation, I felt myself growing a Peter Pan complex, but quickly decided that I can be different from the useless adults I have seen.

If I look at the political situation in the country at the moment, I see a bunch of adults, who really should know better, stealing money, threatening others on tape, and abetting blatant corruption. If they are so dubious, what moral values did they bring up their children with? Well, it is a common stereotype that the children of politicians are a bunch of spoilt brats, but the dubious parenting skills of adults got them there. Ask me, I went to school with them.

I volunteer at a school where I have seen the end result of bad parenting in my little students. Volunteering with kids is great, I must say, but I feel like rapping the knuckles of their parents. Many children, I have discovered, do not do well because parents are not involved in their learning process. I guess they assume that the teacher's job is to teach, so they leave the teaching to the teacher. The parents do not follow up on their children or even check on their homework. At the very least, these teachers are paid by the taxes the parents remit, so the parents should check to see where their hard earned money is going.

I remember as a child, I would read the paper to my dad in the evening and as I grew, I read a wide range of material from whichever source I came across. Not everyone has to be sneaky and read steamy romance novels in class like I did, but parents should enforce good reading habits from childhood. Reading is something close to my heart, and that's why I get infuriated when I see children who have a problem with reading. What are the parents doing? Can't you take some time to read with your kids? (I am on a roll right now, I am spewing bile, I can't even see straight.)

Anyway, I decided that I will remedy the situation. I won't wait for Oprah to come and "save" us, so I want to start an organization that distributes books, especially to children from less fortunate backgrounds, and get parents involved in reading with their kids. Most parents need to expand their reading repertoire from the daily newspapers anyway, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

The moral of the story is, think hard before you have children, and if you can't handle the responsibility, don't have sex. Then teachers won't waste precious nation building time trying to do your work.

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