Decoding and Recoding the Da Vinci Code
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There has been a lot of hype surrounding a certain book called the Da Vinci code. Apparently, it contains information that will “shake” the foundations of Christianity. (Here is where I say YEAH RIGHT!) I somehow can’t picture Jesus crying and complaining to God, (like a son complaining to the father about bullies) “Look at what those people you sent me to die for are saying about me!” Instead, he intercedes for them. (For non-religious people, intercede in Christian-ese means “pray or petition on behalf of.”)

Anywho, the movie was released worldwide on Friday, and movie theatres here in Kenya stopped screening other movies to show this one. Somehow, the poor reviews it got at the Cannes Film Festival have not eaten into its box office earnings. It has grossed lots of money, which is good for the business people involved in producing it, but will confuse a big number of impressionable people. Poor things! But does Hollywood care?

My premise is that the book rehashes controversial old tales, and with skilful authoring, has become a best seller. No doubt Danny Boy is a master at weaving a story, regardless. But who hasn’t heard about the theory that Jesus could have married Mary Magdalene? If I was controversial enough at the time I heard it, I could have written the same story! But Danny Boy beat me to it. Dang! I’d be rolling in money.

I don’t believe that it will shake the foundations of Christianity. Why? Because through out the history of the church, there have been other teachings, that were predicted to “shake the foundations of Christianity”. After some time the hype died, much like ripples in water. Another example is the Gospel of Judas. One month after it was on the front cover of National Geographic, who is even thinking about it? So Danny Boy’s book is nothing new, just the same old, same old, as we say here.

Gnostic writings like this gospel were rampant in the three centuries after Christ. The early church trying to establish itself faced a problem with subtle, under-the-radar teachings that didn’t quite deny the existence of Jesus. As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun, and this book saga is proof. The same ideologies recycled to ignorant people will provoke a crisis of faith, in the early church and now, which is unfortunate.

So what do we do with people whose faith is “shaken” by these passing clouds? I say, get informed. Read about church history and theology. You don’t have to go to a seminary to do this, there’s enough information in a library for you. Don’t just accept worldly teachings as the truth, Christians are told to test everything to make sure it is of the Lord. You have no excuse to be swayed if you are able to read, and you should take the initiative to countercheck the claims that he makes in the book. Ignorance is no defense. Just don’t rubbish his book without any facts to support yourself. Take this is an opportunity to learn more about your faith, and grow deeper in it.

A movie-goer was asked about his impression of the movie and said that it is interesting that people can write anything about Christianity, but wouldn’t dare write anything about Islam (remember the cartoons?) Which is why Danny Boy can get away with what he has written and make madd cash while at it.

When banning the movie in the Philippines, a resolution was passed saying, “the movie is undoubtedly offensive and contrary to established beliefs, which cannot take precedence over the right of the persons involved in the film to freedom of expression”. Nuff said!

I’ll try to save up some money to buy the book, seeing as I am damn broke! Hook me up!

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    end-of - July 29th, 2006
    Well, you so have a point with this. But what EVERYONE seems to keep on forgetting that the book is FICTION, and is intended to be nothing else. And as a fiction novel, it is well written and cleverly done. It is very good if that sort of thing appeals to you. So I see no problem in what Dan Brown has done. I doubt he meant any offense and I definitely doubt that he is against Christianity, especially having read his first book Angels & Demons. So... I lost where I was going with this... I just don't see any reason to criticise him. If you don't like it, don't read it.


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