Finally In Thailand
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I am finally in Thailand, after a grueling 15hrs of air travel. I got to South Africa on 5th September and of course hit the mall to look for grapes. Unfortunately they are not in season at the moment, but they will be when I return in October. On Saturday 6th I left for Thailand thru Hong Kong. After the contortionism I did on the plane to fit in the seat of the plane, I now know why economy class is called Economy. Skimping on space, and quite possibly, food!!! Tall people like me need to be taken into consideration, maybe make and upright bed to use all that space above our heads.

When I landed in Thailand, the heat of the place is what hit me first. I thought that I could handle heat because I am an African, but was I wrong!!! This place is like a steam bath, only that you are steaming yourself in public. But it is great, and I am looking forward to moving around in the coming days.

BTW, Thank God for Kenyans, because I happened to meet one on the plane and he visits here often. So he helped me change my money and get a taxi at a reasonable cost, saving me from probable extortion (seeing that it is obvious I am not from these parts). The roads here are very good (point to take home) and we drove and drove till I got to the hotel.

As my friends had already told me, their grasp of English is miniscule at best, and so I was freaked out that I would be taken to a different part of the city. But I was able to communicate with the driver, and I can finally sleep, in a bed that considers my dimensions.

So far, the only thing I have not gotten, is some sunshine. I am african, and I expect the sum to be out. However, It is cloudy, and I am irritated. I just want to see proper sunshine, not sunlight!!!


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