High on Speed
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I love cars. I love fast cars. As a matter of fact, it is my ambition to own a Mercedes Benz in the next 5 years. I told a friend of mine that I saw myself driving one, with my three (yet to be born) children. There is no better feeling than that of a car accelerating in response to your step on the pedal! But the speed I am talking about is not cars, but the strange phenomenon called speed dating.

Like a scene from a horror movie, I heard an advert on the radio saying there is a speed dating party going down at one of the trendier night spots of Nairobi. I’ll bet you the place will be crawling with yuppies. It is good that there are so many new ways to meet people like internet dating, single bars and speed dating, but I see a bigger issue here.

In Africa, there is no shortage to the social gatherings where people would be able to meet potential dates. From weddings to family gatherings, funerals (yes!) to work, and religious assemblies to social areas, heck, you can meet anyone anywhere. In Cameroon, there are inter-village wrestling matches where men and women meet potential partners. As an African, I cannot complain that there are no places to meet men.

With the wide range of social gatherings we have, how did some of these foreign dating methods find a way into our society? Not that they are bad, but I hope the people attending this function have exhausted all the other avenues open to them for meeting partners. (Considering that the Nairobi yuppies will be in attendance, it is probably an effort to look westernized.)

Maybe people are trying hard to erase any trace of African-ness by abandoning the “traditional” dating methods and adopting western ideas. I listened to a feature on the BBC where girls at an inter-village wrestling match said that they do not go to scout for partners but would rather date. Apparently, checking guys out at one of these functions is backward, traditional and out of date. Dating and going out is the in, hip thing! Sorry girls, but those sweaty hunks of meat are what you will come back to after speed dating fails.

What's more interesting is what happens to those who try these new methods of dating. They end up finding their partners using traditional methods like an introduction from a friend, work related activities or that fine ass dude sitting in the pew in front of them at church. We look at new ideas in the hope that they will solve our old problems, but it seems that the answer is always right in front of you.

I {sincerely} hope those who attended this party were at least able to get phone numbers.

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