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Just when I thought I had finished my education! I always thought that life is like a book with distinct chapters, you finish one and move to the other. With a full stop, you close one chapter and move to the next. But it is not so with education, especially nowadays! Increasing competition for limited spaces and a globalising economy has pushed people who are past school age back to school. To manoeuvre through out-sourcing, Wi-Max, techno-stress, and other heavy English words, you need to go back to school and get an MBA.

Enrolment to this club is at an all time high, especially where I come from. The high expectations for productivity at work have pushed people back to school, in an effort to improve their careers and pay check. Some go back to school to improve themselves, while most go back because of peer pressure. Adults suddenly regress to their teenage years and do things because everyone is doing it. The statistics are staggering! In most universities, the number of mature students is almost equal to the real students (those who go to uni right after high school)

I was informed that among those who are married, the quest for more knowledge has mutated the harmless Master of Business Association into the Marriage Breaking Association. People use the MBA as a convenient excuse to avoid confronting the issues they face in their houses. If it means more education, then so be it. As a result, spouses rarely see one another, because they are both tired from term paper research and work. The poor children eat supper alone and grow up like weeds because there is no one to provide direction and discipline.

As a result homes are split in the middle as each party pursues separate interests. They both grow in different directions, driven by one more nail in the coffin, or bed if you must. Children become more demanding and undisciplined to get attention from the parents, which drives the parents up the wall as they try to deal with them. Eventually, we have a tired couple who sleep back to back, dreaming of the peace at work and class.

I remember hearing gossip about a couple of mature students in the evening classes at my uni who were planning their affair. (NB. They are both married to other people.) The woman was telling the man, "you can’t come to my house today, my husband is coming home."The man says, "Then let’s go to a hotel for the weekend”. What are they going to a hotel for?

Take it or leave it, an MBA is almost mandatory. Learn from this piece of gossip and finish school once and for all. The cost of education is very high my friend.

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    tron - July 29th, 2006
    Agh. I know what you mean... the drive to get an 'education' which just makes the uni rich anyway and helps people hide from the real world.

    I'm one of what you called the 'real' students...
    although I don't agree with your point about real students... I think that mature aged students have as much right to be at uni as I do.


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