My Liberation
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Joy comes in the morning, precisely Sunday March 11th 2007, when I got on a bus and started my trip from Nairobi to Capetown, by road. After months (2) of intensive planning, I started a trip of a lifetime.

I have taken leave off work to go off galavanting around Africa to see places we study about. The highlight has to be my day at the Victoria Falls. The falls are the most majestic thing I have ever seen. Because of rains earlier in the year, the falls have a lot of water pouring down the gorge, with a mist that sprays water kilometers into the sky.

You can have different views of the falls and view them from different angles, On the Zimbabwe side, the falls are not obscured by the bushes, but views from both countries are AWESOME!!

After going round the falls and taking pix, I went to the bridge over the Zambezi River that joins Zambia and Zimbabwe, and did the craziest bunji jump on the planet. I have never been that excited before, the blood rushes to your head, and after the first bounce, you have to scream your head off.

But the bunji is not to be repeated because you lose the excitement of the first time. As Sade sings, its never as good as the first time, and I am not gonna spoil it with another jump.

I will have to upload pix asap!!!

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