The World Cup is here!!
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Finally, in around 12 hours I get to watch the first match of the world cup with the rest of the world. Research shows only 8% of women will watch and I guess I am part of that group.

The most important match as I have said before, is Portugal vs Angola. I hope it is like the Senegal vs France match of 2002. What better way to teach your former colonisers one or two lessons. I want an Angola win so badly!!!

Concerning other teams, I will be the first to say that Brazil may not get to the finals, because the hype 4 that team is too much! I make it my mission to support the underdogs, but I really dont know who I want to win this cup. One thing is certain, I dont want England, Germany, Italy, Spain, or any other of the "favourites" to win, but lets see what happens on July 9.

Another intersting thing is thow the whole world is ecstatic about this event except America. In 2002, while studying in an American university, I remember only 2 Americans watching the USA matches. The rest of the crowd(and we were many) was composed of everyone else, Kenyans and foreign students. Alot is said about that in these articles and and

When all is said and done, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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    Rafiqi - June 09th, 2006
    I can't believe this. I have to pay to see the World Cup on tv, or head to the nearest bar at 3am with pot-bellied drunks.

    Plus, I'm six hours ahead from Germany, I think.

    You're lucky! haha!

    anonymous - June 10th, 2006
    Indeed - let the games begin ... It'll be nice, for a change, to have something more engaging than the latest political antics/gimmicks *yawn* occupying the public eye...
    Mama Mia.


    gatwiri - June 12th, 2006
    Rafiqi, What do you mean you have to pay to watch? :-) Thats not good!! Our national broadcaster did all it could to get the screening rights, because it means advertising, sponsorship and biger viewership. One Cellphone company is giving away a Porsche Cayene and 2 Audi's, so its win, win, win, all the way!! And thank God I dont have to see our useless politicians wasting time on the tube.

    anonymous - August 08th, 2008
    Nice good blog!

    anonymous - September 24th, 2008


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