Searching for a NPC sketch artist...
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? fancy

I'm currently looking for a NPC artist to help out with my site. If you're interested or are aware of a generator or something else that could be available I'd love to know. Thanks.
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Website Hosting
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? fidgety

Hey guys, I have a question for you...

I have a website, it runs a newsletter, game cheats, reviews, superhero fun, and other products and I've been using to host it. Recently they've stuck a whole lot more ads on my site and I figured, why not just get my own site right?

So who do you guys recommend as a good website builder/hosting service?
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Feels like the heat of a thousand burning suns...
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? garlic gouda

Holy Jenova mother of Sephiroth!!!- are you guys getting this awful heat too? It's terrible! Can't stand it, I'm surprised I haven't gotten cabin fever yet!!

I am glad however today that it is cooler and raining. It's rather nice because it seems as though a nice summer storm is on it's way.

I'm currently excited just now because I'm moving on the 25!!! Yay!!! And I'm currently in far more love with the new place than this place. They want to raise the rent where I am $40 and start charging for parking and what not. This other place includes it all plus a storage unit and most of the utilities included. And it's a 5min walk from my favorite restaurant. And the other good news is that the whole suite inside is being completely redone. (new hard wood floors, new cabinets, counter tops, closets, curtains, carpets, etc etc). So as much as I hate moving at this time I'm rather glad this move is going through!!


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Joke of the Day
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? bratty

How do crazy people find their way around the woods?


They take the psychopath. =)
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The Terra Cotta Warriors
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? sweet

(this is the new post I wrote for OA) (I thought it was good) =)

And yes, that's a picture of them on the side...

One of my favorite stories, and a true one at that, is of “The Terra Cotta Warriors”.

It all began with the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. After ascending the throne at the young age of 13, he later set to work for eleven years on the development and make of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Each warrior was made to be life size, including accurate facial expressions with hand sculpted ears, noses, eyes and mouths. They were made to be fearsome with their armor on and war horses standing behind them. Qin had these warriors built in his mausoleum and was buried with them in 209BC. There were approximately 8,099 warriors made by some 47 sculptors. He believed that these warriors would protect him in the afterlife, as though there would be a war to be fought.

The discovery was first made in 1974 near Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China, by local farmers digging a well. It was reported that large pottery fragments were found 1.5 kilometers east of Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum. These finds subsequently led to the ultimate discovery of the warriors. It was then revealed that three underground pits totaled a cover area of 22,000 square meters, housing the pottery warriors and horses.

Pit one is the largest pit of the three. It is a fair sized rectangle shape where the main force of the army can be found. It ranges 230 meters east to west and 62 meters north to south and 5 meters in depth. The total area coverage is 14260 square meters.

Twenty meters north, pit two can be found. It was specially used as support for the main force, with charioteers, archers, cavalrymen and infantrymen; it is a complex battle formation.

Pit three is located 25 meters to the north of pit one and to the west of pit two, and is evidently the headquarters.

Five sloping roadways into the pits were constructed on eastern and western sides of pits to permit access. At the eastern end of the pit there are three rows of vanguards, 68 in each, totaling 204 soldiers who were originally equipped with genuine bows and crossbows. Immediately behind the vanguards is the main body of the battle formation: 30 chariots, each of which was drawn by four horses, armored and unarmored soldiers held weapons originally, such as spears, halberds etc. Around the outer edge, there is one row of soldiers with crossbows facing south, north and west respectively as the flanks to guard the sides and rear of the army.

The total three pits are located to the east of Emperor’s Mausoleum, determining that the army was facing east, with its back to the tomb, serving as guardians to protect the entrance of the Emperor’s burial.

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Zelda and Schnauzers
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? gouda

Morning everyone!
I have a new addition to the family, her name is "Maggie" or as I call her "Magpie". She's a little miniature schnauzer and one of the cutest at that. Not traditionally groomed because I find some of those beasts not to be the most hansom. So she has a skirt about an inch long and the rest of her is pretty short and her ears aren't cropped and her tail is a little too short but she's as cute as cute can get. She's 3yrs and not leash trained, (she's been used for breeding in a barn)- so she's been a bit neglected but amazingly quiet and eager to please. She's been very good about letting me know when to go outside and is actually quite good without a leash.
Anyways, that's about it for now.

I came across the game and thought some of you might like it. =)

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Bored Website

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laptop mp3 update
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? mleh-

Thanks so much guys for the recommendations!
I took them into consideration while talking things over with my two techie's, Winter and Paul.

Winter is always sold on Samsung. Paul is always sold on LG.

Alright I'll admit with the new LG's laptop's they're looking pretty spiffy (esp since I got to fiddle with one while playing KQ with Winter while he was on the phone in tech support), as for some of the Samsung's they too are most definately hot.

Okay, so maybe I'll put out a but more on it since some really are that much more shinier. *blushes* (now we're looking at, $700-1200)

I am a little sketchy about a few things with the exploding laptops and everything, Winter was telling me that there a few more recent events, one burnt down a house and another went up in flames right at the airport. whatever. Too bad for Sony I guess. But then I know just to watch the make of it and I should avoid it, fine.

As for the mp3, have you guys seen the new sony?

I'm in love with this:

But Paul forewarned me that this one is better because apparently the one above is hard to change songs with when you're in the middle of running and is a bit too motion sensitive if you're doing training courses and what not, so he recommended this one:

And I also know the prices on these have dropped drastically because I was on some other stores and they're on for about $129 somewhere around there.

Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later, hope you're all keeping well.

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Apple? Toshiba? Sony? Ah!?!? Which one!?!
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? astounded

Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me with a little something,

I'm looking to buy a mp3 player and a laptop. But I was wondering what you guys would recommend each.

player- something simple, reasonably priced for the quality (meaning if it's great super quality than I understand putting out some money for it), good for sports and being active.

laptop- something simple, I'm a raging mad typist so all I want is basic (prob PC) (prob WIN), unless you know of a specific mac that is good, I don't want to put out an arm and a leg, maybe $500-900. around there, so plus or minus is fine. It will be mainly used for typing/audio/visual(movies, no pics or anything else).

I'm not requiring anything new, just something that is durable, practical and overall gets the job done. It's fine if it's a few yrs old, like I said as long as it's like the above.

Thanks so much guys, all the stores want to do is sell me the carpet off the floor... angry.gif
But I'm heading down to NCIX later today so...

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Couldn't Sleep
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? couldn't sleep...

It's said that nightmares are common for children and an exceptional portion of youth. Well that's fantastic, but what about those of us who are still suffering from them?

And not ordinary issues about the Boogey-Man and what not, heck Mr. Boogey asked me what was bothering me and when I told him about my dreams he said, "Wow, that's really messed up". And then even he made an effort to let me have a good sleep.

I had one night last week with no nightmares. That was a wonderful night. Except these nights only rarely once in a blood moon come around.

And they're not 'scary' or 'frightening'. They're terribly disturbing. They're gory, bloody, gruesome, horrific....

These dreams are the epitome of "Lurid".
And I can never seem to rid my mind of them.

Every drop of blood or blood splatter, every massacre, I can feel in my own body. I can smell it and taste it, I can even feel myself cry. They are so vivid. It comes down to the point where I don't want to go to bed because I already know and very much hate what the night will bring me.

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Point System Updated
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? lol

Must be a multiple of 4, unless under special circumstances...

Overall: +4
Not so Good: -4

If these words are said:
smitten: +12
Ravage: +16
lovely: +8
pointing and laughing +8
doth: +4
chocolate/coffee: +8
tucker: +27.271
scamper: +8
spiffy: +8
expeditious: +16
elevntee: +11
scrumptious: +4
dire: +4
[anything with a silent "q"]:+6 (because the 4points are a must and there's a silent 2points)
ravenous: +4
tirade: +4
torque: +4
ostentatious: +12
debauchery: +12
malarchy: +8
doom: +16
aye: +4
arrrgh: +4
devastation: +6.666

And that's it for now.

Suggestions Welcome

Recent entries:
thanks Dylan:
I shall go on a tired and make ravenous noises while torque'ing the video card on my computer. All the while my supervisor will be smitten when I charge him eleventy-thousand dollars!
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