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Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me with a little something,

I'm looking to buy a mp3 player and a laptop. But I was wondering what you guys would recommend each.

player- something simple, reasonably priced for the quality (meaning if it's great super quality than I understand putting out some money for it), good for sports and being active.

laptop- something simple, I'm a raging mad typist so all I want is basic (prob PC) (prob WIN), unless you know of a specific mac that is good, I don't want to put out an arm and a leg, maybe $500-900. around there, so plus or minus is fine. It will be mainly used for typing/audio/visual(movies, no pics or anything else).

I'm not requiring anything new, just something that is durable, practical and overall gets the job done. It's fine if it's a few yrs old, like I said as long as it's like the above.

Thanks so much guys, all the stores want to do is sell me the carpet off the floor... angry.gif
But I'm heading down to NCIX later today so...

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revelation - March 17th, 2007
laptop wise... probably a dell. Dell usually has some form of sale on decent laptop within the range your looking at. As for mp3 players, I would recommend a ipod nano but if thats out of the range... anything that uses flash memory cards, they are pretty cheap and flash memory card prices are coming down now. =) hope that helps!


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