Couldn't Sleep
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? couldn't sleep...

It's said that nightmares are common for children and an exceptional portion of youth. Well that's fantastic, but what about those of us who are still suffering from them?

And not ordinary issues about the Boogey-Man and what not, heck Mr. Boogey asked me what was bothering me and when I told him about my dreams he said, "Wow, that's really messed up". And then even he made an effort to let me have a good sleep.

I had one night last week with no nightmares. That was a wonderful night. Except these nights only rarely once in a blood moon come around.

And they're not 'scary' or 'frightening'. They're terribly disturbing. They're gory, bloody, gruesome, horrific....

These dreams are the epitome of "Lurid".
And I can never seem to rid my mind of them.

Every drop of blood or blood splatter, every massacre, I can feel in my own body. I can smell it and taste it, I can even feel myself cry. They are so vivid. It comes down to the point where I don't want to go to bed because I already know and very much hate what the night will bring me.

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