Feels like the heat of a thousand burning suns...
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? garlic gouda

Holy Jenova mother of Sephiroth!!!- are you guys getting this awful heat too? It's terrible! Can't stand it, I'm surprised I haven't gotten cabin fever yet!!

I am glad however today that it is cooler and raining. It's rather nice because it seems as though a nice summer storm is on it's way.

I'm currently excited just now because I'm moving on the 25!!! Yay!!! And I'm currently in far more love with the new place than this place. They want to raise the rent where I am $40 and start charging for parking and what not. This other place includes it all plus a storage unit and most of the utilities included. And it's a 5min walk from my favorite restaurant. And the other good news is that the whole suite inside is being completely redone. (new hard wood floors, new cabinets, counter tops, closets, curtains, carpets, etc etc). So as much as I hate moving at this time I'm rather glad this move is going through!!


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