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What kind of cheese will I eat today? mleh-

Thanks so much guys for the recommendations!
I took them into consideration while talking things over with my two techie's, Winter and Paul.

Winter is always sold on Samsung. Paul is always sold on LG.

Alright I'll admit with the new LG's laptop's they're looking pretty spiffy (esp since I got to fiddle with one while playing KQ with Winter while he was on the phone in tech support), as for some of the Samsung's they too are most definately hot.

Okay, so maybe I'll put out a but more on it since some really are that much more shinier. *blushes* (now we're looking at, $700-1200)

I am a little sketchy about a few things with the exploding laptops and everything, Winter was telling me that there a few more recent events, one burnt down a house and another went up in flames right at the airport. whatever. Too bad for Sony I guess. But then I know just to watch the make of it and I should avoid it, fine.

As for the mp3, have you guys seen the new sony?

I'm in love with this:

But Paul forewarned me that this one is better because apparently the one above is hard to change songs with when you're in the middle of running and is a bit too motion sensitive if you're doing training courses and what not, so he recommended this one:

And I also know the prices on these have dropped drastically because I was on some other stores and they're on for about $129 somewhere around there.

Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later, hope you're all keeping well.

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