o rly?
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? haha


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Music like this?
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? ?

Hey guys, little help here:

I really enjoy symphonic rock, music mixed with opera and rock and the symphony, classical, things as such.

I was hoping you could recommend some music that has a mix of opera and either very strong violin or piano in it or it's mixed with rock of some sort.

Any suggestions would make me as happy as Christmas Punch. Thanks so much.

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What kind of cheese will I eat today? huh

I can't remember all because I'm currently away, but for now...

Pink Martini
Buddha Bar
Justin King
Trans Siberian Orchestra
Berry White
Clint Mansell
Craig Armstrong
Alan Sylvestri
Jesper Kyd
Pearl Jam
The Fugee's
Conjure One
Matt Munroe

specific songs:

"Never Stop Falling In Love"- Pink Martini
"Goodnight Moon" -Shivaree
"Tears from the Moon" Conjure One
"Redemption" Conjure One
"On Days like These" Matt Munroe
"Bad Girl" Alexandra Slate
"The Last High" The Dandy Warhols


that's it for now...

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Point System
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? lovable

Must be a multiple of 4, unless under special circumstances...

Overall: +4
Not so Good: -4

If these words are said:
smitten: +12
Ravage: +16
lovely: +8
pointing and laughing +8
doth: +4
chocolate/coffee: +8
tucker: +27.271
scamper: +8
spiffy: +8
expeditious: +16
elevntee: +11
scrumptious: +4
dire: +4
[anything with a silent "q"]:+6 (because the 4points are a must and there's a silent 2points)
ravenous: +4
tirade: +4
torque: +4
ostentatious: +12
debauchery: +12
malarchy: +8
doom: +16
aye: +4
arrrgh: +4
devastation: +6.666

And that's it for now.

Recent entries:
thanks Dylan:
I shall go on a tired and make ravenous noises while torque'ing the video card on my computer. All the while my supervisor will be smitten when I charge him eleventy-thousand dollars!

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So, You want a temple of Doom?
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? butter cheese!!!!

I think everyone needs a Temple of Doom.

They are so cool. Imagine the theatre productions you would have. They'd be so lively!

It would be "Dinner and a Movie" every night!

Besides it would also keep all those pesky neighbor's away. And when you would throw parties, it would be like:
:::Where's the party?
:::::Temple of Doom!!
:::No Way!?!?

Imagine how much fun that would be. And all you're dinner parties would be at "The Temple of Doom"!!!


Anyways, those are my thoughts for now.

Oh, and everyone needs some sort of scary looking body guard who cloaks himself in red ritual attire. And answers to the name "Dylan". Because everyone knows Dylan is the whitest, most non threatening name ever. That and Clint. But whatever. Although I have met an East Indian fellow by the name of Dylan. It rather caught me off guard. Another named Heidi. But whatever...


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The Richmond Hotel & Convention Centre
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? zapped

So I am currently staying at the Richmond Hotel & Convention Centre and may I say that the front desk is a joke. These people are horrible with reservations and they litterally can't do jack diddly-hit.

Most of the staff, as in house keeping/delivery etcetc are pretty good. But most often the rooms aren't pristine, there's always noise and like I said the Front Desk is ALWAYS screwing up. I sincerely hope this hotel gets run into the ground.


And I mean that with the kindest intentions.
Anyways, I have to go grab some dinner quick.

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Not to throw a wrench in the plans....
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? ...

The doors had begun to violently shake in time with the knocking. The two figures were sure that the doors would be broken down. But suddenly it stopped by the time they had silently made their way to the middle of the room. There was an uneasy quietness. Even the nightbirds did not make a sound. And the wind although heavy seemed to have faded into a dull whisp. The two figures waited, expecting one last knock but nothing. Constance burst for the door but when she opened it all that awaited her was the night air. She looked around, eyes wide and expectant but nothing.

The second figure emerged from the dark house under the night sky as well. When taking a second look she recognized Maddox. The first tell sign was the two slim tattoos crested into his cheekbones. They were much darker than everything, even his black shirt. When they turned around Dragomir, Naomi and Alistaire were gathered in the great room.

"What the hell was that?" Naomi asked furiously.
"Calm down." Alistair rubbed her arm, "I'm sure it was nothing."
"I think you'd better take a look at this." Maddox gestured for them to come outside. When they did, everyone waited.
"What are we waiting for?" Alistair asked impatiently.
Naomi slapped his hand. "Shh.."
Dragomir looked around slowly with his eyes, but his feet were planted firmly on the ground and the rest of his body was still, "Holy Shit."
"What??" Naomi and Alistair asked excitedly.
"Did you feel that?"
Constance just continued to look towards the yard.
"Feel what?" Naomi began to walk infront of Dragomir. As she did he took hold of her by the arm and began to drag her towards the house.
"What's going on?" Alistair began to pressure.
"Go back to the house."
"Where are you going?"
"Hunting." Maddox replied as he walked forward into the brush.
"Go back to the house." Constance told Alistaire as she followed Maddox.

When she caught up to him he was well into the thick trees and mossy ground. She could tell by the way he walked he didn't care or really want her with him. She still made an effort to keep up. Eventually she had had enough of his attitude and pushed him aside and continued on ahead. Then she carefully chose a spot about ten feet from the yard perimeter a far ways across from the house and stood still. Within a few steps he was next to her.
"You've done this before."
"No I make a habit of pissing off trackers in the bush." She made no eyes contact with him maintaining a steady stillness. "Do you think they can really see us right now or are they just pretending to try and get us to make a sudden movment?"
"I think theyr'e bluffing. They guess someone's out here looking for them but they have no clue how many and they don't really no where we are."
About twenty feet ahead there was a dark cloaked figure. It was standing still infront of the doors to the meeting room. But it's head had turned boldly to face them when Maddox stopped walking. The figure was silent and far more still than any normal thing. If you did not know what to look for you would not have seen it for the cloak was the same colour as the night sky and it was as still as the night air.

"He's totally bluffing." Maddox whispered to her.
"How come it's always a guy? Not a woman?"
"Did you want the bad guy to be a woman?"
"Holy shit." Both of them exclaimed as a second figure approached the first from the other side of the room. Even when it walked, it looked as though it ws hovering. Both figures were now staring in their direction. Constance slowly bent down and picked up a rock. Without warning but having full force as quick as the wind she threw it hard into some brush thrity feet from them.
Maddox almost bust out laughing as the figures turned to face the noise. "I thought you were going to hit one of them."
"Not a bad idea. Do you have another rock?"

The two figures carefully made their way over to where the rock had landed, and without warning another two joined them from the opposing brush. This now became rather alarming to Constance and Maddox to see just how many there were and had been while going unoticed.

They watched themas they gathered around the little rock and all of sudden threw themselves into heap and dissappeared into a dark haze that began to fade.

Maddox touched Constance's wrist as if telling her to stay put as he walked to the meeting room. Everything looked normal except for the key hole, it was unusually worn.
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Hello Again Death, here I find you at my doorstep...
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? -

Cousin Todd passed away last night at 9:30pm. I am thankful to God he went peacefully in his home with his wife and other family. He died of cancer, he's been fighting it for about four years now. [Yes, it's reoccurring].

I know I didn't get to see him much, but I already miss him. I hoped him and I could have continued to grow closer. He was so young. Only 32.

Oma was admitted into the hospital with a sickness that has developed into leromeningitis.
(No clue how to spell it.) She's expected to die within a few weeks. Auntie Lillian is also dieing. Slower than the others, but never the less.

I wish we all had more time together, more time to share and more time to grow. I'm so sorry for everything. People shouldn't have to die into such hatred. -Not that I hate them, I love them, but as families rip apart there's always a few of those. But in this case, they can't even seem to be civilized enough to grow up and recognize that death has crossed the threshold past the welcome mat and is now sitting in our living room having coffee with us.

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Know this Movie?
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? oh gosh...

Okay, sorry but I'm desperately looking for a specific movie, I saw it some time in the 90's. I know for sure it was played on tv.

I think it might have come out around the time of "The Abyss" or perhaps "Wind"

It's about professional divers, (sorry I don't know the specific name for this) but the kind of diving you do without equipment, completely free. And you stay underwater for however long you can.

Anyways, I have a few glitches in the noggin' about it:
-There were about 3 of them (maybe 4)
-One of the divers dies in the end (hold his breath for too long and passes' out or something)
-And there's this memorable part where the chick (blond) and the guy are falling each other and something about the restaurant they go to for lunch, she makes like she's already been eating from another friends plate (who's just left) because they run into someone, then her real order comes and it's this huge plate of spaghetti.-The next time she goes to the restaurant the chef brings her this incredibly large plate of food from remembering her from the time before.

Sorry it's not much to go on... But that's pretty well all I can remember...
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? =)

Song of the Day:
Ornella Vanoni - l' appuntamento

Today has been a good day.
[insert relaxed smiley here]

Later I'll watch a movie, in a few minutes I'll write another article for O.A. and all will be good. Next week I'll take off for some relaxation even though it's supposed to be for work.

It's just one of those days. You know, the one's where nothing wrong can happen. It's like you're Peter from Office Space and everything around you is just right. The glass is neither half full or half empty but rather double the size it needs to be.

I should probably look into if eating this amount of bacon and eggs is good for you. I'm quite positive it's not... If I keep it up I'll end up behaving like a smoker next week...
[insert cringing smiley here]
I've been living off of eggs fried with bacon, yes that's right fried WITH because it tastes so much better and then with espresso and a nice cool glass of water on the side.



Oh, and the weather's nice. =)
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