Point System Updated
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What kind of cheese will I eat today? lol

Must be a multiple of 4, unless under special circumstances...

Overall: +4
Not so Good: -4

If these words are said:
smitten: +12
Ravage: +16
lovely: +8
pointing and laughing +8
doth: +4
chocolate/coffee: +8
tucker: +27.271
scamper: +8
spiffy: +8
expeditious: +16
elevntee: +11
scrumptious: +4
dire: +4
[anything with a silent "q"]:+6 (because the 4points are a must and there's a silent 2points)
ravenous: +4
tirade: +4
torque: +4
ostentatious: +12
debauchery: +12
malarchy: +8
doom: +16
aye: +4
arrrgh: +4
devastation: +6.666

And that's it for now.

Suggestions Welcome

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thanks Dylan:
I shall go on a tired and make ravenous noises while torque'ing the video card on my computer. All the while my supervisor will be smitten when I charge him eleventy-thousand dollars!
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revelation - March 13th, 2007
haha very nice! I like the point system.


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