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genocide blah.. - Subscribe
In school, got 2 more hours too go..god can't wait till i graduate! only a half yr left, then i'll finally be free..haha..well i'm out..
Mood: helpless

genocide yeah.. Jan 13th, 2005 8:26:58 pm - Subscribe
i decided to get another tattoo, any suggestions?! wink.gif
Mood: cute

genocide The worlds most beautiful let down.. Jan 14th, 2005 8:56:49 am - Subscribe
Once again a feeling of sorrow, and pain..when do people quit terrorizing others and just leave them alone? I don't forsee others stopping anytime let me just shut up and get on with it..if only it were that easy...
Why can't I be the one who is cared for, just once, instead of me caring for others? I'm forced to wear a smile, when all i want to do it hit something, hit someone..cry..anything..but then i'll be looked upon as weak..and i don't want that..
Mood: sorry

genocide Another Day in this place Jan 15th, 2005 9:19:41 pm - Subscribe
I feel as though i am suffocating in this place, why do they do this to me? Make me feel as though I am worthless, am i worthless? If i am..what have i done to be in this situation..I hate it..I hate them..
I feel, if i have one more strong blow to the heart, it will never rise again..but what is a girl to do..just sit here and btch about her problems?
Mood: worthless