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Before i begin, i would first like to say that it was David Polancos blog on Midget Mansion that prompted me to create this profile and start sharing what has been past down to me in stories from either friends or family members.As far as the history of midget mansion, every friend or family member has pretty much matched up the stories and events that were mentioned in Davids blog.I've been told that the father did indeed kill the family and then commit suicide, but to my surprise the story seems to always be a bit different.I was told that the father killed himself with a knife, but i was also told that he shot himself.For those of you who have not yet read Davids entry on midget mansion, the story goes something like this. Back in the 1920's a family of midgets lived in a mansion located on Donore dr right before the street turns into tupelo dr. In this area there are a few original mansions still up. All of the other mansions near by have been built just recently or in the past couple of years.As for what happend at the family's mansion,it is said that the father his wife and two children lived there until one day the father lost his mind and killed his family by slitting their throats and stuffing them in a closet left to die.The father then commited suicide.The mansion remained put for years to come and at one time was a local site to see or for some a party hang out.In its later days it is said that teens used to devil worship there and sacrafice animals.The mansion has now been built over by a luxury apartment complex.Growing up as a kid i lived right across the highway,but never believed midget mansion was so close,i wish i would have been able to see it when there were still remains.I now live at a complex that exits on to Tupelo, so it kinda bums me even more, now that i know it was there all along and i now live so close and have no memories of the place even when i passed right by it hundreds if not thousands of times.what are the odds?!I guess i just wasnt meant to see it. Below are some pics i have taken of what remains of midget mansion.




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a little bit about me,my first blog.
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Well, for starters.I am a 25 year old young man that was born and raised here in in good old San Antionio.I live with my family and work for a well known cellular provider.I love to work out and have fun as much as i can.Never have really been one to create a blog, but here i am, so if its a little a basic or not your typical blog, then sorry.I love reading articles and books containing literature on mysteries the supernatural and anything that involves our past or future.At times i can be a bit over analytical, but youd be surprised to find that at times it has its benefits.
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