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Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted

Apr 25th, 2006 5:08:40 pm - Subscribe

The first thing that I would do is to ask the secretary to see Barbara's record for myself. I would review the test scores as well as look into her grades in Mrs. Nelson's class. Before contacting Mrs. Marshall I would meet with Mrs. Nelson to find out about this situtaion. Barbara possibly could be an extremely hard working student and Mrs. Nelson was trying to give her the benefit of a doubt. Barbara might be a poor test taker and was doing extra work in Mrs. Nelson's class. With No Child Left Behind it is going to be hard to promote those type of students due to accountabality issues. I would explain this to Mrs. Nelson and tell her I appreciate what she is doing to help the students but that we must also make sure they are going to be prepared for the next grade level. I would then have a meeting with Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Nelson and try to come up with a plan of action that everyone could be satisified with and that Barbara's best intrest was top priority. This might include summer school or tutoring during the summer.
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The Heat is On

Apr 25th, 2006 4:58:52 pm - Subscribe

This scenerio bothers me in the fact that I have worked for eight years in a school that does not have air conditioning and I find it hard to believe that someone can not perform their job if they do not have it. The first thing I would do is to get into contact with the head maintance personal to see if they can fix this problem. If they could not I would then work with the maintance personal to get in contact with the company that we do bussiness with. I would then meet with the head custodian and inform him of what I had found out. I would also let him/her know that even though the air conditioner is not working that they still need to get their job done. If they wanted to work in the mornings and evenings when it was cooler that I didn't have a problem with this that. It is their descision, however I still expected for them to get the job done. People work outside daily in the heat doing more physical labor so I have a hard time showing alot of sympathy.
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The shooting

Apr 19th, 2006 3:39:30 pm - Subscribe

The most important thing in this type of sitution is to have a plan in place that way everyone at the school will be able to take the appropriate action if anything like this were to ever occur. If the school is unprepared for this type of problem no one will know how to the handle the crisis. The first thing that must be considered is the well being and safety of the students as well as the adults in the building. Their must be some way of alerting the staff to take action to protect the students. This can be done in a variety of ways including the use of the bells or the school intercom system. All of the students and staff first need to go into a lock down mode where the doors are shut and locked and the students are to remain away from any windows and to hide. In a crisis it is crucial for everyone involved to try and remain calm. A pyrmaid with vital information needs to be in place around phones in the school with the police, fire dept,central office etc. phone numbers so they can be contacted immediately. In this scenerio the first step would be to ring the bells, while the seceratry calls the police followed by the central office. As the principal I would try to get to the scene in this case the cafeteria. Even though the shooter has been reported to have left the building you can't assume this to be the case. So you need to make sure that their is no one in the halls or exposed as you are making your way to the scene. It would be important to have a cell phone with you so you can stay in contact with the authorities and keep them aware of what is going on intll they arrive. When you get to the scene I would first try to make sure the area is secure and then check on the weel being of the student that was shot. Next I would try to get the remaining students to a safe place away from the injured student so that the Paramedics could relieve the P.E. Coach. After the police arrived I would inform them of what I knew and would work with them to do what was in the best intrest of everyone involved. The parents of the injured student must be notified of what has happened. After the police determined it to be safe. Student's parents would be notified to pick up their students by using the local media. Counsolers would be available to talk to students that needed to. The students and other witnesses would need to be able to give statements to officers after it was determined to be safe. This would be a very difficult situation but if a plan was in place I believe it could be handled more effectively.
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Teacher in a Rut

Apr 19th, 2006 1:52:48 pm - Subscribe

Look into this situation deeper before making a decision or even a suggestion: How are the standardized scores of Mrs. Mc's students? How are the former students doing at the next grade level? If it works, why change? What is Mrs. Mc's feelings on moving? Is Mrs. Mc the cause of low morale? Is this going to cause conflict with the parents and with the community and is the conflict necessary? Is there merrit to moving Mrs. Mc after answering these questions, and many others? I would ask Mrs. Mc if she would consider changing grade levels, or if she had ever considered being a mentor for a newcomer. This might revitalize her and give her new ideas. I would suggest various professional development activities and conferences that she might attend to help stimulate her. Who knows? Mrs. Mc might welcome the challenge of a new grade level and jump at the opportunity. I think the key would be to be upfront and honest and include Mrs. Mc in the decision-making process.
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Whats the Matter with Craig?

Apr 19th, 2006 1:37:46 pm - Subscribe

In this scenerio, I would try to make myself more visible at the team meetings and maybe even get involved to try and help pull the team back together. With Craig being the veteran teacher in the group, I would try to talk to him and find out what he honestly thinks of the group's progress and usefulness of the team. Maybe giving him more involvement in the team would help the cause, but the issue of cussing and shouting at fellow professionals would have to be addressed. If this did not work, the best thing to do might be to shuffle up the teams or allow Craig to attend some sort of staff development or training on his own. For the students to be successful, the staff would have to be willing to work together.
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