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Goodbye Emoblog.

Jun 23rd, 2005 07:23:37 pm - Subscribe

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Losing more money?

Jun 23rd, 2005 01:46:32 pm - Subscribe

So there we were driving home from school. Sister was happy that summer finally came, I was stressing about report cards. We were driving down my street, almost home. A car seemed to be turning to the street to the left, it was in between the lanes. It didn't turn left, actually, I don't even know exactly where it wanted to turn, but it was slowing down. So, I thought it would wait for our car to pass and then turn to, whever it was turning, but no. They turned right. We hit them.

Eh, details? Who needs them.

Ended up staying two hours in the car. Mom stresing so much because we keep losing money.

At least this way we don't have enough money for me to get braces. Yipee.

I don't want Luke to come today. I'm too ugly today. I still don't see why we can't just talk Online until there's a day where I feel like going to see him and I don't have to worry about getting caught.

My blog takes forever to fucking load. Argh. Maybe I should just change back to a simple template..

Hmm... We got our masks back today, and our evaluations. I did a lot better than I thought I would. Haha, it's funny. As if the teacher does it on purpose, because I know that my presentation was horrible.

I'm still tired, and it still feels weird, that it's summer. Hmm.
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Jun 22nd, 2005 01:26:48 pm - Subscribe

Every day, I encounter so many different emotions. Since I met Luke, I've been experiencing so many more.

Is it a good thing? Even if they're, sad emotions?

I'm really tired today.

I keep feeling that Luke is just, too great for me. I have to change a few things. grin.gif

Er. I was talking to Brandon on MSN and he randomly said "I'm bi also". The only person in real life I've told that I'm bi is Michelle. She promised she won't tell, too.

:\ Great.

Ooh, look at this picture. grin.gif

Found it on the net. =P Cute
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Life sucks.

Jun 21st, 2005 07:55:58 pm - Subscribe

Argh. ^$&# %&#*@

I hate my life.
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Jun 21st, 2005 02:29:37 pm - Subscribe

Today, I watched The Notebook. It made me want to cry, not because of the actual movie, but because of how I related to it. It's so different in a movie than it is in real life. The girl in the movie was beautiful. So of course, everything else was perfect too.

I went to walk Nori today, and she started barking at two bikers. One fell off his bike. It was funny, but I refrained from laughing until I passed them. =P Rather not make them feel more embarrassed.

I also noticed that there is a yellow line going along the entire street. Well, I'm not sure if it goes through the whole street, but, it's there. New. Yellow. Bright. I'm not sure if it was there as we were driving home from school.

:/ My old street has yellow lines on it now too. :\ I love my old street.

Tomorrow's my hardest exam, and, I'm not studying yet.

I've been thinking about Luke. It's so contradicting.
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