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On the inside...

Jan 17th, 2005 8:06:35 pm - Subscribe

super long time

Mood: happy

happy new year every1!

Nov 8th, 2004 5:13:02 pm - Subscribe

a long time

Mood: fat

its been a very long time since ive last wrote in much has happened. Schools going great, i barley get homework...maybe one day outta every month! thats very nice lemme tell u. I think the worst class is us history angry.gif yuck! I went to the movies on saturday and saw Saw. It was by far the weirdest movie ive ever seen in my entire about gory! ew..i went with jil,amanda,calds, her mom and grandma..they all went to one window to get their tickets and i went to a different one and they wouldnt let me in cuz it was rated r and i wasnt with my mom or dad talk about bull shat! i shoulda just said yea it was my mom so rhonda argued and they brought out the manager when they finally let me in what a crock. After the movie we went home and then we went back into town and took about a 2 hour was nice. Went to some weird but cool coffee shop. all good and well..hmm what else has happened...nothing really important i guess just a bunch of little things..feels nice to write in here again..write back later! bye

Sep 20th, 2004 4:15:17 pm - Subscribe

hes gunna go nuts

Mood: geeked

my poor bird is gunna die from rhondA!!! haha he prolly thinks that shes insane. Hes literally pooping from her scaring the shit out of him...POOR BIRD grin.gif

Sep 19th, 2004 3:35:46 pm - Subscribe


Mood: groggy

yes so today i couldnt get out of work on time cuz it was so damn busy! but thats more money i get in my paycheck...i stayed an hour over...its not that much more but its still money..woot! since lastnight ive been feeling icky and the cook at work has a cold and shes cooking food. yea thats healthy. But so i came home and showered semi..haha i was too tired to totally shower so i wiped my face and arms down with a wash Then i ate some lunch and layed down for 2 hours cuz i was so exhausted and then i woke up to all stuffed up and a headache.Still kinda tired too. O well im convinced its just allergies.happy.gif yep thats it. its no cold its just all allergies. Haha so now im all here watching football games. then im prolly gunna sleep the rest of the night or something cuz i didnt have ne homework for over the weekend. O yeah yesterday i dyed my hair...its kinda really drastic of a change but o well i like it cept it dont match my eyebrows.but that happenes to every1 who dyes their hair right? well i went from a medium blonde to a dark brown ...cept for some reason it turned out more maroonish brown then regular..i think its cuz of my highlights i had. IDk but the games back on so im gunna head out. Thats all folks grin.gif

Sep 17th, 2004 7:47:25 pm - Subscribe

another friday night HOME

Mood: courageous

yes so its friday again and im spending it sitting so sick of it! it drives me absolutly mad. I could gone to amandas if it woulda been earlier but they have to get up early to go somewhere tomorrow so taht kinda blew my whole plan, and then so tomorrow she cant do nothing and then sunday shes prolly seeing that blew up right in my face.SO now after sleeping for a couple of hours, and watching some gunna be on the phone with amanda for a majority of a while...that didnt make sense but yeaa.When i see the kenny chesney music videos...i kinda..get excited...i get all happy and stuff...i just thought u all would like to know that.happy.gif yes so i have no clue of what im typing cuz im not paying just kinda blabbing while listening to music and talking on the phone...with calds grin.gif

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