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On the inside...

Sep 17th, 2004 7:47:25 pm - Subscribe

another friday night HOME

Mood: courageous

yes so its friday again and im spending it sitting so sick of it! it drives me absolutly mad. I could gone to amandas if it woulda been earlier but they have to get up early to go somewhere tomorrow so taht kinda blew my whole plan, and then so tomorrow she cant do nothing and then sunday shes prolly seeing that blew up right in my face.SO now after sleeping for a couple of hours, and watching some gunna be on the phone with amanda for a majority of a while...that didnt make sense but yeaa.When i see the kenny chesney music videos...i kinda..get excited...i get all happy and stuff...i just thought u all would like to know that.happy.gif yes so i have no clue of what im typing cuz im not paying just kinda blabbing while listening to music and talking on the phone...with calds grin.gif

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marlene - September 17th, 2004
Go you ...and the phone! Yey, and no plans = fun, usually grin.gif

glitznglo9 - September 17th, 2004
yay!!! haha happy.gif


brooke17 - September 18th, 2004
wow!!! me and u have a lot in commin always sitting home... i wanna talk to someone on the phone but everyone is always being gay and saiing stupid stuff and i hate it so i just sit home listen to music and stuff. well have a great day x's and o's brooke


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