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On the inside...

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Mood: incomplete

I just wrote an entry and i lost the damn thing...i just got this and im not liking it already!!! Anywayz i went to Danielles house today. In fact, i walked there and it took me an hour and 5 mins? yeh that sounds about right. So i was there all day and we just chilled and watched the butterfly effect..good movie but i kinda got confused sad.gif haha. Boy am i glad i dont have a younger brother, i think he would be dead by now happy.gif ...Danielle im sry u have to go through taht everyday cry.gif. I have no stories to tell so im gunna go and prolly sit all alone by myself in my room...latta

Aug 31st, 2004 6:10:08 pm - Subscribe


Mood: yucky

Today i had a very eventful day ...not! Lets see i mowed the lawn when i got up, that took like 2 hours then i came in the house did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, then vacumed and then layed out in the sun for 5 hours and here i am! grin.gif Tho the thing that kinda angers me is that only my left leg and arm got color and my right side got like nothing I was thinking of going back outside again but who knows. Im so happy my rebate card came in for my cell today so i have toms of more mins!! happy.gif I feel icky now..only 1 week left of freedom till we go back to hell!! and 36 days till my birthday. Cant wait!

Aug 31st, 2004 11:41:40 pm - Subscribe

maple syrup

Mood: blonde

BabyBlueyes070: my finger smells like maple syrup
BabyBlueyes070: but only one finger
ardent emo girl: :O
BabyBlueyes070: hahahha
BabyBlueyes070: putin it on my nips and my dog was licking it off
ardent emo girl: HAHAHAHAHA

thats what happens when u are a little on the tired side tounge.gif good times

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