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On the inside...

Nov 8th, 2004 5:13:02 pm - Subscribe

a long time

Mood: fat

its been a very long time since ive last wrote in much has happened. Schools going great, i barley get homework...maybe one day outta every month! thats very nice lemme tell u. I think the worst class is us history angry.gif yuck! I went to the movies on saturday and saw Saw. It was by far the weirdest movie ive ever seen in my entire about gory! ew..i went with jil,amanda,calds, her mom and grandma..they all went to one window to get their tickets and i went to a different one and they wouldnt let me in cuz it was rated r and i wasnt with my mom or dad talk about bull shat! i shoulda just said yea it was my mom so rhonda argued and they brought out the manager when they finally let me in what a crock. After the movie we went home and then we went back into town and took about a 2 hour was nice. Went to some weird but cool coffee shop. all good and well..hmm what else has happened...nothing really important i guess just a bunch of little things..feels nice to write in here again..write back later! bye

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crowsblood - November 08th, 2004
Hello Amanda! ^^

glitznglo9 - November 11th, 2004
hi there crowsblood


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