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On the inside...

Sep 19th, 2004 3:35:46 pm - Subscribe


Mood: groggy

yes so today i couldnt get out of work on time cuz it was so damn busy! but thats more money i get in my paycheck...i stayed an hour over...its not that much more but its still money..woot! since lastnight ive been feeling icky and the cook at work has a cold and shes cooking food. yea thats healthy. But so i came home and showered semi..haha i was too tired to totally shower so i wiped my face and arms down with a wash Then i ate some lunch and layed down for 2 hours cuz i was so exhausted and then i woke up to all stuffed up and a headache.Still kinda tired too. O well im convinced its just allergies.happy.gif yep thats it. its no cold its just all allergies. Haha so now im all here watching football games. then im prolly gunna sleep the rest of the night or something cuz i didnt have ne homework for over the weekend. O yeah yesterday i dyed my hair...its kinda really drastic of a change but o well i like it cept it dont match my eyebrows.but that happenes to every1 who dyes their hair right? well i went from a medium blonde to a dark brown ...cept for some reason it turned out more maroonish brown then regular..i think its cuz of my highlights i had. IDk but the games back on so im gunna head out. Thats all folks grin.gif

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