Date: Nov 7th, 2004 7:11:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood: deranged

so i suppose i havent written in awhile
not that it matters cause nobody ever reads this anyway
but yeah my computer crashed again so once again im stuck using um-dee dum dee computers
it sucks not having thei internet
and now i have to withdraw or take a n F for a class because of it.
yeah so it goes
administration messed up my override (im sure it was cheryl sabotaging me)
and i douldnt take an online test worth 55 points for my first aid class and then once everything was fixed
i couldnt get to my email in time to get the test links so my teacher was going to tak e50 percent off whatever score i got
and open up the test again and i missed it again cause apparently umd doesnt close at midnight on friday
so whatever now ihave to withdraw cause i dont wanna deal with my teacher no more

plus my dog has an ear infection
plus I failed a math test and my teacher refuses to curve
plus my psych teacher is a gay advice columnist who likes drag
man what a week
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