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Dec 3rd, 2006 8:21:59 pm - Subscribe
its been awhile

man its been quite sometime since i wrote in this journal. i probably need to rearrange some things on it but i dont have my good buddy tucker to help me out with it. i hear he is doing ok thanx to a recent blog. as for me my life couldnt be better and i feel i have the good lord to thank for that. i am dating someone and have been for almost 5 months. we are in love with is a good thing cuz it had been a while since i had experience that as well.
i am wrapping up this semester. ill should have acceptional grades. school has been rather difficult this semester. extremely demanding. on the bright side i have 2 days and finals to complete and ill be done.

on another note here's to sir tucker. help me rearrange this thing cuz it needs it.

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May 31st, 2006 8:50:45 am - Subscribe

Well i haven written in about a month. Mainly because i dont have time and because noone reads this blog any way. Nevertheless its my first day of work at an insurance agency in athens, tennessee. The agency im working at is a well known agency in the insurance world. Its actually pretty terrible because i have been sitting here since about 830 doing absolutely nothing. Not to mention i went to bed so late that i could still taste tooth paste at 750 this morning when i woke up. Early work is not my thing. Actually waking up before 9 or 10 isnt my thing but i guess we dont have a choice. But hopefully through this experience i will gain some insight on what i plan to do with my life and maybe even gain some experience. With that said and i quote "THE END".

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Apr 30th, 2006 10:00:20 pm - Subscribe
Three Great Bands!!

On April 26 a great friend of mine, who introduced me to this blog by the name of meshmdz, and i rode down to knoxville to see a concert at a small hole in the wall named blue cats live. Both of us just decided to skip out of work for the nite and do a lil driving down to listen to what we hoped would be some good live music!
Both of us have been listening to these three bands since their albums released, therefore, we knew it was going to be a good concert!
We arrived late and didnt get good parking then stood in the rain for an hour but once we got in the show just happened to be a pleasant surprise because all of the bands were better than we had assumed. We finally got in the building a little bit after 9 just in time to hear the last three songs by the first band.
Faktion, a band from Texas, opened with "Maybe"(my personal favorite due to the amazing guitar in the song). They played a few other of their hits like "Distance" a slower yet phenomenal song about being close but not too close! Check it out! They closed with "Taking it all away". Its their main hit and its a good song but they have others that are way better. Its a great cd that is self titled so go get it today.
After changing the setup for the next band Hinder, a band from Oklahoma, took the set and opened with a killer song named "How Long". They kept on jamming and mixed slower grunge rock with harder rock. Its a great mix. They played "Better than me"( an amazing song), "By the way" (one of my favorites by them) and "Lips of an angel" another great song about a relationship that is over but neither really moved on. Its beautiful! They also played "Bliss"(my personal favorite). Its about knowing its over but not excepting the fact that the one u love no longer wants to be with you. Its simply phenomenal! They closed with "Get Stoned" which is a decent song just not my cup of tea!
Last Theory of a Deadman came out! They played every song on their latest album Gasoline. They played "Hello lonely" and "Santa Monica" which are two great songs! They closed with "No Surprise" which is one of my favs by them! It was a great way to close the concert!
After mesh and i found our way back to the interstate and made our way back north. It was a great time and an amazing concert. One of the best ive been to. It was a great way to get my mind off finals and listen and appreciate great music and good talent!!

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Apr 19th, 2006 1:10:16 pm - Subscribe

two weeks from today my summer kicks off and it couldnt come at a better time. school in my eyes has almost become a complete waste of my time. my mind wont let me focus and my current surroundings of the female gender, beautiful weather, concerts, and hangin out with my friends are not making my situation any easier. i guess thats part of it. luckily there is a party this weekend that follows the goo goo dolls concert hosted by our school. im not a huge fan of them for the simple fact that they are extremely main stream and its not even really my type of music im more of the little bit harder rock but hey its a free concert and ill b there. it should b good and hopefully i will leave there with a new respect for counting crows and goo goo dolls both because of their abilities to perfrom. lets hope its that way. luckily next week is my last week of class and then i have a few finals and school is done for summer. THANK YA JESUS!!

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[mood | in love]
[song of the moment:|Immune by Allele]

Apr 15th, 2006 7:47:14 pm - Subscribe

In love with you again, so I
Can fall apart again
Just like a burning candle, I'd be your burning sun
Just like a wind, to carry you across the ocean

So what if I, what if I?
Throw my return to you, with now way out?
Theres no way out
And I'll come and beg for you
Cause there's no way out, and there's no way out anymore

I'm bending back to face the truth, about
So many things I never knew
There's too much hate to let go
Just like a canvas underneath the water shows
The stains of every color, I've had to know

So what if I, what if I?
Throw my return to you, with now way out?
Theres no way out
And I'll come and beg for you
Cause there's no way out, and there's no way out anymore

And I'll throw my return to you, with no way out
There's no way out
And I'll come and beg to you
With no way out, and there's no way, no way out

No way out

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