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Dec 3rd, 2006 8:21:59 pm - Subscribe
its been awhile

man its been quite sometime since i wrote in this journal. i probably need to rearrange some things on it but i dont have my good buddy tucker to help me out with it. i hear he is doing ok thanx to a recent blog. as for me my life couldnt be better and i feel i have the good lord to thank for that. i am dating someone and have been for almost 5 months. we are in love with is a good thing cuz it had been a while since i had experience that as well.
i am wrapping up this semester. ill should have acceptional grades. school has been rather difficult this semester. extremely demanding. on the bright side i have 2 days and finals to complete and ill be done.

on another note here's to sir tucker. help me rearrange this thing cuz it needs it.

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December 03rd, 2006

yes sir, i will help you.. if you like the template i have mine arranged, you can have something similar to mine... you can keep this background if ya want but beak it up like mine... i will help ya man.. just get back to me when ya check your blog....





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