Assuming Our Identities
Date: Apr 25th, 2007 9:13:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: catatonic

Assumptions to our identity are definitely "labels" in the beginning of our lives. Then, stuck with whatever cultural aspects our families pass down to us. Then properly shaped and formed from the time we are raised. Then comes a day when we take the initiative to use our own thoughts as actions, which form our own opinions that then become our decisions of our own identity in our own life. So, by doing this, "we shape our identities through the choices we make." So assuming all of this, is it fair to say that we have an identity waiting for us before we're born? Like a hermit crab having an empty shell to climb into right after being brought into this world. Does this mean that we're stuck with this pre-fabricated identity so long as we don't use our own minds to form our own opinions? Can social/cultural pressure co-exist with personal choice?

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