"Assumptions of Nature"
Date: May 3rd, 2007 10:07:25 am - Subscribe
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In my eyes, the 1st of the 3 assumptions about nature stands more true than the other two. And even though it’s only my opinion, I think this probably goes for most people whom are aware of the three assumptions. Though the other two assumptions are valid by some form, and even though the 3 assumptions can overlap each other, wee must be reminded that “in Muir’s view, nature can save people from materialistic and destructive habits”. Can we really dismiss the other 2 assumptions that easy, though? For me, yes we can. Especially when it comes to the 2nd. “Nature is a person’s essential character” is like saying we’re all born with nature in and around us. Considering we are all born into a room which costs money to build, maintain, and use, I think it’s safe to say that we all are born into a materialistic world. But, once time passes, people find themselves either caught up in a social/cultural identity (like the one in which we’re born into at the hospital room) or have decided against the over-consumption of materials. If we just decide that we, or someone is a “natural”, then we have to assume that a “natural” comes from material that one bought in order to be better than average. As far as the third assumption goes, we better damn well hope that our science and technology allows for us to improve upon our own destructive habits that have left nature the way it is.

Taxidermy, as a hobby or trade, is pretty messed up! I definitely agree with the statement, “as long as taxidermy serves to preserve wild animals and make them available for scientific study...”
As a trophy or decoration, it’s ridiculous. To take something so natural, wild, and pure, just to turn it into a material object for social/cultural reasons is pointless, and to say the least, ignorant. But that is exactly what has happened, as taxidermy is now a “$570-million (annually) business.” Does this industry instigate immoral and unnatural hunting? Does it scream redneck?

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