Damn how the shit goes down-wind!
Date: Apr 25th, 2007 5:53:31 pm - Subscribe
Mood: frazzled

So today I had to attend a mandatory orientation for where I work. I worked there for a few months last season, and I’ve been here this year since the beginning of this season. Because of the fact that I’ve been there, doing my job, for a bit now, makes the mandatory orientation really annoying. Then there is the fact that it’s nearing the end of my semester, and I have plenty of other stuff to do besides listening to someone read paragraphs to me out of the same employee handbook that I got last year, and again two months ago. What do they think they’re accomplishing by this? Do they realize they’re paying us to sit and waste time? They better, damn it! We had to do “games” which consisted of us going around to other people to see if anyone knew how to juggle, play an instrument, and other dumb shit like finding someone who had been in a hot air balloon. There was shitty snacks (with nothing to wash them down with), and on top of that, my boss had scheduled me to open at the same time the orientation was suppose to end. Which gave me absolutely no time to get 40 minutes across town to work.
And tomorrow, I get to go to a different mandatory seminar, then get 20 minutes to get from there to class, then after class I’ll have an hour to get to go to work. Tomorrow should be fun though. I get to attend a seminar on sexual harassment. Because we all know how sexually harassed things get around the batting cages! Balls....Bats.....Pitching machines!! Thank God for these seminars!
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