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Date: Apr 25th, 2007 1:39:01 am - Subscribe
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My neighbor came home the other night to a burglarized home and a missing car. Two days later, he got a call from the police, saying they found the car that he called in stolen. The car had been cleaned out, with the exception of the Kenwood stereo (smart thieves). Immediately after finding the stolen vehicle, the police department impounded his car, and then called my neighbor. When he got down there, he learned that our tax dollars aren’t enough for the police to find our stolen cars. As it turns out, the police department allows for the hand of a tow company to dip into the cookie jar. Then the tow company lets the impound yard dip into the jar. And since his keys were stolen during the robbery, a locksmith would also get to reach in for a cookie. The registration to the car was kept above the passenger visor, which also kept a hold of my neighbor’s cd collection. This was taken as well. This meant that the DMV got to reach into the jar. Why is everything such a process, with variables and obstacles in every direction, from every angle? Why is our society one which fiends for profit?
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