Green Mountain Brunswick Bowling Center, Brunswick Bowling @ Mississippi and Wadsworth, & Diamond Shamrock @ Mississippi and Wadsworth
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This little story starts a month ago at the Green Mountain Brunswick Bowling Center just outside of Denver, Colorado. I was there with some good friends, enjoying $1 lanes and $1 beers. My buddies girlfriend is from Chile. She is of legal age to drink, and that night, had her passport to prove her age. She was in line ahead of me, waiting to be served. But because of her accent and her appearance (small chick), the bartender was cutting my friend short by not taking a few extra seconds to understand her broken English. My friend kept trying to show the lady her passport (which was printed in English). Finally, I told my friend that she could have my beer. As soon as I handed the beer to her, the bartender came flying out from the bar, very rudely snatched the beer, and in a voice that could be described as anything but civil, she yelled at us to leave, and then informed us that she was calling the police. My friends and I began to get our things together to leave. I kept telling the bartender (and the manager, and the concessions cashier, and anyone else that was listening) how fucked up it was that a guest in our country can’t even get a beer and a bowling lane. After all this happened, we began to leave. But before leaving, a different friend wanted a refund for the games already paid for (since they weren’t going to let us bowl anymore). Him, his girlfriend, and myself were at the front desk asking for a refund, when the bartender and some snoody bitch with glasses and brown hair came up yelling at us, “I thought I told you to leave! I’m calling the police!” etc.....etc.....
I calmly explained to her that my friend would like a refund, and I would like the name and number for a corporate manager. She basically told me to go to hell, then continued to yell at me and my friends. At this point, we had paid for games which we weren’t allowed to play, we had a beer (which was paid for) taken from us, we were rudely yelled at and threatened, and I was determined to make this chick understand that I was not going to accept anymore of their hospitality. I interrupted the brown-haired girl with glasses from yelling at us and told her that she should try to open herself up more to accepting people of a different culture. I then went back to explaining how our friend was of correct drinking age, and had I.D. to prove it. I also reminded her that our friend is a guest in our country...G...U...E...S...T.
This conversation was in no way calming the employee down, so I decided to end contact right then, and called her a bitch, then turned around to walk out the doors. She responded with “Do you want me to call the police?!” “I want you to fuck off and suck my dick!”, I responded.
Now, I know this wasn’t the best way for me to respond, but I was heated at this point due to the treatment we had received. A couple of weeks go by, and some other friends and myself decide, one night, to go to the Brunswick Bowling Center on Mississippi @ Wadsworth. We get there, and the place is dirty, the concessions are closed, and the people are just as rude. An example is when a friend of mine rolled her ball and accidentally got it stuck in the gutter. The employee whom came over to “help” us got the ball unstuck, then informed us that “if it happens again, we’ll have to leave.” He then went back to his lane and continued bowling. It was as if we interrupted him in the middle of his frame, thus pissing him off and making him act rude. I wonder if that asshole works on “family nights”? Anyway, the fact that the concessions were closed caused me to go to the Diamond Shamrock for nachos and cola. So, I walk into the store, and head straight for the nacho cheese dispenser. Before I can even get my nacho setup (chips and a tray for cheese), the cashier looks over at me (while checking someone out) and says, “We’re closing. That area is closed.” “So I can’t get any nachos?” “That’s right.” “That’s fucked up!” Then I walked out. I made it to the parking lot that separates Brunswick Bowling Center and Diamond Shamrock, then looked at my phone. It read 10:48pm. “I still got 10 minutes to buy nachos”, I told myself. Then turned around, and walked back into the store. This time I walked straight up to the counter and asked the cashier what time he closed. He said, “Midnight.” So really, I had an hour and ten minutes to buy nachos! I told him this and proceeded back to the nacho cheese dispenser. As I was fixing my nacho, he continued to tell me that because of my mess, he would have to break down the machine and clean it. I told him that he still has over an hour left till closing, and that he can’t just turn customers away, especially while ringing up other customers. He kept complaining about cleaning the nacho machine, so I told him to do his job. I then went back over to the bowling center.
What is happening to our service industry? What is becoming of our entertainment facilities? Why is it that people forget that they are employed by companies that provide a service. A service that everyone should equally get, no matter what country your from, how good of a bowler you are, or how much you like nachos. Since when are the services provided by these companies conditional and limited?

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frost - May 06th, 2007
Crazy man, my wife and I bowl at that same alley usually Thursdays/Tuesday nights. I know one night when we were bowling, we were waiting for bowlaplaooza to start we got there at 8:45 and had them write our names down so we could get the first lane, well it is 9:10 and 6 people had went up to the counter to get a lane. The stupid cashier people didn't even bother to read out our name and call us up. The downside was they kept looking at me straight in the eyes so I know they noticed that I was waiting.

Anyhow it is still a cheap place to bowl on Thursday nights for BOGO w/college ID and 3 hours of bowling for $8. We will probably continue to go there.

Hope your next experience is better.


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