Space exploration is bad? BS!
Date: Apr 25th, 2007 8:47:16 pm - Subscribe
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I remember when all that media-hype was inducing thoughts into the public minds about whether or not we (the U.S.) Really went to the moon. “It was Hollywood”, some of them said. People began to actually question whether or not we we’re actually that technologically advanced enough for space exploration. Then people really started to question whether or not, fiscally and morally, we needed to be wandering around in space. Not to say that wasn’t in question since the first feasible ideas of space exploration were conceived. Personally, I think it’s an inevitable necessity for our human race to desire an understanding for what may be outside our earthly boundaries. It’s an absolute must that we have as many answers to just as many (if not more) possibilities of problems.
And I think if it weren’t for this drive that we have to feed our brains, we wouldn’t have such outstanding advancements in medicine, space travel, and other industries. Just too bad we can’t “advance” without hurting economies and ecosystems. Off point, but I had to say it. The point is, it would be a shame if we decided
to say, “Screw space travel!”, and then come to find out, we’re just a small freckle of life-form in a giganteus matter of other life-forms. If we have ability to explore and learn, then we must and will do so. But what if we do say screw it? What if over a period of time our society, as well as others, become content with not expanding our knowledge of what’s out there. If not other life forms, then definitely various uses of new resources could be what ends our very existence.

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