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The progression that we’ve made in researching and developing modern inventions has resulted in a variety of technological advancements in fields such as medicine/health, recreation, transportation, as well as many more. But have all of those “progressions” really benefitted us, or have they only raised our dependency for ring-tones, flip-up display, false internet identities, and a longer-lasting erection? Some say we’ve come a long way with technology. Other’s disagree and say that it’s doomed us all like a plague. One thing’s for sure, and I’m sure most can agree with, is that technology, no matter how good and beneficial it’s suppose to be, is absolutely annoying Sure, I’m a hypocrite, as I sit here and type on my computer so I can post this paper on an internet “blog” site. But don’t think for a second that I’m not aggravated There have been many of times that my computer, and the internet as well, has made me irate to the point of wanting to throw my shit straight out the window.
The home PC is easily one of the most hated advancements, yet at the same time, are probably one of the quickest progressing technological advancements ever. It seems like the instance some new program comes out someone figures out how to “hack” in and fuck everything up. With the past decade’s advancement with the internet, there’s has been a lot of money made in PC security, and internet security companies. But even with an expensive security program, my PC is still vulnerable to viruses, worms, moles, bugs, and all sorts of other animals, infections, and infestations. And the price for these programs consistently goes up as we “progress”. And some might argue that technology is also an advancement for our economy. But if it puts people out of work, that leaves the job market solely to tech-trained candidates. This would mean that after getting laid off, one would need to go back to school, or take some classes of some sort, which costs money. But “advancement” causes a rise in tuition, and instructors become limited, therefore becomes difficult to become a candidate in a technological job market. So, unemployment rises, costs go up, and we continue to “progress”.
I tell you another progression that was doomed from the start is the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s just my opinion, but I think this all started with MKULTRA. Now we have pills for everything. And if for some reason we don’t, we have surgery! “Progression” and “advancement” has given us means for altering physical features for personal enjoyment. But of course, because it’s a technological advancement, it costs an arm and a leg to get a new face. Which, in my opinion, if someone wants a new nostril, or a bigger smile, or a permanent wink, they should have to pay. I just think it messed up we have to charge so much for a new heart, or even a doctor visit.
Even aside from the cost of technological “advancement”, there’s the annoying stuff. Like those roller-shoes that jack-ass’s buy their kids. This idea was genius I remember when there was a day when kids didn’t wander off from their parents because they’d get their ass kicked. And for those kids that might stray, the parents had them on a harness. Now kids get roller-shoes so they can not only stray away from their parents, but also cause chaos. It’s kind of like those monkey’s with roller feet on that Oz movie. Chaotic That annoying invention made someone very rich, very fast. And what about the bright idea of having those coupon dispensers as you walk around the grocery store? I get enough wasted trees in my mailbox And what about all of these bull-shit products on T.V. at 3 in the morning? Who actually buys this crap? There’s even products for products. It’s called “accessorizing”. Just more “advancements” that allow for consumers to waste those little pieces of paper that come from that printing know.......our nation’s greatest “progression”.............the making of the dollar. Individually, we have shoved so much value into the dollar that now it costs more and more money for less and less product or service. It’s crazy to think that just in the last two decades, our cost of living has gone way up, and keeps rising. Hell, back in 1980 you could get a gallon of gas for just over a buck, milk for 2 bucks, and a new car for less than 8 grand. Now you gotta have almost 3 times that for a new car. And have you seen the cars that they’re coming out with these days, and the options and accessories that come with some of them? It’s ridiculous!
Just driving to the grocery store in one of these new cars is a technological adventure It’s as if the manufacturers want us to believe we’re going to the moon, with the buttons, lights, gauges, and all other sorts of “advanced accessorization”. And a lot of people don’t know how to operate half the stuff, and the other half are what some might consider to be “dumb technologies”. Some of those auto-accessories are dangerous if operated by the wrong people, which makes those advancements, not advancements, really. Don’t get me wrong, I like having my car (even though it is a “beater”), but does everyone really need one? I’ve seen some people out there that probably have trouble operating their T.V., much less a big-ass F-250.
The other day I was approaching a stop sign while going down a one-way street. As I got near the stop sign, an elder pulled onto the one way street (going the wrong freakin’ way) and, after noticing me and then realizing his mistake, was still determined to go down the wrong way. There just wasn’t enough room, so I waived for him to back up and get back onto the road from which he turned off of. He then waived for me to fuck off and go to hell. This guy made the mistake, and I was the asshole. The point is, not everyone should have access to a license. This is where public transportation could be enforced, thus making it even more of an “advancement”. Besides, with all the pharmies floating around out there (thanks to the pharmaceutical progression), I’m quite sure a lot of drivers are buzzin pretty good, and I just assume stay the hell out of their way.
Technology isn’t all bad, though. Millions of people can vouch for the fact that
technology, in many ways, can make everyday life easier. Transportation accounts for a lot of things, like consumers being ensured that their products are made available. And driving can be really aggravating (especiallywith “progression” of improvements on our major highway and interstate systems), but it makes it worth while when we go to work to make money, or go vacation. But as long as technology advances, criticism and annoyance shall continue. Products that I will never have a use for, and improvements for products that I will never have a use for, will continue to appear on my T.V. at 3 in the morning. The rate of internet transactions will rise, and so will the vulnerability of internet security. Dashboards will fill up with more buttons and
lights, and more and more drugs will become available for the “improvement” of the well-being of consumer America, including the “annoyed”.

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