"Trees For Democracy"
Date: May 3rd, 2007 10:08:25 am - Subscribe
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I’m glad that people get recognized for actions such as planting trees, caring for the environment, or even caring for humanity. However, I do think it’s shitty that their acknowledgment and awards for such actions are still less known about than who the real father is of A.N.S.’s kid. How funked up is it that we live in a nation that would rather consume daily doses of celebrity updates than to consume doses of culture or environmental awareness?! Instead of bettering ourselves individually, and as a race, we fill our minds with reality T.V. and myspace accounts (to make sure we spread our disease). “Such practices are...” becoming the cornerstone of our “extensive cultural heritage”.
I’ve come up with some points and arguments for Paper 3, and will begin writing it soon.
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