It’s a Gucci day. Monday Morning Shoe Crush
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Christian Louboutin Pumps 001

$598.00 $149.00
Save: 75% off
Suede covered platform peep toe maryjane discount gucci shoes with snap closure. 120mm thin covered heel. Signature red leather sole. Available in Black. Made in Italy.
All shoes has been worked by a artisan and finished by hand and this is the result of a careful selection.
All shoes elegant shoes is one of masterpiece from Christian Louboutin.
All shoes brand new come with Christian Louboutin original box,shoes bag and tissue paper.
100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed.
Guarantee fast ship.
Made in Italy.

The Gucci ‘Marion’ High-heeled sandals are a simply perfect gladiator-slash-equestrian sandal with just enough edge to keep things interesting. On top of all those sexy cutouts, there’s that little hint of a Mary-jane buckle over the instep. And then, the best touch of all is the wonderful warm chocolate leather that makes this a style that can be dressed up for dancing or dressed down for denim.

There is certainly a whole lot going on in this discount christian louboutin sandal. Luckily, it is in all the right places and has ended with a shoe that can proudly claim to ‘Have it all going on’.

Come share my current crush.

It’s another Mad Monday. Time to reveal my latest shoe crush.

I know that many ladies are drooling over the SATC Dior Extreme cut-out gladiator heels. I, however, have not been one of them (Sacrilege, I know). To clarify this, I have, for the most part, been uninspired by most of gladiator-styled choices that have surrounded us this year. Thanks to Gucci, that has changed.

Also worn Chloe.
Philo's clothes are also the most copied on christian louboutin shoes the high street.
Tesco, Zara,chrisitan louboutin heels, Top Shop, Primark and H&M all created "homages" to last summer's kingfisher blue silk sundress, with Tesco's Pounds 19 version changing hands on eBay for upwards of

Pounds 50. Her bags, too, have been much- copied: notably the Bracelet and the Paddington, both Pounds 700 but with a constant waiting list in the Sloane Street store. It is

this alchemy of being able to divine what ugg classic boots women want, almost before they know they want it, that Chloe's parent company, Richemont Group, will find hard to replace.
The search for her successor is already under way but no announcement will be made until after the ready-to-wear show in March. The autumn/winter 2006 collection will be in

Paris as usual, and is being completed by Philo's design team. The same team took over while Philo was on maternity leave.
While it is rumoured that the job might go to ugg classic short boots an internal candidate, other designers are being whispered about.
Roland Mouret, who quit his label last year, is a prime candidate, as is Giles Deacon, formerly at Givenchy. Whoever it is, Philo's are difficult vibram fivefingers christian shoes to fill.

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Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale goes green
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Christian Louboutin Pumps 027

$598.00 $158.00
Save: 74% off
Red patent leather peep toe platform cheap gucci shoes slingbacks with cork heel. Elasticized heel strap. Leather upper, in-sole and signature red sole.
Runs true to size.
All shoes has been worked by a artisan and finished by hand and this is the result of a careful selection.
All shoes elegant shoes is one of masterpiece from Christian Louboutin.
All shoes brand new come with Christian Louboutin original box,shoes bag and tissue paper.
100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed.
Guarantee fast ship.
Made in Italy.

‘I don’t design randomly,’ says famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin as he gears up to open a store in Dubai
“I have more than 20 stores, but what I cheap christian louboutin want is to create something that is unique to one particular store. For instance, there is one colour that I have been dying to use in my shoes — green. Nevertheless it never sells. It drove me crazy thinking about it. Nevertheless funny enough, I have always noticed the women who buy green shoes in Paris are women from the Middle East,” says Louboutin.

Spurring on by this, the shoemaker to the stars — including Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Blake Lively — has incorporated a dash of green in his collection that will hit his stores in the Middle East. “I have realised that green is a really important colour in the Islamic world.

“The fact is, certain colours appeal to certain cheap christian louboutin countries alone. For instance, lavender sells in Paris or a pink in London, so it’s always wonderful to learn about different people in different countries.”

The iconic shoe designer may be eager to leave his footprints in the Middle East, but he is treading with caution. “I cannot imagine expanding blindly, nor am I obsessed about expanding in every corner of the world. We need to be in control of the production and there is always a human factor involved. I can never compromise on quality.”

‘My work is about quality’

He is equally choosy about his collaborations cheap ugg . Recently, he turned down a collaboration with fashion retailer H&M. “This is my company and that makes me a free designer. Not everyone can take such a call, but I can. When you are a free entity, you are free to either accept or turn down proposals. My work is about quality and I am very detail-oriented. For example, when I look at a shoe, I look at its heel or, why the sole is a bit thin. If you do a cheaper line, you will have to resign from the path of quality. It will be too hard for me, it will drive me crazy.”

Even though Louboutin’s sky-high heels have been placed on a pedestal, its iconic maker resembles a tortured soul. Our brief conversation is generously peppered with “it will drive me crazy, just crazy” exclamations.

“My shoes are my fashion and my passion. I know if I do such collaboration, I would look at that collection and think why did I do such a stupid thing — why, why, why?”

We ask him about Jennifer Lopez and vibram five fingers her ode to him. Her single Louboutins from her album Love? Debuted at the 2009 American Music Awards, where Lopez performed the song live. The pop idol crooned his name more than 30 times in this post break-up song. “It felt great. Nevertheless the song is not just about me, it is about the freedom of a woman… the freedom she gets from an object. The song goes to say that while a woman has a Louboutin, she is free. Her identity is not the same without it,” he says.

Though he is bolstered by Lopez’s ode, his biggest complement he says has come from a common man. “My biggest complement came from a man. He told me: ‘Listen, I have been married for 25 years and I have never look at my wife’s shoes. Nevertheless when she wore your shoes, I actually looked at them.’ At that moment I realised that my shoes brought an element of communication between two people who have known one another for more than 25 years. My shoes created a bond — that’s what I love,” says Louboutin.

Nevertheless he is not as enthusiastic about vibram fivefingers creating men’s shoes. Earlier in the year, Louboutin had dabbled in designing men’s shoes which were showcased at Dubai Fashion Week. Nevertheless he is quick to put matters into perspective. “Designing for men is completely different. For instance — men want their shoes to last, while women love shoes and view them as an extension of themselves. Men are a bits neurotic about their shoes: like they polish them every Sunday and even love to see the patina of the shoes. Women don’t care, and I love that about them.”

Always one to place emotions over money, creativity over technicality and beauty over practicality, it’s no surprise that Louboutin is highly selective about designing men’s collections. “Mika asked me to design for [him] and I did because what he said touched me.

“He said he understood the sensibility behind my shoes and it would translate well into stage shoes. I understood him. The fact is: I don’t design randomly.”


Christian Louboutin is not just choosy about his collaborations. He is equally particular about his store, its location and its size.

“The look of the store is very important to me. I look into every detail such as the architecture, the size of the store, the height of the ceiling and the galleries above it. The store should finally reflect the flavour of the region too.”

He also gave the expansive Dubai Mall a pass while scouting for boutique locations here. “I think the Dubai Mall is much too big and we tend to get losing. When you have a big store, it always looks empty… that is sad. It is like you are walking on a street and you see an empty restaurant. You will never feel like entering it. The same happens with a big store too.

“I want my store to be inviting in terms of its size and it should feel personal,” says Louboutin.

An agreement has been signed with local retailing conglomerate Chalhoub Group to open new stores in Riyadh and Beirut too. In January, they jointly opened an independent store in Jeddah (below).

Objet d’art

Christian Louboutin has a penchant for unusual objects. Currently, he is busy trying to make buckles with alabaster.

“I have been trying to shape alabaster with some light behind it so that the lightness and the colour of the alabaster is captured.”

Future Plans

Expanding into the Middle East with stand-alone boutiques is top priority, says Alexis Mourot, General Manager of Christian Louboutin.

“Apart from opening these vibram shoes three stores in 2010 — Beirut in July, Dubai in October and Riyadh in November — we are planning to open six more in other parts of the Gulf region like Kuwait, Bahrain or Qatar. Of course, we are very selective about the process,” says Mourot

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Magical charm and popularity Christian Louboutin
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Christian Louboutin Pumps 007

$598.00 $158.00
Save: 74% off
Black patent leather.
Peep toe (silver).
Covering platform.
Stiletto heeled.(12cm).
Signature red soled.
All shoes has been worked by a artisan and discount gucci shoes finished by hand and this is the result of a careful selection.
All shoes elegant shoes is one of masterpiece from Christian Louboutin.
All shoes brand new come with Christian Louboutin original box,shoes bag and tissue paper.
100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed.
Guarantee fast ship.
Made in Italy.

Today, more and more people like christian louboutin, christian louboutin are a popular trend in the future.When we shop, we will see many people wearing beautiful christian louboutin heels with stylish clothes, and bring elegance Luotuo temperament,experience the charm of fashionable women.

Christian louboutin shoes are also the hottest discount christian louboutin key words of this machine, the supermarket, everywhere, in the end how to put it the best? In the face of some special style, wear cannot ride properly reflected not only their unique vision of beauty, but people wondering “how the man in the end it?” To find the perfect christian louboutin for you, reflecting your noble temperament.There is one thing in common is the love of beautiful girls.

From the Queen of Jordan to the Hollywood star, from the royal family and nobles to the fashion trend of people, all women are to have a pair of “red clogs” and crazy! Proverbs that touch of red, seduce a man’s eye, women’s desire to “red clogs” flush twenty years.

Sports Lifestyle footwear is our most successful christian louboutin shoes collection, and we are taking it to higher levels and in various directions," says Puma's Antonio Bertone, global director of brand management. "The consumers will ultimately see us in a different light."

These developments should generate a whole new boom in interest in trainers. Nikos Nicholaou, designer of the Acupuncture brand, agrees that the trainer's future lies in this new approach. "People have become bored by the same old thing," he says. "The future is almost about giving the word 'trainer' a new sense altogether. It's about mixing

trChristian Louboutin tional shoe- making with hi-tech trainer features. The big companies can pump their money into it until they get that right. The important thing is that they are getting more into the whole idea of lifestyle."

Some suggest that the trainer will never go ugg australia away because it has moved beyond fashion. "The specific type of trainer you wear may remain a tribal thing but generally the trainer is what the black leather shoe used to be: a staple item, part of culture's

fabric,,"Christian Louboutin Boots; suggests Simon Aboud, managing director of youth communications agency Magic Hat. "Everybody has a pair because they've realised their functional value: they've comfortable and often cheap, disposable. And the market will only get bigger."

It seems the best in pump-action is yet to come. Future trainer development may always revolve around new technology - Christian Louboutin is working on a shoe that snugs up or relaxes around the foot according to how active your being - but fashion will play its part. "Although they've been reluctant to admit it, embracing fashion is, at last, vibram fivefingers what the sports companies seem to be doing," says Offspring's Richard Wharton. "Trainers are no way dead. In fact, it's a very, very exciting time for trainers. The monster has been sleeping. Only now is it about to be woken."

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The Rip Off Artists
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Christian Louboutinn Pumps 214

$589.00 $149.00
Save: 75% off
Stacked heel, 3" (75mm)
Platform?" (5mm)
Leather lining and sole
Padded insole
All shoes has been worked by a artisan and discount ugg finished by hand and this is the result of a careful selection.
All shoes elegant shoes is one of masterpiece from Christian Louboutin.
All shoes brand new come with Christian Louboutin original box,shoes bag and tissue paper.
100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed.
Guarantee fast ship.

Manolo says, the Manolo has long and loudly campaigned against the phoney-baloney fake shoes (even those produced by supposedly reputable companies), but recently the brazenness of the counterfeit shoe crooks has been too much.

Thankfully, the word is getting around, discount christian louboutin and today there is the article in the New York Daily News about this very topic.

Killer Louboutin heels with that signature red sole for just $177, delivered to your door at 80% less than the $860 retail price.

Strappy Jimmy Choo sandals at $143.99, 64% less than the

$395.99 value at the label’s Fifth Ave. Store.

Such are the boasts of flashy Web sites featuring red-carpet shots of J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz in the wildly glamorous shoes. [...]

It seems too good to be true – and it is.

Tens of thousands of online shoppers cheap christian louboutin are falling for the latest variety of fakes flooding the Internet.

Despite ultra-convincing pictures and claims that the Web sites are run directly by the designers and the footwear is individually crafted in Europe, it’s a scam.

The goods are neither handmade nor exclusive. They are mass-produced in China.

The “leather” often smells of toxic chemicals, the “hand-sewing machine replicated stitching, and the sizing is inaccurate.

Return the purchase and, on top of the Christian louboutin boots cost of shipping, customers subject to a “restocking” fee of up to 20%. Little wonder most swallow the disappointment and don’t bother to send them back.

If disappointment were the only result of the fraud, it wouldn’t make headlines. Who really cares about image-obsessed fashionistas being ripped off?

On closer examination, however, this international con has a devastating and far-reaching effect.

Child labor, money laundering, prostitution and terrorist activity go hand in hand with the counterfeit trade managed by criminal gangs.

For several months now, the Manolo has christian louboutin sale been waging the war against these evil people both in his comment section (where they spam the comments with their links) and in his banner ads (where their ads are delivered to his websites by Google Adsense). With effort, he has been able to keep them at bay.

Remember, when buying the luxury good, louboutin sale only do business with the reputable companies, either those with whom, you are already familiar, or those who have been recommended to you by people you trust.

P.S. Thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend the Susan at the always informative Counterfeit Chic.

There are products we have to bring in louboutin boots that appeal to, let's say, a less sports-conscious person."
The efforts of Christian Louboutin and Puma in the fashion department are more striking still. In a ground-breaking step for the company - finally officially bringing the sports and fashion worlds together - Christian Louboutin has just designed a capsule range for Comme des Garcons. This is its first specifically for a fashion house, and said by the few to have seen it to be extraordinary. The rest if us will have to wait until April.
Christian Louboutin has also discount gucci shoes relaxed its policy on selling only through sports stores. Offspring's new Poste shoe shop, which opens in London in February, will offer only short-run, high-fashion products, including specialist Christian Louboutin trainers.
Puma's new Platinum range, launched this coming autumn, will not be sold through sports outlets, but through a few top-end fashion stores, a first for the company. Puma isn't beating about the bush: part of its Sports Lifestyle collection, Platinum is, the company says, all about going head- to-head with Prada and Gucci.

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Christian Louboutin for the Monday
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Christian Louboutin Pumps 159

$598.00 $159.00
Save: 73% off
Blue crepe satin. Asymmetric bow detailed cheap gucci shoes on vamp. Peep toe. 3 9/10" covered heel. Signature red sole. Made in Italy.
All shoes has been worked by a artisan and finished by hand and this is the result of a careful selection.
All shoes elegant shoes is one of masterpiece from Christian Louboutin.
All shoes brand new come with Christian Louboutin original box,shoes bag and tissue paper.
100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed.
Guarantee fast ship.
Made in Italy.

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back in the discount gucci shoes office, where the tension is thicker than the sopa de chicharo and twice as salty.

This destructive uncertainty and madness were not what you expected when you went into the investment banking so many years ago. Indeed, the recruiter at your college assured you that it would be just like sitting under the money tree and waiting at the shower of golden fruits.

Nevertheless now, ayyyyyy! People are running around like the chickens with the heads taken off, smelling strongly of panic and fallen portfolios.

And you, yourself, you have the terrible christian louboutin shoes insomnia, and spend every free second obsessively flipping through the business news channels, furiously texting rumors back and forth with your co-workers.

Have you heard the latest? The CFO has been placed on the suicide watch. It turns out that when he had prepped at Choate he had mercilessly, ruthlessly, bullied the younger boy, whose name he has just remembered: Ben “Stinky Pinky” Bernanke.

Ayyyy! Disastre!

You need to go immediately to your cheap christian louboutin personal happy thoughts place, full of pastel-colored candy rainbows and chocolate unicorns. And shoes, beautiful expensive wonderful shoes, like these pointy-toed, patent leather boots from Christian Louboutin.

Today, more and more people like louboutin christians, louboutin Christianity is a popular trend in the future. When we store, we will see a lot of people wearing beautiful Christian louboutin and fashionable clothes, shoes with elegant temperament, the predecessor of the experience of the vogue female glamour.

Queen from Jordan Hollywood stars, from the discount christian louboutin royal and noble fashion trends, all the women have a pair of red congestion and crazy! Proverbs, red eyes, seduce men, women's shoes "flush red" for 20 years.

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