why i love the philippines but i hate the filipinos
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After reading some essays about love, patriotism, honesty, success, etc., several information and ideas came into mind and made me think and analyze and finally made me write my own essay that i want to share to everyone especially to filipinos around the world. as i grew up, my eyes were opened by a lot of things that happened in my life and in our country. i started to hate the filipino people and pity on my country. the philippines suffered too much and continues to suffer even more day by day. from being a rich country, the philippines is now a poor country and if nothing changes for the better, our dear country will be poorer than the poorest country in the world in no time. and it will all be because of the filipino people.

i still hope that one day every filipino people will learn to love each other and our country and work together for the success of everyone, that we will have honest and good leaders to lead our countrymen towards the better, that our country will be among the richest countries like it was before, that every filipino will be looked up to by other people, and lastly that each and every filipino will be truly proud that they are a filipino.

now, here are all my reasons...

- most filipinos presently think and teach the new generation that marcos was a cruel dictator and a big corrupt and a bad president. well, all those who are in politics especially those who are currently and has been presidents of our country has been corrupt. that's a fact everyone knows. but come to think of it, among all those who has been president, under which has the philippines been so beautiful, so rich and a top country in Asia? it's Marcos's, right? so who damn cares if he has been corrupt and made himself so rich being a president when he was also able to make our country rich also? compared to those who has been corrupt yet made our country so poor and in debt. think about it. i'm not pro-marcos but i just think that its wrong to teach the new generation about wrong history. a lot of essays and books has been written about these and if only we filipinos know the real thing. edsa revolution has been succesful and was a great part of our history. but haven't you notice, its a start of the freedom from marcos' dictatorship but its also the start of the downfall of the philippines. i remember my grandmother told me, on the campaign of edsa revolution, the line about the 'galunggong' which will be lower in price for the poor people was promised. but then after the edsa revolution its price got so high its not the fish for the poor anymore. what a promise of cory. so why did i say the downfall of the philippines started after the edsa revolution? well its simply because the person who became the president is not even knowledgeable about being a leader. then all of marcos's investments for our country's success were all destroyed, and then from her and with the succeeding presidents, all being so corrupt, kept on selling our government properties, started putting our country in so much debt, and now, see what our country has become.

- corruption has always been a problem in our country. three of the major ones i have seen and proved by myself, are the expo filipino, the macapagal boulevard and
the coastal road-cavite highway. a huge amount of has been alloted to expo filipino yet have you seen what it has become? and presently, have you seen it? haven't you
wonder if the way it looks is equal to the amount alloted to it? haha. it's pretty obvious a lot of money went to the pockets of those who managed to create that place. same thing goes with the macapagal boulevard. as for the coastal road-cavite highway. i remember i was still in early college wehn a billboard of gma was posted here about the highway being created to minimize the traffic going to cavite. however, years passed and till now, the small piece of land you saw back then was still the one you can see till now. only a few has been added lately. in the news, it was said that the reason it took so long before the construction continued was because the let the piece of land they dumped there to dry. if that’s their reason, so i could estimate that before the highway gets completed it will take them more than 20years if it took them almost 2-3 years to dry a land just meters long. have you seen how long the highway was supposed to be? i wonder were the big budget for that highway went?

-election is coming, a lot of candidates are obviously not worth it. let me cite some. first its garci. everyone knows he's been a very untrusted, corrupt person. now i'm pretty sure no one on his right mind would vote for him. if he will win, it will be a very obvious thing that he has cheated. and for sure other countries for laugh at us for allowing such person to be a politician. next is chavit. now he's been a very evil person. and those who can prove he is such have been killed. nice one. i wonder why he didn't die when his helicopter dropped. i guess its true about the saying "matagal mamatay ang masamang damo", same as with GMA and FG. GMA really cheated last election. everyone knows that. and honestly, the reason i believe so is because i have a friend who worked for the city hall on that election as a watcher. he told me that at the tally it was fpj who won but then later on what was submitted to comelec was changed, it became a landslide in favor of gma. that made him lose his trust on the comelec and basically it proved us that cheating during election is a major truth. next are celebrities who are still hoping to be politicians. isn't it enough that a lot of their like went into the field before already? yet only a few proved to be okay?being an actor/actress is a lot different from being a leader politician. i just hope our country won't let just anyone who don't even have a politics education and a skill of being a leader be voted. i also would like to cite some of what they said, 'they have the heart and they really want to help our fellow filipinos' that's why they want to be politicians. but then, they don't have the skills of being a politician. why don't they just stick being a boxer or celebrity? they can still help a lot of filipinos. no one needs to be a politician just to be able to help others, especially if you don't have the skill.

- i hope everyone will be smarter this time for whom to vote for. unless they don't have a choice. i heard in the news about a place where the candidates for the position of mayor is a couple. and for vice mayor is their daughter. what a family. there's also this one city, where this guy won as a mayor and since he's good he's been voted for 3 times consecutively. then the following election he's not eligible anymore so his wife ran for mayor. she won of course. then now this coming election, the guy ran for mayor again. well, as we can see, she just his wife for a term so that the position of mayor won't be given to any others and will just continue being under their surname. though i admit they are good. but see in some cities and other places nationwide, its very common that after the father ran, the mother is next, then the son or daughter, then the grandsons and so on. as long as the first one in that family did good in his term, its for sure he and his family will continue to reign their place. and then in some places, you'll see roads being constructed and others, with big billboards or poster saying 'project of "x" and "x"'. i even remember my officemate told me, once time before, the road in their barangay went under construction when it was not broken at all. the mayor just did it so that people can see he did something for their barangay. why is it that politicians just do many projects whenever election is near?

- one thing i can assure of, if all or majority of the team unity wins this election, it will be obvious that gma made sure she cheated again. she really thinks she's a good president where in fact she's not. i think she's among the worst and of all she's the most corrupt and power greedy. i remember the charter change she wanted. for me, i don't think its necessary to change our form of government. its the politicians/leaders who lead our country who should change for the better. but then again, if the chacha will push through, i will only believe its for a good purpose of gma if she won't be the president or the prime minister or have any place at all. even her family and leeches should not have positions the that government. that way, we may believe its not the power that she wants. basically, let the people decide. but please no cheating.

- the optical media board is nothing. its funny why they bought 700,000 worth of a dog and were proud of it that they were able to raid a lot of those selling pirated cds/dvds. honestly, i'll only believe they worked really hard if they will be able to completely erase the quiapo area. its the root of piracy in our country. it doesn't matter how many malls or stalls they raided. if the root is still there, they will keep on popping out everywhere. i even remembered last MMFF 2006 when i learned that the reason the quiapo area wasn't releasing copies of the mmff films is because they were paid not to release it while the cinemas are still playing the movies. then right after, copies are everywhere. how cool. and here comes the NBI. did you know that after the NBI collects the pirated cds/dvds they raided, they just show to the media they burn those. but actually its less than half of what they got. the others they sell back to the owners or to the anyone for a very low price. i remember my dad bought a lot of porn cds for just P5 each from his friends in NBI. hehehe.

- customs.. well everyone's joking about it but actually its the truth. those working there basically the medium or high ups are really earning big and getting what’s new always. its true they are being paid a big amount for illegal transactions. i once knew someone who works there. every week he got a brand new phone. he has many cars and always treat us out to expensive restos. and he's the one who told me all the rumors about customs are really true. Hehe

- early this year i receive my first ever ITR. i was shocked to see how much tax i paid to the government. then i realized that then i have the same feeling like most employees do. paying big taxes yet it seem that nothing has changed. when you look
around, the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. and even our country gets poorer. if you'll try to estimate and compute how much tax employees pay yearly, it could be billions or even trillions too. minus the low salary given to normal government employees, minus the small budgets given to each barangay and all others that need the national funds, i wonder now, where does most of the money go? to whose pockets? they always say they have small or no budget for this and that. our country has trillions in debt. and there's not much improvement you'll see around. so now, evertime i get my payslip, i always wonder, to whose pockets will the tax i paid for go this time?

I’ve got more to say but this is enough for the mean time. I wonder when will the Filipino people ever learn? When will they finally make the right judgment and decisions? When will our country rise again? Let’s love our country. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s love our fellow Filipinos. Together we may rise again.

I love my country and I’m so disappointed why it has to be so poor. Other countries look down on us. Only a few look up on a few of us. The Philippines is a very gifted and beautiful land. Filipinos are great and known to be loving, generous, courteous, and more. Yet because of the rich people who aren’t even full Filipinos who monopolize our country, and those people who are so greedy with power and money that are the leaders of our country, because of them we are what we are now. Only few Filipinos dare to reach out and show love for our country and countrymen. Only few dare to fight for their right and for our country. Most just let it be and yet complain and suffer.

I wish everyone was able to watch GMA channel 7’s show about the Philippine Agenda. It’s a very nice and eye-opening one. It shows the truth about our current situation and what needs to be done by future leaders. I wish everyone would change for the better. If other countries were able to rise up and be a great country, we can do it also. We almost did it before, we can do it again this time.

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