why i love the philippines but i hate the filipinos
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After reading some essays about love, patriotism, honesty, success, etc., several information and ideas came into mind and made me think and analyze and finally made me write my own essay that i want to share to everyone especially to filipinos around the world. as i grew up, my eyes were opened by a lot of things that happened in my life and in our country. i started to hate the filipino people and pity on my country. the philippines suffered too much and continues to suffer even more day by day. from being a rich country, the philippines is now a poor country and if nothing changes for the better, our dear country will be poorer than the poorest country in the world in no time. and it will all be because of the filipino people.

i still hope that one day every filipino people will learn to love each other and our country and work together for the success of everyone, that we will have honest and good leaders to lead our countrymen towards the better, that our country will be among the richest countries like it was before, that every filipino will be looked up to by other people, and lastly that each and every filipino will be truly proud that they are a filipino.

now, here are all my reasons...

- most filipinos presently think and teach the new generation that marcos was a cruel dictator and a big corrupt and a bad president. well, all those who are in politics especially those who are currently and has been presidents of our country has been corrupt. that's a fact everyone knows. but come to think of it, among all those who has been president, under which has the philippines been so beautiful, so rich and a top country in Asia? it's Marcos's, right? so who damn cares if he has been corrupt and made himself so rich being a president when he was also able to make our country rich also? compared to those who has been corrupt yet made our country so poor and in debt. think about it. i'm not pro-marcos but i just think that its wrong to teach the new generation about wrong history. a lot of essays and books has been written about these and if only we filipinos know the real thing. edsa revolution has been succesful and was a great part of our history. but haven't you notice, its a start of the freedom from marcos' dictatorship but its also the start of the downfall of the philippines. i remember my grandmother told me, on the campaign of edsa revolution, the line about the 'galunggong' which will be lower in price for the poor people was promised. but then after the edsa revolution its price got so high its not the fish for the poor anymore. what a promise of cory. so why did i say the downfall of the philippines started after the edsa revolution? well its simply because the person who became the president is not even knowledgeable about being a leader. then all of marcos's investments for our country's success were all destroyed, and then from her and with the succeeding presidents, all being so corrupt, kept on selling our government properties, started putting our country in so much debt, and now, see what our country has become.

- corruption has always been a problem in our country. three of the major ones i have seen and proved by myself, are the expo filipino, the macapagal boulevard and
the coastal road-cavite highway. a huge amount of has been alloted to expo filipino yet have you seen what it has become? and presently, have you seen it? haven't you
wonder if the way it looks is equal to the amount alloted to it? haha. it's pretty obvious a lot of money went to the pockets of those who managed to create that place. same thing goes with the macapagal boulevard. as for the coastal road-cavite highway. i remember i was still in early college wehn a billboard of gma was posted here about the highway being created to minimize the traffic going to cavite. however, years passed and till now, the small piece of land you saw back then was still the one you can see till now. only a few has been added lately. in the news, it was said that the reason it took so long before the construction continued was because the let the piece of land they dumped there to dry. if that’s their reason, so i could estimate that before the highway gets completed it will take them more than 20years if it took them almost 2-3 years to dry a land just meters long. have you seen how long the highway was supposed to be? i wonder were the big budget for that highway went?

-election is coming, a lot of candidates are obviously not worth it. let me cite some. first its garci. everyone knows he's been a very untrusted, corrupt person. now i'm pretty sure no one on his right mind would vote for him. if he will win, it will be a very obvious thing that he has cheated. and for sure other countries for laugh at us for allowing such person to be a politician. next is chavit. now he's been a very evil person. and those who can prove he is such have been killed. nice one. i wonder why he didn't die when his helicopter dropped. i guess its true about the saying "matagal mamatay ang masamang damo", same as with GMA and FG. GMA really cheated last election. everyone knows that. and honestly, the reason i believe so is because i have a friend who worked for the city hall on that election as a watcher. he told me that at the tally it was fpj who won but then later on what was submitted to comelec was changed, it became a landslide in favor of gma. that made him lose his trust on the comelec and basically it proved us that cheating during election is a major truth. next are celebrities who are still hoping to be politicians. isn't it enough that a lot of their like went into the field before already? yet only a few proved to be okay?being an actor/actress is a lot different from being a leader politician. i just hope our country won't let just anyone who don't even have a politics education and a skill of being a leader be voted. i also would like to cite some of what they said, 'they have the heart and they really want to help our fellow filipinos' that's why they want to be politicians. but then, they don't have the skills of being a politician. why don't they just stick being a boxer or celebrity? they can still help a lot of filipinos. no one needs to be a politician just to be able to help others, especially if you don't have the skill.

- i hope everyone will be smarter this time for whom to vote for. unless they don't have a choice. i heard in the news about a place where the candidates for the position of mayor is a couple. and for vice mayor is their daughter. what a family. there's also this one city, where this guy won as a mayor and since he's good he's been voted for 3 times consecutively. then the following election he's not eligible anymore so his wife ran for mayor. she won of course. then now this coming election, the guy ran for mayor again. well, as we can see, she just his wife for a term so that the position of mayor won't be given to any others and will just continue being under their surname. though i admit they are good. but see in some cities and other places nationwide, its very common that after the father ran, the mother is next, then the son or daughter, then the grandsons and so on. as long as the first one in that family did good in his term, its for sure he and his family will continue to reign their place. and then in some places, you'll see roads being constructed and others, with big billboards or poster saying 'project of "x" and "x"'. i even remember my officemate told me, once time before, the road in their barangay went under construction when it was not broken at all. the mayor just did it so that people can see he did something for their barangay. why is it that politicians just do many projects whenever election is near?

- one thing i can assure of, if all or majority of the team unity wins this election, it will be obvious that gma made sure she cheated again. she really thinks she's a good president where in fact she's not. i think she's among the worst and of all she's the most corrupt and power greedy. i remember the charter change she wanted. for me, i don't think its necessary to change our form of government. its the politicians/leaders who lead our country who should change for the better. but then again, if the chacha will push through, i will only believe its for a good purpose of gma if she won't be the president or the prime minister or have any place at all. even her family and leeches should not have positions the that government. that way, we may believe its not the power that she wants. basically, let the people decide. but please no cheating.

- the optical media board is nothing. its funny why they bought 700,000 worth of a dog and were proud of it that they were able to raid a lot of those selling pirated cds/dvds. honestly, i'll only believe they worked really hard if they will be able to completely erase the quiapo area. its the root of piracy in our country. it doesn't matter how many malls or stalls they raided. if the root is still there, they will keep on popping out everywhere. i even remembered last MMFF 2006 when i learned that the reason the quiapo area wasn't releasing copies of the mmff films is because they were paid not to release it while the cinemas are still playing the movies. then right after, copies are everywhere. how cool. and here comes the NBI. did you know that after the NBI collects the pirated cds/dvds they raided, they just show to the media they burn those. but actually its less than half of what they got. the others they sell back to the owners or to the anyone for a very low price. i remember my dad bought a lot of porn cds for just P5 each from his friends in NBI. hehehe.

- customs.. well everyone's joking about it but actually its the truth. those working there basically the medium or high ups are really earning big and getting what’s new always. its true they are being paid a big amount for illegal transactions. i once knew someone who works there. every week he got a brand new phone. he has many cars and always treat us out to expensive restos. and he's the one who told me all the rumors about customs are really true. Hehe

- early this year i receive my first ever ITR. i was shocked to see how much tax i paid to the government. then i realized that then i have the same feeling like most employees do. paying big taxes yet it seem that nothing has changed. when you look
around, the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. and even our country gets poorer. if you'll try to estimate and compute how much tax employees pay yearly, it could be billions or even trillions too. minus the low salary given to normal government employees, minus the small budgets given to each barangay and all others that need the national funds, i wonder now, where does most of the money go? to whose pockets? they always say they have small or no budget for this and that. our country has trillions in debt. and there's not much improvement you'll see around. so now, evertime i get my payslip, i always wonder, to whose pockets will the tax i paid for go this time?

I’ve got more to say but this is enough for the mean time. I wonder when will the Filipino people ever learn? When will they finally make the right judgment and decisions? When will our country rise again? Let’s love our country. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s love our fellow Filipinos. Together we may rise again.

I love my country and I’m so disappointed why it has to be so poor. Other countries look down on us. Only a few look up on a few of us. The Philippines is a very gifted and beautiful land. Filipinos are great and known to be loving, generous, courteous, and more. Yet because of the rich people who aren’t even full Filipinos who monopolize our country, and those people who are so greedy with power and money that are the leaders of our country, because of them we are what we are now. Only few Filipinos dare to reach out and show love for our country and countrymen. Only few dare to fight for their right and for our country. Most just let it be and yet complain and suffer.

I wish everyone was able to watch GMA channel 7’s show about the Philippine Agenda. It’s a very nice and eye-opening one. It shows the truth about our current situation and what needs to be done by future leaders. I wish everyone would change for the better. If other countries were able to rise up and be a great country, we can do it also. We almost did it before, we can do it again this time.

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anonymous - April 25th, 2007

anonymous - May 01st, 2007
Are u serious? Filipinos are the coolest person in the world...

anonymous - May 01st, 2007
hey I'm sorry for the comment that says "Are u serious? Filipinos are the coolest person in the wrold..." that is a mistake...I didn't read it first before i posted a comment! sorry!

anonymous - May 01st, 2007
That is true.. I kow a lot about the history of Philippines.. those are true... I wish someday our country will be a better place like before..

anonymous - November 05th, 2007
I cannot agree with you more. I grew up in the US and use to love the philippines...until i actually lived there. To this day I still can't find ANY reason to be proud of being a filipino, a people whose crown achievment is ousting their own president and seems to be making a trend of impeaching government officials whom they themselves voted into office. A country that has won no wars, contributed nothing revolutionary to the world, corrupt to the bone, running on a constitution that supposedly allows free speech yet won't hestitate to ban you from the country if you say something negative (but true) about manila.

When i went to the philippines to visit some relatives a month ago, what did i find? That a mall had been bombed. Some kind of government scandal, and the people rallying for the SECOND TIME IN A ROW to impeach a president! All in a span of one month! I've got normally very patriotic family members telling me they've given up on the philippines and are planning to migrate never to return! But you know what, they're right. Filipino's can yell out "Pinoy Pride" but the bottom line is, what is there really to be proud of? Being poor, corrupt, crab mental and hopeless? Making laws that they don't bother to enforce?

I for one will never return to the philippines and i will tell my kids and my grandkids to never set foot on it. I've had enough of the philippines, i've had enough of being a filipino.

And don't give me that "you cant change who you are" BS. Just watch me.

anonymous - November 16th, 2007
Well, after reading the last comment. I totally agree with you. I am filipino, born, raised and educated in the phils. And I am not ashamed to say that I am sick and tired of Filipino claiming they love the islands all the while they are here in the US.

I also am sick and tired of Filipinos-FOBs who become US citizens and still love the phils. Can we atleast be real? It's an insult to the ancestors who died and fought for the islands to be free that their descendants leaving for another country, it's also an insult to the men and women who died for the US...which is which? Is it the phils or the US or other country you are living in? Don't be "balimbing"


anonymous - January 16th, 2008
Hello. well, i found this entry while searching for articles about Cavite. I would just like to say that it's good that you are noticing what is wrong with our country. But i hope that it doesn't stop there. Have you done anything to help your country? You might say, "yes, i pay my taxes, but then government officials pocket the funds and use it for their vacations. So now i've stopped hoping and instead want to move to another country." Well, that could be one answer, but is this the right answer? If you say, "there's nothing else we can do" then there will be no hope for the country. As long as there is one person who believes that we can change the status quo, change will happen. Don't lose hope. Fight for your country.

anonymous - February 21st, 2008
I would just like to add something. Marcos was a great leader. In fact, he became the greatest president in the Philippines. He did a lot of projects which made the Philippines grow. But when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated, Cory Aquino, Ninoy's wife, put all the blame on Marcos. She then ran for president against Marcos and won. But since she hated Marcos so much, she looked at him as evil; and everything that Marcos did was evil. As a result, she cancelled Marcos' projects which were for the progress of the Philippines. For example was the Bataan Nuclear Plant.

Now Former president Cory Aquino, as if she had contributed a lot to the Philippines asks for the resignation of the Philippine president. Had she thought of what would happen to the Philippines if that were to happen? What does she know about presidency? I would listen to that woman if she had contributed a lot. All I know is that she was one of the causes of corruption in the Philippines. And how come a man like Joseph Estrada became president? Is it because he a good actor? He didn’t even get to finish college. Being a leader means that you’re responsible for the lives of others, not to gain money. Didn’t these people run for a political position to serve their country? And another thing; the people rely on the government. I remember a great man once say, “ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country...” What if the Filipinos would think the same? That’s one of the main problems the Filipinos have… All they do today create senseless rallies. Imagine the wasted time just to unite with other Filipinos and just brag all day. What if they use their time for something good? Even priests and nuns support these rallies. All they create in these rallies are noise, pollution and traffic jams.

Bottom line is most Filipinos are egotistical. They just think about their selves. Sometimes they act without thinking first too. They complain and complain and fail to see the good side. Well I hope and pray that someday, the Filipinos would be able to realize their mistakes and also be able to unite to help each other. Anyway, I admire you for opening a topic like this and letting us share our own opinion. Thank you.

anonymous - March 19th, 2008
well some of us who live here in the u.s. DON'T WANT TO BE HERE. we're taken here by force. with no choice. and we still want to go back. we still want to help make the philippines better. AND ALL YOU WHO HAVE NO PRIDE IN YOUR COUNTRY, WELL YOUR COUNTRY HAS NO PRIDE IN YOU EITHER.

anonymous - April 24th, 2008
I don't know why you bother writing here in English, because you really don't know much English at all. Your grammar, syntax and sentence structure are all completely incorrectly. Clearly you don't have much education, because your reasoning and argumentation is also laughably primitive and show that you have only a rudimentary (high schooler's) understanding of politics and economics. Don't put yourself to shame by maintaining this blog. Do something worthwhile with your time instead, like improving your education so that you can actually write something worthwhile in good English.

anonymous - April 24th, 2008
Of course, I should have written "completely incorrect". I was typing very quickly.

anonymous - May 08th, 2008
English. Where does that come from?
England. Just goes to show really...

The Philippines is a wonderful archipelagic country. And when I vacate to the Philippines to see my Filipeno cousins in Manila, I'm attacked with their "pinoy pride" as they live amongst the poverty, pain, bombings and hopelessness. As a Filipeno, I know that our country hasn't really bought anything to the table, a lot of us are migrating to countries like the US and the UK, in search of a better life. I found one. I do miss my adobo, and my halo-halo, the landscape, and the weather. But the people of the Philippenes fucked the rest up with their blindness and loyalty to a country in fall. My grandfather killed himself because his grand-daughter was a Japayuki.
What the fuck is going on?
I see Pinoy's everywhere I go in my life in the UK. I remember school, the Filipeno's would pick on me for not speaking Tagalog, and would bully those who were half-filipeno. A group of them would always boast how great they were and how great the Philippenes.
What were they doing in England?
Listening to English music, wearing English clothes, and eating English meals, if they loved their country they knew nothing about.

Finally a man once said, "what good are we filo's for? losing wars, playing american basketball, boasting and violence, I'm so proud"

Oh, and everyone, ignore the English teacher above me.

anonymous - July 22nd, 2008
Let's be real. It kind of sucks being Filipino. My whole life I have worked my way into the American elite despite (rather than because of) my ethnicity. Filipino values, style, logic, and humor is at its best unsophisticated and immature--if not downright stolen.

Oh well. At least I can dance better than most people.

anonymous - August 21st, 2008
Well, I believe what you have said was true. But I just wanted to tell you all that you shouldn't abandon your own country. I am really aware about the happenings here in our country... it is indeed very sad to say that we Filipinos are sinking, evidence is that poverty is present among every corner of our land. I was so shocked when I saw this blog entry...

The fact that Filipinos are trying hard to imitate other countries' culture just to fit in and to say they are one of them is true. Most of the Filipinos now do not value their own culture nowadays.

often times,you'll hear young students ask their teacher, "Ma'am, why is a small country like Japan, which was almost destroyed during the previous wars, and a country without so much natural resources, made themselves rise easily, and they are now one of the most popular countries in the east? But why is our country still like this?"

The future of the country greatly depends on their natural resources---forests, oceans, etc... but the most important of all of those is the citizens who live in it. Haven't you noticed that most of the Filipinos are lacking discipline.As we all know, discipline is a very important value that all of us needs to possess... The main reason of our downfall is that our leaders also lack this virtue...You should know by now the numerous corruption issues our president has been involved.

We accept the fact that it is hard for us to rise again. But hard "difficulty" doesn't relate itself with "impossible".
You know what, I think all those people here who feel ashamed with the fact that they are also a Filipino, and those who discriminate our race with total disgust, doesn't know what "justice" is all about... I know that we are losers when it comes to these things--education, the values, and the disciplinary practices. But have you noticed the good things we Filipinos has brought about? NO- because all you guys can think of are the negative things about us.

Someone says here we're egotistical??? Well, don't you know that numerous OFW's sacrifice the fact of not seeing their loved ones just to work hard and earn money for their families? and what do they get in repayment of their hard works??? Being bullied, burned, maltreated and almost die of thirst and hunger? I can't believe how you guys judge our people... I'm really impressed. Try to look yourself in the mirror... we are not different from all of you. Don't forget the fact that we are all not perfect. You are not aware how other people would react regarding this matter. Well, I think you don't know what the Lord God has said about those people who 's fond of judging other people... you're all hypocrites! I know I shouldn't say these words--- I was just moved by my emotions... It's really hard to accept the fact that most of the people in other countries hate Filipinos.

in my opinion, the rise of our country greatly depends on education. Education does not only talk of formal education--- going to school, reading books, learning how to write and read, or excel in academics. Education,in general talks about being well mannered and disciplined, which starts at home, in his community, friends, church and the mass media. These are the main things which mold the moral character and civic efficiency of every citizen.

Well, ignore my wrong grammars or spellings... You may think I don't have a wide range of understanding when it comes to justice. I'm only a 14 year old Filipino Citizen, who has high hopes for our country, who is educated in terms of discipline and values, who tries to relieve the Filipino culture in the most simplest ways and someone who lives in a community where people live harmoniously and thinks of everyone else.

Laugh at me if you want, but I'm trying to defend my country from all those discriminations. I do believe that Filipinos have the power to rise up again despite of the numerous problems we are encountering. We have high hopes, determination and most of all, Faith in God that we can get through all of these.

anonymous - September 16th, 2008
I am very proud to be a Filipino and I work very hard to try to contribute to the country by paying my taxes, abiding by the law and voting. That's pretty much all i can do. I am hopeful that things will be better in my country because my future children deserve it. I am well aware of the corruption of my government. To the Filipino born guy based in the U.S. who never wants to step foot in the Philippines again , please do as you say and never return, we don't want you to visit. at all. And as sure as you are proud of being a U.S. citizen, i hope you know that you adoptive country is waging a war under the pretense of fighting terrorism, but in truth is actually purveying terrorism. No offense to the Americans, my point is this: all countries have their bad side. Don't hate. There's too much of that in the world already.

anonymous - September 18th, 2008
We can't just change something that was born w/ filipinos. It must start from filipinos themselves not from government not from someone else.

anonymous - September 20th, 2008
I don't focus much on my earthly citizenship. In fact, I have a dual citizenship, I am a Filipino at the same time a Christian. I can give up my citizenship and nationality but I can never give up my Christianity. God Bless You All!

anonymous - September 20th, 2008
I'm a Patriotic as well as a Nationalistic Filipino. I'm proud to be a Filipino, but somehow I understand your point. It's sad to think that we have more natural resources compare to Korea and Japan and yet they're years ahead of us in terms of growth and prosperity. When do we start walking forward instead of backwards?

anonymous - September 20th, 2008
To the young Filipino, 14yrs old, who posted his comment on the 21st of August. You're the start, I just hope and pray that there's more like you in the Philippines snd that maybe someday will make a big difference and bring our nation out of poverty. Keep up with your study and I wish lots of luck and more success in your future!

anonymous - November 09th, 2008
You are a freaking racist.

anonymous - November 19th, 2008
The fucking picture makes it difficult to read...

anonymous - November 28th, 2008
I agree with the comment dated Sept 19 the problem is the culture itself. I have come to the conclusion that the corruption and hypocrisy has reached such level only because the people allow them to do it. When a scandal like watergate happens in the US what happens? The people involved usually resign. In Japan the person might kill himself. In the Philippines he hangs on to his office for as long as he can. This shows a type of cowardice in the Filipino and you could see this in daily life. A person here would not dare to speak against an injustice. One of thing I have found ridiculous here is that the constitution is written in English. And the common man does not even know what his basic rights are. Here an elected official is the equivalent of being a warlord, and people forget that he is their servant.

Worst of all a Filipino does not feel a sense of civic duty. He would clean his own yard and piss on his neighbor's wall that very same day. And he has the gall to say that his situation is due to corruption. A Filipino does not even know how to line up properly. They like to portray an image of propriety yet willing to take advantage of another. They behave like children and often I find myself having to embarrass them to pick up trash, line up and wait for their turn.

They feel pride but feel that that is someone else's responsibility and point fault to others for failure of society in which they belong.

anonymous - December 10th, 2008
i hate filipinos.. they r the biggest mother fuckers i have ever seen. they rip u like anything...especially wen u r a foreigner...
the things these filipinos do to indians is a massacre... they just want things to be fine within themselves...
in a medical college in angeles, the foreign students r treated like shit.. they give the exam questionaire to the filipino students 2 days before the exam. these people have a max IQ level of 45 or less... according to the statistics. lol...
this is totally unfair...
there should be an equal justice distribution among everything.
screw every filipinos...well the only thing they r good at is gettin their mom, wife or sister laid with any guy who got more than 100 peso..(less than 5$)...

anonymous - January 07th, 2009
you mentioned rich people in the philippines becomes richer and poor becomes poorer. I can see thats really the case. But corruption and the rich people being too "greedy" as you said contributed to just a percent of the reason why such things happen. For one, its because the poor poeple here in the philippines are very very very lazy. They expect the government to give them a living. People of some of the other countries, though the government supports the unemployed, feel embarassed by having to rely on government solely for a living. Here? the poor ones are obliging the government to give them what more than our government has. The government, and the people who runs it should not be blamed for the rising percent of poor people. Its their decision to be poor. They do not do anything about it. The rich becomes richer because they are taking all the oppurtunities to earn money. and its their right to do so.. Poor people doesn't even pay taxes and they complain to death! I am an average woman, working and striving to become something in this economy. I do pay my taxes only because its already deducted to my salary even before it is given to me in cash. Why am i telling this? because when ask "what good do you do for your country?" all answer i pay my taxes. And damn all of us can do better than that. Discipline! as the fourteen year old student said above, this is what Filipino's should learn by heart. Another is optimism. most of us just see the bad side of being a filipino, of living in the philippines. Does it really takes a foreign citizen living here in the philippines to prove that our country is somehow worth loving? We have good heritage, good cultures and good law makers! Its us who do not appreciate those. Why? Because we die to have something from the western culture. We compare everything we have to other countries. And just because we watch them good in movies and television we think everything they have is perfect and everything we have is zero! Aren't we being unfair in doing these? most of the filipinos haven't set foot in AMERICA and they think they know everything about it. Whats wrong with all of us?

I had tutored a korean kid about a year ago. She was 10 that time. At first it was too difficult to teach her because she is completely blank about the english language. Not to mention how i taught her everyting, she eventually learned to communicate in english, and she was quite good. Then, she became really opinionated. She was frank about not liking the philippines. and she describes the filipinos as snatchers, harmful, BAD. I am a filipino! and it hurts to think that a ten-year-old kid would describe somebody like me as such.. You know the reason behind? other filipinos warned them about that. I mean why do Filipinos always say something bad about their fellow filipinos? This is what makes us nothing in this world. We hate the idea of being a filipino. My student said korea used to adore the philippines. Way back, our country is really known for having hood natural resources and all. We are always in every countries' history. But look at us now. We are nothing like whats written in the history. My student said KOREA became rich because their people studied abroad and return to their country after. Using all the knowledge they have to make KOREA one of the finest country in the world. Coz they had a dream of becoming like the philippines.. Now? we are dreaming of becoming like korea. a well-developed, wealthy country. And this dream should not end just because arroyo is the president. Or because chavit is running for president. or because garci, even if known as a lousy politician had a chance in running for the executive as well. We have no right to force people to stop what they want to do unless we can prove by evidence that they should be behind bars. We can only improve thing starting with ourselves. Working better and thinking less about ourselves would do philippines a bit better. Me? I don't want to work abroad unless my company send me.. I dont want to live in any other cuntry other than my home, philippines is where my heart is. And being a FILIPINO is something to be proud of if you are a good citizen yourself.. more than half of the filipinos love being a filipino, its just that those who do not do everything to discriminate us..


anonymous - January 10th, 2009
i was a student, in college,i have an assignment on making a scrap book regarding about"10 things i hate about phillipines" well i guess reading this article and comments makes have a good assignment.thanks to all of this people behind this.I want to add some idea about discipline ...my mother is an OFW in spain, she always saying that what realy lacks about filipino is discipline because in spain....when you park in a wrong parking area not more than 10minutes your car will be tow and they dont have any pedicab,tricycle or jeepney for transportation they just walk in a far distance(far compared to the filipino who r lazy)
sorry for wrong gramming(not good at english at all T.T)


anonymous - January 11th, 2009
wow....that's really all i can say. while, yes, there is corruption in the Philippines (A LOT of it) that doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud of being Filipino.

i live in the US, in Detroit, to be specific...people have described the Detroit the same you view the Philippines - a broken dying place that has an impossible struggle to regain any vibrance it once had. but in all honesty, it isn't impossible. what it takes is for the people here to relize we CAN do better. we CAN live again. but it will take everyone to do their part. sitting back and writing about all the bad isn't going to fix anything, all you're doing is making people, who are on the edge of "abandoning" the Philippines, resent it more.

i mentor Asian American students and we try to teach them that they need to know the good and the bad associated with their culture but to embrace it and understand rather than resent it. once you can accept that it isn't prefect you can begin to take pride in who you are and that pride that these kids feel has given them a reason to volunteer in the Filipino community and in the Philippines because they can't stand seeing something they love be something so poor/dirty/dark.

if you love the Philippines like you say you do then do something to fix what you love, don't abandon it. once you abandon it then things will only get worse...

anonymous - January 24th, 2009
not to mention all the fags that keep trying to grab your behind all the time.

anonymous - February 15th, 2009
Alot of us Polynesian actually hate Filipino Americans. Filipino Americans deny being Asian and claim to be Pacific Islander. Which we all know is a lie. Filipino Americans do many Polynesian dances but rarely a Filipino dance. They even do Polynesian dances at Filipino functions such as Filipino Fiestas. They like to dress up in Polynesian attire and do our dances, sing Polynesian songs, and eat Polynesian food. Don't get me wrong. Theres nothing wrong with sharing eachothers culture. But Filipino Americans seem to be stealing my Polynesian culture and taking it for their own. Not too long ago a young Filipino American told me that hula is from the Filipino culture. So now even the younger generation is lost.

anonymous - February 15th, 2009
I agree with the fourteen year old. I for one, am a thirteen year old living in the US. I came to American the year I turned seven and I'm now thirteen. I have a vague memory of what the Philippines was like, but I remember it as an enjoyable place (although I had very little friends in school. i dont know why, i forgot). My curiosity has been piqued ever since I was mature enough to want to learn more about my roots. I've been reading so many articles on the Philippines and how our downfall came about.

It tears me up inside knowing how our country was once something so beautiful and now, look at us. I've originally wanted to become a doctor because it was a highly acclaimed career in family and all of my siblings are pursuing a career in the medical field, but then knowing the state in where in Philippines stands right now deeply hurts me. It pierces through my heart and cuts me up inside. I cannot live to see how our country's being looked down upon by the others. I am contemplating a career in the Philippine politics.

In all honesty, when I came to America everyone would ask me where I was from. Japan? China? Korea? I was pretty ashamed in telling them where I was from. I came from such an obscure land, just widely known for its corruption. But right now, I've educated myself to the point where i AM proud to be who I am and my nationality. My pride isn't to the point of arrogance, but it's to the point of loving myself and my people. It was long before my time when our state began spiraling downwards, and I know it isn't MY fault, and faults of the children of the Philippines. It is the fault of the older Filipinos. They allowed their country to become this way. I also agreed with one of the comments which said something about discipline. Yes, discipline is important. In Japan, a corrupt politician might even kill himself and in American, they resign, but in the Philippines they hold on to their position and that sickens me. As the new generation of Filipinos, I vow to become aid the Philippine nation as I grow older and my children will too. I won't allow them to be ashamed of their from. I won't stand for it! Education is something important to the Filipino children. They will be the future leaders of the country and their ignorance is unacceptable and unforgivable. Some of my friends have argued with me saying that they're Pacific Islanders. It angered me that they said that. This proves the ignorance of filipino american children. I am definitely glad to say I am one of those educated ones. Frankly, it saddens me to know that they don't know who they truly are.

I really wish that the Philippines can grow to become a better place in the future.

anonymous - March 08th, 2009
well, i for one am still here, and i love it. countries rise to power and fall just as fast so i say, let's just worry about the things we should be worrying about. contemplating on our country's woes and ills won't change things and won't do you any good. just do everything you can, the good you do won't go unrewarded for long. keep hoping and go on living. peace!

anonymous - March 10th, 2009
Yeah, well all I can say is that all of the Filipinos I've met have been stuck up bastards. They're all the same to me. They act like they hate other races and only care about themselves. They should go back to their own damn country and stay there.

anonymous - March 16th, 2009
I agree with anonymous - March 10th, 2009
Yeah, well all I can say is that all of the Filipinos I've met have been stuck up bastards. They're all the same to me. They act like they hate other races and only care about themselves. They should go back to their own damn country and stay there.

anonymous - March 16th, 2009
of cos i shud say the one I've seen also include filipino woman who likes to steal others husband - so not just bastards, but bitch too!

anonymous - March 25th, 2009
unfortunatly i am a filipino (half filipino) and i HATE it! here are the top 5 reasons i hate the philippines and filipinos
1.people act as if you are mexican
2.filipinos are stupid
3.they act as if they are the best people in the world (which there not!)
4.they brag about all the stuff they have there
5.there are too mant coming in america
i hate the philippines. all of my filipino friends are always saying "omg don't you just love the philippines!! i heard that your going to go there with your mom in the summer time. are you excited to go!!" please i would never ever go to that poor stupid place. that is the last place i would want to go to

anonymous - April 01st, 2009
although i agree with some points, i would never hate the Filipinos. I believe that some day, the Philippines would be great.

and to the person who posted on march 25, 2009. Filipinos are not stupid. You may have concluded that based on meeting some Filipinos, but please don't generalized. When it comes to thinking capabilities, its best if you don't judge people.

anonymous - April 03rd, 2009
To that half Filipino over there who posted something about hating Filipinos,
well, you don't have to generalize the whole Filipino citizens and the whole Philippines itself. Our mother land has got nothing to do about it---it's not her fault why she's on her downfall. It's mainly about the people who're lining in it. You don't have to course your mother land. Time will come, and when it's our turn to rise, you'll end up being disturbed by your conscience after isolating this place.
I believe in karma, and time would just come by to get over you.
I'm the once 14 year old girl who posted here last time.
Most of the time the Lord has enabled me to handle criticism, but critical people who often lack spiritual depth are something I find hard to handle---- and I guess that is something almost everyone here are going through...

anonymous - April 06th, 2009
Here's a reason why Filipinos get a bad government: g u l l i b i l i t y. The Filipino brain is practically owned by local TV. Nobody really thinks much anymore because the TV is doing it for them. When it says Marcos was bad, people will believe that he was bad, without even researching on it.

anonymous - April 15th, 2009
I agree!!!

anonymous - April 16th, 2009
philippines what a country! where you vote b grade actors for president,where you are known the world over for mail order brides , sex workers, oh and melda"s shoe collection,not to mention the fact that cant wait to migrate to another country, and then tell everyone who lives there how much better the phils is! ive been there, dirty , corrupt,cheap, is how i would describe it.... fuck all of you!!!!

anonymous - April 30th, 2009
I think you should submit your article to Inquirer, star.. or just any broadsheet... you know just for the fun of it. =>

anonymous - May 12th, 2009
* I have read a lot of articles pertaining this matter, a Poor Philippines.
* Most of the rants are pointing to our government being corrupt, cheater, etc..
* I look at the problem this way, let's say, your car engine broke down, What would you normally do?
* Would you replace the whole engine ASAP? Or would you look for details or engine parts which caused the problem?
* IMHO, the most logical answer is to check for details first, if you don't agree with me on my answer, then you mihgt have a different perspective and I respect that.
* Putting the parts in the situation, the engine is the government, and the parts or details are the Filipinos of all levels (poor, middle class, rich).
* The engine would run smoothly if the parts will work in harmony, even if some parts are defective.
* In order, for the parts to work in harmony, every part should execute its responsibilities with respect to other parts.
* Even if a part's contribution to the whole engine is as small as an atom, summing all what is needed, it would make a difference.
* Don't you think that the changes we are all wishing for begins with a little effort from our own selves?
* On my opinion, a little show of discipline (e.g. following traffic signs), being an exmple (e.g. showing what is right and wrong) and a little care (e.g. voting wisely) would make a very big difference in our country.
* This little things might be our stepping stones on claiming the lost glory of our country.
* 90.5 Million estimated Filipinos, Imagine, how huge will be the difference if 50-70% of the total population extends a little effort.
* The people can drive the government, this was proven by our revolutions.
* I am just a normal Filipino, working everyday for food, leisure and financial stability.
* I commit mistakes and sins everyday, but I certainly do my part in making Philippines a better place, I believe that changes should start from me and this is what I impart to my family.
* It might be a very small effort, but collectively, it is a driving force.

anonymous - May 12th, 2009
I think the Filipino people are the ones to be truly blamed, not the government alone. Can you imagine, more and more "mang-mang"s are being born everyday? Those poor humpy dumpies multiply like gremlins! Sooner or later, this country will be full of stupid, ignorant, mal-educated people. That's the very reason why corrupt politicians - those capable of poisoning the minds of senseless people - thrive.

I myself see no hope.

anonymous - May 12th, 2009
point well-taken. Extremely difficult to read, though. Can you change the background? hehe.

anonymous - May 12th, 2009
The guy who mentioned something about the Filipino minds being hooked on TV - You're absolutely right. These stupid local channels feed nothing to the minds of Filipinos except poverty, stupidity, violence, false hopes, false fantasies. Nothing of real value.

Darna, Santino, Majika, Kambal sa uma. What the heck?! what can you learn from all these shows? These are all plain stupid shows for the no brainer. Doesn't even induce your mind to work. Poor people can relate to these shows because what they're looking for is a hero - a hero who can liberate them from poverty. What they tend to forget is that they are the ones responsible for their own future.

anonymous - May 13th, 2009
truly, badly...that's the way it is.

anonymous - May 13th, 2009
the last person to live in the philippines will be the one to put off the light...(everyone is desperate to get away from sinumpaang pilinas)

anonymous - May 13th, 2009
I have not read all of it, I started to dislike it when you said "Marcos". Well here is my piece, "yes, filipinos are fun loving, earth/nature friendly and God fearing people. But when Marcos stepped-in, all of that were gone, the menace he tolarated which you called "corruption", were spread to everyone, not only in Government offices but in private practices and offices. For me, Marcos spread, contaminated and infected the Filipinos with his disease. Which I think is uncurable at this juncture.
The only thing that keeps the Filipino going is his faith in God. Pero yung iba, nahawa kay Marcos ng pagka-dupang at pagkagahaman sa Power, Pera at PTI!

anonymous - May 24th, 2009

anonymous - June 01st, 2009
correct!!!!May 13th, messages

anonymous - June 03rd, 2009
The problem with Philippines is that it has a low level of being a nasionalistic.Look at the Philippines,we have a huge number of thugs acting like westerners.Yet,some of them still say that they are "proud to be Pinoy".I look down on them,but you cannot deny the fact that Philippines has lost its sense of being nasionalistic.The Philippine culture is ebbing away for sure and its people are soaking to the "imported cultures" of the West.

anonymous - June 04th, 2009
No way!Marcos was a great president and is still the greatest president that Philippines has.Do you remember the time when he was still a president/dictator?He contributed many great things to the Philippines.He created a lot of infrastractures that Filipinos are using today.He built roads,buildings,etc..that contribute to the efficiency of trade infrastractures.He was also a strong and a nationalist leader.He probably got his confidence and charisma during his leadership in World War 2.His leadership was also hard.But the good thing was that it made Filipinos more disciplined back in those days.One more thing,during his leadership,Philippines had a good diplomacy with other countries during the Cold War.It was the time when Philippines sent its army to Vietnam.Though,a corrupt leader,I would rather choose him to be the leader of our country rather than the pointless leader,Erap or Cory Aquino who did nothing great to the Philippines.. . The term of Gloria Arroyo is ending.Well she's not that bad.At least she made the economic growth reach the highest since 1960's or 70's.2010 elections are on its way.Let us hope we do not get a bad leader who does not do his/her duty well.

anonymous - June 04th, 2009
No way!Marcos was a great president and is still the greatest president that Philippines has.Do you remember the time when he was still a president/dictator?He contributed many great things to the Philippines.He created a lot of infrastractures that Filipinos are using today.He built roads,buildings,etc..that contribute to the efficiency of trade infrastractures.He was also a strong and a nationalist leader.He probably got his confidence and charisma during his leadership in World War 2.His leadership was also hard.But the good thing was that it made Filipinos more disciplined back in those days.One more thing,during his leadership,Philippines had a good diplomacy with other countries during the Cold War.It was the time when Philippines sent its army to Vietnam.Though,a corrupt leader,I would rather choose him to be the leader of our country rather than the pointless leader,Erap or Cory Aquino who did nothing great to the Philippines.. . The term of Gloria Arroyo is ending.Well she's not that bad.At least she made the economic growth reach the highest since 1960's or 70's.2010 elections are on its way.Let us hope we do not get a bad leader who does not do his/her duty well.

anonymous - June 06th, 2009
im a filipino too. some filipino celebritys are trying so hard to speak English they also tried to correct their accents and pronunciation and they aren't good speaking tagalog. they forget philippine culture.

One more thing:

I would love too influence philippine culture and old american culture.

anonymous - June 08th, 2009
This piece was worth reading,I am a Filipino but now I hate the Philippines because it's corrupt a war-zone etc...

one more thing:


anonymous - June 08th, 2009
That's the problem with you filipinos! you see every bad thing around you but you don't do anything to make it good...you just leave and escape the misery of your lives in the philippines...you transfer to other countries to find better future there...you can't face the reality! you do nothing but escape! shame on all of you! i hate your race! you just want a good life without doing anything but transfer from one location to another and be fed by other countries' governments! i really hate filipinos everywhere!

anonymous - June 08th, 2009
if all of you will just escape from your country, the philippines because you hate it...nothing will happen! i guess you are born and raised that way! you see golds in other lands and dig them...but you never see that your land has more golds and even diamonds for you to dig just because it will be hard for you!

anonymous - June 11th, 2009
at least there are old Filipinos still living until now too teach better attitudes for Filipino teens.

anonymous - June 11th, 2009
80% of filipinos now are corrupted..
Philippines will be a much better place if our CULTURE will change...but its impossible unless another nation INVADES us...and instill their culture (hopefully the better one)...in that way I think siguro titino na tayo..

anonymous - June 12th, 2009

anonymous - June 12th, 2009
flips suck ass!

afbaxter - June 12th, 2009
"That's the problem with you filipinos! you see every bad thing around you but you don't do anything to make it good...you can't face the reality! you do nothing but escape! shame on all of you! i hate your race! i really hate filipinos everywhere!"

"80% of filipinos now are corrupted.."

Looking at all of these comments is really very depressing.

Truth be told, if we are looking for corruption, cowardice, and hypocrisy, we need only look into a mirror.

Hating a people's mistakes is not any more productive than war itself.

anonymous - June 13th, 2009
well the current president of the philippines is responsible who coruppted our country well its almost 2010 they'll have a new president, he better not corrupted the country again.

anonymous - June 13th, 2009
Babagsak noo Filipino!!!

anonymous - June 13th, 2009
the problem is,,, the president is now planning to have a constituent assembly, which will change the "Saligang Batas" and this will make Gloria a Prime minster. and in that case, she can do evrything to corrupt our country together her sectors. What the heck are this filipino officials doing? They dont care to filipinos. they came from poor families but they are not doing something to prevent poverty. In their childhooh exp, they must have learned the sacrifices that we filipinos doing. I hate Philippines because of that reason.

anonymous - June 14th, 2009
I feel the same way. The people are bringing the country down. Instead of helping to improve the country, they seem to only care about themselves. The rich get richer and the poor (most of the country) doesn't get any help. I was born and raised in America, and I grew up only hearing about the beautiful beaches and scenery. But when I was sent to the Philippines to go to school for a year, I realized how bad the state of the country is. The rich people are corrupt, and do nothing but better their status, they exploit the poor and they do nothing but show off and brag about who among their group has more money and cooler stuff. All the while poor children and forced to beg, and get into trouble just to find food. Its not a stretch.

After a year of going to school (middle school) My Mom decided it was time for me to come back home. I decided to stay one more year. During that year in school, I spoke to the Principal about helping the community. I asked if there were anything they were doing at the moment that was helping. (I went to a prestigious Catholic school but once you leave the gates of the school, you cant miss the kids running around the street with no shoes, looking like they havent eaten in days, looking grim) To my surprise, not much was being done to help. That year I started food drives, bake sales, and I got my Family to hold a weekend Charity Basketball tournament.

After coming back to America I started a Filipino club in my High School, hoping to raise more awareness about the conditions of the country and also to learn more about our history. Unfortunately FOBS in our school didn't at all think I was fit to even start a Filipino club seeing as I was born and raised here and spoke little Tagalog. (I never called them fobs until I really started hating and being embarrassed of them)They showed little interest in joining the clubs and did nothing but act gangster and get into fights. It was, sad to say, embarrassing, and gave our club a bad image seeing as people associated them with our club because of our ethnicity.

Now Im no longer in HS, I will be graduating college in a year. And the state of the country still hasn't gotten better.I still hate the Rich Fobs who think they are too good to help they're country out, And I still hate the Fobs that come here and make the rest of us look like wannabe gangster fools.

Hopefully more of us would be willing to help and would try to be more aware of the state of the Philippines.

anonymous - June 26th, 2009
you know how people here in the philipines just complain about the corupted shit heads like pgma and those senators how about this we all know that pgma is going to cheat AGAIN next years and this BS tags are nothing then a waste of time seriously is this going to change any thing it another tv ad so they can get more rating duh gma 7 is pawning today anyway, we all need is a bit teamwork yes stop complaining and complaining stop protesting like frig'n idiots like i see on tv we all know they just want to be seen on tv duh! we the people who interact in the internet please read carefully if we want a country to be a displine country we need to displine our self STOP BRAGING about where you came from STOP COMPLAINING about the politians we all know they are

anonymous - July 01st, 2009
Wow...I had no Idea it was this bad over there. The same point of view comes from myself. I'm Mexican-American. Everything happening in the Philipines is identical to Mexico yet so many Mexicans Immigrants have so much pride being from there. As far as I'm concerned, why leave mexico or the Philipines if you are so proud of the country. The country does not make the person. In reality people from the Philipines are just as kind, scared, angry, and loving just like any other human. But we cannot blame a Government because it's not a person. It's being ran by corrupted Philipinos/Mexicans. Same thing happens in the USA but it's all hidden from the real world which helps us a lil. Simply put it like this, Be proud of the Government(people) that helps you and accepted you. Although I live in the poorest area of Los Angeles and I'm an american born...I have to say I consider myself blessed not to be in a place that has the standard of living of a third world country. I simply hate the corrupt...and those that don't appreciate where they work now...not the loving people. I also believe that religion plays an important role aswell. Makes you wonder why even though the Catholic Church is the largest & Richest...why most of it's followers are amongst the poorest. So I say...assimilate where you will prosper the most as a human-being regardless of where you are from to give your family the best life. Convert...Learn the Language...Learn the Behaviors and simply assimilate. And about your grammer?...it's just good use of your Artistic license. Yes, even that's proper english. Good Blog! Bravo!

anonymous - July 04th, 2009
please stop putting down the philippines,its the best country in the world,thats why half the country cant wait to migrate to another country or marry men that are 30 years older than them to get out!,then when you get to your new country you act like your better than everybody else and tell everyone how much better the phils is! pinoy pride ha ha ha your all a joke!!!

anonymous - July 08th, 2009
Flip is definately a good country!! People doesn't have to work and they could party all day til their pants drop! Those who are jobless blame the govt while those with jobs accusses their employers overworking them! Everyone here has a relative overseas to keep them alive and hoping the relatives would save them one day by bringing them out! Foreign men are considered as blue chip!! Unions are considered top biz rather than NGO who would fight for the working class!!

anonymous - July 08th, 2009
flips suck ass

anonymous - July 11th, 2009
Ang angas mo namn, kung makapag salita ka akala mo ang galing mo. Bakit ano na ba ang nagawa mo para mapabuti ang sitwasyon sa pinas? e ano ngayon kung mahirap tayo at hindi sophisticated tulad ng sabi ng isa dyan bakit nakakabawas ba sa pag katao mo yun. Meron tayong sariling customs and culture at hindi natin kailangang kumopya pa sa iba. Kung hindi nyo kayang tangkilin yun e hindi kayo karapat dapat na tawaging pinoy. Yung ibang mga nag kukumenti dyan may naitulong na ba kayo para paunlarin ang pinas? Kung makapag salita kayo at makapang lait parang ang galing galing nyo. Kung wala kayong magandang sasabihin eh mag si tahimik na lang kayo.
Ako nadidis appoint ako sa mga katulad kong filipino dito sa amerika na kasing edad ko. Yung magulang nila e hindi man lang nag aaksaya ng panahong turuan yung mg anak nila ng filipino. Tapos pag uwi sa pinas panay ang english tapos lalait lait ang pinas. Yung iba pa pag mag kokomment sa mga article o video sasabihin " i dont know philippineans", parang sinasadya pang magkamali kung ano ang official language ng phililpines. Minsan may panahon na dapat mag english katulad ng makikipag interact ka sa mga amerikano at iba pang english speaking people at may panahon din para mag salita nng filipino gaya ng kung makikipag usap kayo sa mga kamag anak nyo sa pinas, ang tawag doon pakikisama. Isa yan sa mga magandang traits ng isang pinoy.
Saka yung iba dyan bago kayo mag salita, sa halip na ipoint out nyo yung kung ano ang kapintasan ng pinas bakit hindi nyo subukang tumulong at tangkilin ang kultura ng pinas. Kung hindi naman eh hindi naman kailangan ng mga pinoy ang mga good for nothing na panlalait ninyo, their life are miserable enough as it is, left alone being ridiculed by judgmental people who are trying to be something, someone that they're not. Basta ako tutulong na lang ako kung ano ang makakaya ko at tatangkilikin ang kulturang pinoy.

Ps ( i dont need peole who would try to respond to this comment and say something senseless like, "i don't understand tagalog". If you don't then that's too bad. And please do us a favor, quit acting like an ungrateful brats who don't know how to appreciate their heritage.

anonymous - July 11th, 2009
To the author:
You know what i don't like about your article, even though i agree with some of you opinions and i understand that we have the rights to express our thoughts is that why do you bother writing this in english? This article really is meant for filipinos to help them realize why philippines is suffering and it's the time they do something about it. I know that most filipinos understand english but writing this in filipino allows this article to reach out more filipinos.
In one paragraph of your essay where you said that you love your country yet you are embarassed because it's poor, your country is more embarrssed of you. Love for one's country can't be based on economic status, you should love your country just the way it is and just do something/help if you really care about it.
This article should have been written in english, lahat naman tayo nakakaintindi ng filipino.
To afbaxter:
the feeling is mutual. Where did you get your 80% figure? Quit preaching the choir. And just for the record, hate is a strong word.

anonymous - July 11th, 2009
I meant this article shouldnt have been written in english but filipino instead. Im sorry my bad.

anonymous - July 12th, 2009
not all Filipino have their problem, i mean there are still existing Filipino who's honest and trustworthy. . if you really love philippines, better not to say something bad 'bout the tenants of the country. .

anonymous - July 13th, 2009
ha ha ha ha philippines is a joke, you rip off every other countrys culture ,you copy america most of all, you have no heritage

anonymous - July 14th, 2009
I like your blog. An eye-opener. I couldn't agree with you more. I may share the same sentiments as you but that does not give me a reason to totally HATE Filipinos or the Philippines. Its a given fact that the main issue here is corruption and discipline. More so, it doesn't totally mean that when you work in another country - you are abandoning it. Some of us needs to work harder to support our Family. It saddens me that a lot of Filo's having set foot overseas later become too egotistical.

I reckon that the solution is to revisit our set laws and constitution. Put more qualifications for those running in a higher office. Establish an independent audit of government officials including their statement of assets and liabilities. Set hefty fines and imprisonment for graft and corruption. Live the law!

If corruption issues were solved. Our taxes will go to where it should have gone to. Education. Social and national security. Tourism. Environmental preservation.

I commend this article for stating the reality and being honest with his/her opinion. But I'm deeply astonished and feel sorry for Filipinos who lose hope and just abandon their culture. There is nothing worse than denying your heritage/race. I look down on guys who surrender their real identity and degrade their own country. I just hope that these issues will be escalated to each and every Filipino. And this is something worth revolting about.

anonymous - July 15th, 2009
filipino's are a joke! they copy every other country's culture.
Name one teen age filipino who doesnt act like a gangsta,hip hop star, or isnt into street racing, or thinks they can fight, come to my hood i have sumthing 4 u weak ass pussies

anonymous - July 15th, 2009
filipino men are arrogrant cunts, but i love fucking the filipino women

anonymous - July 23rd, 2009
I happened to come across your blog after having an unpleasant morning drive through the ever-present Manila traffic.

Firstly, I would like to kindly ask that you monitor your comments section, as offensive comments should not be tolerated. Secondly, I would have to agree and disagree with you at the same time. I know this sounds ludicrous but here are my reasons:

Yes, I agree that the Philippines has a lot of problems. It is a beautiful country, blessed by God with an abundance of resources and stunning natural beauty. Unfortunately, it is a country whose potential is terribly mismanaged and is subsequently wasted.

Filipinos in general can be some of the nicest people on Earth, friendly and generous, but only to their relatives, friends, acquaintances and, foreigners. To the rest of their fellowmen however, they remain cold and aloof at the best, rude, nasty, selfish and vulgar at the worst.

However, I would have to disagree with you in simply laying blame at the evil which is corruption, and the politicians who are its priests. The Philippines is mired in crisis because of it is mismanaged across all levels, from the top down to the lowest. After all, the success of this country is merely the summation of the collective successes, ambitions and hopes of the people. Instead of finding ways to make things right, Filipino society would rather lay blame on others for their ills, and ask what can be done for them. We, as a society, are too insular, myopic and selfish to achieve any lasting development. We wish for a Messiah to come save us from ourselves, while not working to achieve it.

Perhaps the time has come for us to stop asking from those who we place in power, much to our later dismay, to do something for the country, but to work to achieve it ourselves. Start from within, solve our own problems first before we ask others to solve them for us.

anonymous - July 25th, 2009
I think people have over blown Graci tapes, even if it were true, why would people want another elementary school grad as their president? I'm sorry but that alternative doesn't make sense.

Also, I disagree I think there's development everywhere, I know this cause I travel all over the Philippines and I see construction everywhere. Everything from the new PNR trains, newly improved Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Mall of Asia, highways I see being built in coron to highways that stretches out from Manila to my home town of Legazpi. Business must also be good cause foreign investors are coming in heaps, I see new buildings popping up everywhere, especially in Manila. I was around in the 80's and 90's and I honestly don't remember this much construction taking place. Philippines in general is a very undisciplined country, unlike the Chinese who are disciplined and turned their country around in a flip of a switch, Filipinos need to turn their culture around if they hope to continue this type of progress.

As far as the highway you're talking about, I think it's mismanaged. Maybe you can call Gloria and ask her to micro manage every single project in the Philippines.

anonymous - July 25th, 2009
I think people have over blown Graci tapes, even if it were true, why would people want another elementary school grad as their president? I'm sorry but that alternative doesn't make sense.

Also, I disagree I think there's development everywhere, I know this cause I travel all over the Philippines and I see construction everywhere. Everything from the new PNR trains, newly improved Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Mall of Asia, highways I see being built in coron to highways that stretches out from Manila to my home town of Legazpi. Business must also be good cause foreign investors are coming in heaps, I see new buildings popping up everywhere, especially in Manila. I was around in the 80's and 90's and I honestly don't remember this much construction taking place. Philippines in general is a very undisciplined country, unlike the Chinese who are disciplined and turned their country around in a flip of a switch, Filipinos need to turn their culture around if they hope to continue this type of progress.

As far as the highway you're talking about, I think it's mismanaged. Maybe you can call Gloria and ask her to micro manage every single project in the Philippines.

anonymous - July 25th, 2009
development? hell! this country sucks! i love being a filipino nut this coutry sucks good! I envy other like korea because they have made a standard for themselves in fashion and etc. how about us?! where is our unique "Filipino Identity", oh, i know! we are good at imitating! honestly i dont even watch local channels right now because they suck! actors? i think they are just all just a face no talent or whatsoever! i hope someday this country would change in every aspect! people are so traditional here! well, this country really sucks!

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anonymous - July 30th, 2009
filipinos love sucking dick

anonymous - August 16th, 2009
this page is where i belong kala ko naman ako lang gus2 umalis d2 kapal ko noh?? hayz wala na ko masabi nasabi nyo na lahat ty this makes me smile ngaung nalaman ko na mismong mga pinoy ang gus2 umalis d2

anonymous - August 19th, 2009
I had a vacation in the Philippines last month.It had been three years before I left for a one month vacation there.Now upon my first night on my vacation,I saw a lot of developements in the country.At first,I saw a lot of constructions going on at Manila.New building such as call centers,condos,malls etc.. were being set up.New CBD was set up at Quezon City.New highways were created and primary roads were expanded.LRT's and railways were now being expanded and created.There were many developements I had seen during my vacation.Why can't we just look at the positive things going on in the country?The people are just busy blaming the government for their troubles.What we really have to do now is to stop whinning and focus on our work.As of now,the Philippines is an unstable country.The masses are lacking discipline and have become more pessimist.Animosity is growing on within the people.The good news is that Philippines is a developing country.Besides,the Philippines has a growing Call centre industry nowIf the Philippines could wethear the Global Financial Crisis going on,the country would be back on its feet,improving itself.

anonymous - August 22nd, 2009
LOL. WOW. Fucking fag.
Gonna report this page.
Gratz motherfucker.

anonymous - September 04th, 2009
fuck all filipinos!!!!

anonymous - September 24th, 2009
let's accept it...
The Philippines is a crappy place to live in...
Dirty streets, corrupt officials, lame government services, crappy everything! Crab mentality is widely in that country! That country is full of shit!!! Majority of the people are ignorant and uneducated... I mean, what kind of person are you if you're running for office w/ out even having a degree? How could you run a country when you can't even run your own stupid life?
Think about it Filipinos...


anonymous - September 24th, 2009
let's accept it...
The Philippines is a crappy place to live in...
Dirty streets, corrupt officials, lame government services, crappy everything! Crab mentality is seen widely in that country! That country is full of shit!!! Majority of the people are ignorant and uneducated... I mean, what kind of person are you if you're running for office w/ out even having a degree? How could you run a country when you can't even run your own stupid life?
Think about it Filipinos...


anonymous - September 28th, 2009
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha philippines!

anonymous - September 28th, 2009

anonymous - September 28th, 2009
my typical day in the Philippines:

1. you have to be extra careful in crossing the streets because you might get sideswiped by arrogant, undisciplined and reckless drivers(private motorists,bus,tricycle,taxi drivers). they don't know what the pedestrian lane's for.
2. once you reach the bus terminal, sisingitan ka sa pila ng mga uneducated filipinos.
3. bulok na bus ang sasakyan mo. tipong refurbished from japan coz you'll notice the japanese writings all over the ceilings and walls. mahina ang aircon and ang 3-seaters ay tipong pang 2 persons lang so very uncomfortable ka sa byahe.
4. sometimes you'll get to hear fellow passengers complaining bout their phones suddenly disappear. so you better be extra vigilant of your belongings. One lesson I've learned, never underestimate filipino pickpockets,snatchers and holdupers they're the best in the world.
5. you'll encounter heavy traffic along the express way due to their 'skyway project' that has never got finished for so many years now. I wonder why they still call it 'Express way'.
6. you'll get to have a clear picture outside the window of squatters everywhere, air pollution, pile of garbages, beggars and street children, dirty rivers, bulok na trains travelling with overcrowded passengers, etc.
7. hindi ka ibababa ng bus driver sa maayos na bus stop so you end up walking outside the pedestrian railings on your way to the MRT station.
8. once you reach the MRT station, the first thing you'll encouter is defective escalator so you have to climb the stairs. don't know why those escalators aren't working for weeks and almost a month. not to mention garbages and trash on the escalators.
9. you will encounter another long line wherein security guards will manually inspect bags using their stick, i notice drumsticks are frequently used.
10. good thing i have a stored value ticket so i dont need to line up on ticket booths. Kudos to MRT management.
11. you'll wonder why MRT trains take long time in between intervals. so you can't help but think somehow bus travel is faster.
12. prepare yourself sa tulakan sa pagpasok mo sa MRT. Walang sinisino ang uneducated filipino MRT passenger, even ladies and elders are ignored.
13. and again, be mindful of your belongings, overcrowded MRT trains are favorite place of pickpockets.
14. pag bababa ka na sa MRT train, ganun ulit, balyahan na naman, passengers coming in won't make way for those going out.
15. then on my way to the office. later sa uwian..ganun ulit...
16. on my way home at night, lots of vendors crowd the streets and walkways, then you'll wonder why yung mga street lights ay di binubuksan causing dark areas.

anonymous - September 29th, 2009
I positively agree with what some of the people here are saying. I live in the Philippines, and I think it's shit.

People always seem to do things that would let them have the opportunity to leave the country.

For example,
Almost all the teens here are taking nursing because they want to work abroad. WTF people? Why not try to take something of your interest and help OUR country instead?

I'm half Japanese, but I'm also Filipino. In Japan, it's much more different. They work HARD. They do everything they can to help their country and do what they love while at it so they can give out more effort. They don't need money from other countries. They have their own. So why the fuck can't the Philippines see that?

AND, another fucking example about how brain dead the people here are becoming, is that most of the students here HATE speaking in English. They call me "nerd" or "English Paka" for speaking in English. Must they be so close minded? The one thing I HATE most about these Filipinos is their CRAB MENTALITY.

anonymous - October 01st, 2009
Well, clearly you people, including the writer have been living in the wrong place. If you live in Manila or Quezon City, yeah its fucked up. Its a shitty place to live in. Provinces are alright though. Took a long vacation to Cebu City once. Great place really. People are really hospitable there and they accept you.

Apparently, the writer has also been going to where the no-good teens hang out where they call you names and such. Dude, that's just like how niggers treat white people and vice versa. Get over it. If you went to a more sophisticated place in the Philippines, you wouldn't be writing this. And about politics, yes, people here are dumbasses. Wanna know why? More than 70% of Filipinos are uneducated. They are poor and they don't know any better. You don't have to generalize really.

As for Marcos, his first term was awesome. His second term, -martial law, mass murder, shot my grandfather. Do your research before posting this rather offensive blog and at least spend a bit more time in sophisticated parts of the Philippines.

anonymous - October 04th, 2009
well, you have a point. philippines is a very corrupt country, and they are all making a move to impeach the president while they voted and supported them on the first place. But aside from that, filipinos are standing strong. Even the 70% of them are uneducated, they still have manners and respect. That's why foreigners love filipino people because there is more into them. I hope before you created this kind of shenanigan, you should have known philippines more, because what you putted in here are just the biggest news you have heard. Am i right? i know xD

anonymous - October 17th, 2009
i soooo agree with the comment above... happy.gif -abbycatros@yahoo.com

anonymous - November 11th, 2009
You are a baby and a coward. No matter how much you say about filipinos you aren't one. Yes Our country, Philippines, is corrupted and dirty and poor, but we stand strong and loyal to each other. We have tried hard to get our own independence, and We love to learn English! The problem with you is that you do NOT understand the other parts of Philippines. Like the comment above me, Many of us are uneducated and poor but we have manners and respect for any who come to our island. You've only heard those things in the news. But you don't really know the true story about us. You don't know us that well. If you have nothing nice to say about the people that God has alos created, then don't say it all.

anonymous - November 17th, 2009
if you can hate one single race in the planet then you don't have the RIGHT to exist. Go out, live, and experience life, stop wasting energy and time.

anonymous - November 30th, 2009
Ive said it before and i will say it again FLIPS SUCK ASS!!!!!! ha ha ha ha philippines what a joke!

anonymous - December 06th, 2009
Hi!, I've just finish reading your article. It's a good article, I love to read it over and over again. We both have the same point of view on what is goin on inside our country. I think it's not the government nor the president that should be blamed for all of our misfortunes and pain. It's us that needs to change. For example: Why nominate those corrupt and stupid politicians to be our next president in 2010? They should be jailed in Munti Lupa after they stole millions of pesos from the national budget and left those homeless people to die of hunger. If the Filipino people will do what is good for the country and uphold the righteous values, then this might help solve our problems. Who knows, probably your simple act of goodness is next to godliness.

anonymous - December 16th, 2009
flips suck ass

anonymous - December 16th, 2009
the philippines is a great place to stay in ONLY IF YOU'RE RICH.

that's what all the flips say at seafood city here anyway.

now tell me this, are there more sophisticated places in the PI or are there much more poor places? remember, MOST of the population of pinoys are uneducated and poor. when someone visits the PI of course they'll be checking out the majority of POOR places since there are only FEW sophisticated places. first impressions come around and what do they say? "I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES BUT I HATE MOST OF THE FILIPINOS."


anonymous - December 16th, 2009
the only time i will ever respect the Philippines is there is an actual MAJOR CHANGE going on there.

but with the way things are right now, i have no hope for that country. someone should nuke that place out for a new beginning.

anonymous - December 21st, 2009
Look here, it's not that we don't see the good about this country. We can see it just fine, problem is that the good are getting few and nothing new. Every country has corruptions, even the most powerful ones. But they can lift their country up. You know why? 'coz we tend to spend so much time on the smallest things, digging up useless details, looking for faults and pointing fingers while everybody starves to death.

OFWs-bagong bayani. Really? Everyday Filipinos line up at diff embassies, applying for work in other countries, ignoring the hunger and waiting in long lines just so that they can have a glimpse of the better life. Countries that treat them less than a human being. They line up in POEA, more lines to wait, and more corruptions to go through, paying incredibly horrendous amounts of cash just so that they can work like slaves in other country. Oh yeah, medical tests are needed, what?...you are in perfect health?...oh, look! you need to do an oral polyprophylaxis on your perfectly okay tooth. You don't believe me? we are a gov't accreditted medical agent! Last scene, airport...they will know you're an OFW...more corruptions by the time you walk through the immigrations. Slip some more money in your passport so that you can finally reach your dream of working like slaves. Good job.

The power-pointing escalation. Sex scandals, dvds, videos, who did what where and why? The stories keep on repeating itself, the news and media keep on doing coverage on them. Yet nothing happens. Yes quiapo is flooded with pirated dvds, we all know that,so what's next? just let them be, and then what? did you know these vendors give "donations" to the cops that patrol the area...in which the cops offer protections and early warnings. we tend to focus on these artists making sex videos and that we forget quiapo is selling them like hotcakes. Nice. Products made in china contain poisonous chemicals; milks, soaps, and everything goes on. The media splurges big time. Then maybe we can conclude that all chinese people are already dead, dying, spewing blood, vomitting out their organs and flesh. or how about the fact that people say electrical devices such as lights/bulbs in china are defective and will burn your house down? you hear these stories everytime there is fire. so how come we don't hear a lot of that in china? they make these light bulbs and they use it. Then it means that all these chinese people in china are already burnt, crispy and very well done...coz of the use of their own bulbs. point? maybe the use of jumpers and the power overload currents are the factors that contribute more a fire than a bulb. Who cares right? In tondo alone, u can see old tree posts with eletrical wirings connected onto one another like the matrix and you can't even know which home is using which line or which one is just tapping. Again, point your finger at something else, electricians are scarce...they go to other countries to become slaves. Nice.

Celebrity gov't officials. of course, unless u are politically rich, u r not eligible to be a gov't official if u r not from showbusiness. just ask anyone, they will name more showbiz persons than non-showbiz ones. point? get into showbiz, bare your body and get noticed, once u retire from entertainment, the doors to malacanang opens. nice eh?

think before you point.
freedom is not everything without morals.(what i mean is that murdering people is fun, but is this what freedom/democracy really is right?)
compare and learn from mistakes of the past,not even marcos is perfect. not even the president of other countries.
giving is not always better as compared to taking nor recieving. we always hear campaign ads like "para s mahirap, lumaking mahirap, tumutulong s mhhirap....etc" if you are waiting for them to give you a house and lot...then good luck 2 u. of course u wont hear an ad that says "pro-rich, pra sa myyaman etc..." point? maybe these are just their way of earning your gracious vote to make them the president. so are they really helping? really? by how much? i work 8 hrs a day + ot + shifts and on holidays, if the future president works like that and results are evident...then he/she has my vote. peace.

anonymous - December 23rd, 2009
please stop putting down the philippines, we are all one one nation thats why we look down our noses at each other and act like we better then other filos we meet.thats why we spread hateful gossip about others misfortune!
face it your all fucked your country is fucked! philippines is always going to be a meca for old men wanting sex or wives. pinoy pride!!!! oh by the way pac man for congress ha ha ha ha ha!

anonymous - December 24th, 2009
It's been a while since I last visited this blog.And I have seen that some forumers are not constructive when putting out statements.Could you please just add a back up your point of view when commenting.It makes you look like someone who has a limited knowledge over a particular topic.For instance, someone said earlier "Flips suck ass".Could you back that statement up because it makes me think you're just a pathetic person who keeps watching inappropriate things and living in a world of fantasies.Anyway, I'm impressed by courage to comment such thing even though you do not have a high degree of intellect.Stop being sarcastic and be more constructive the next time you commet here.

anonymous - December 27th, 2009
pac man for congress? oh please...he's a good boxer, no doubt. The political arena is not his game, he can start from other smaller and much better options if he really has the intent to serve the public. How about PnP? punch the bad guys. Making big decisions in congress will not be like landing uppercuts and throwing jabs. If he can make decisions like relocating the homeless and typhoon victims to his properties rather than making golf courses.

anonymous - December 31st, 2009
i hate being a filipino coz most filipinos do not know what means to be a human. we just wander about and populate the earth but don't know what to do with our children. no wonder we have a lot of criminals out in the street. even the filipino youth are aimless and just run around in circles. most of us are "educated" without proper manners and values. like just after a few minutes after midnight of the new year when all of fireworks have gone down, some idiot put a fountain on top of my car. now, who in the right mind would do such a thing? who else, but a filipino youth. i bet that thug will be a criminal someday. the governments sucks and doesn't really govern as they should. corruption is all over from public to private sector. heck, you can't name a company or a government sector without any form of corruption or dirty politics. in fact, we don't care about anybody. we don't even know how to give our lives for our country. i don't even think that our politicians are willing to die for their country. most of them don't have anything better to do but to stretch their mouths and look pretty in front of the cameras. jose rizal died in vain for us. if only he had lived to see what we have become, he'll surely be disappointed at us. i'm so sure that he will not die for us if he had known what we had become. we should be ashamed of ourselves. we are a race raised by mistake. we are what is every wrong in this country. years passed, presidents and politicians have come in and out but we are still at a standstill or worse, going backwards as we always do. no wonder we are being mocked and a laughing stock of other countries. we should be ashamed we call our country a christian country. heck, we only associate ourselves with the faith but doesn't practice it according to the scriptures, especially catholics. we come in and out of the churches but doing the same unchristian ways all over again. what we do is all lip-service for the faith, that's all. we only hear what we want to hear and do what would suit our lifestyle and preferences and not according to the scriptures. it would be better to not believe in any religion at all if we are to become like this anyway. the filipinos are a problem because our morals, values and faith are so wrong that it hits the rock bottom hard. we revel with filipinos who are at par with the world, like pacquiao, and feel proud to be filipinos because of them. but these are only a very few elite ones. we like to beg and we like to cheat coz we are not used to working hard for what we eat. we come in and out of work just for the money and not the passion of what we do. we come in late and we leave office early. we are a country that make actors, actresses and sports heroes politicians and politicians to actors and actresses. no wonder the country is in a deep mess. our films are low-budgeted and low-quality productions with senseless themes with overpaid and recycled actors and actresses. then they shove these films to us every christmas season. our local soap-opera shows are as bad, that's why we resort to foreign soap-operas dubbed in filipino. and don't get me started on the themes. they are all love-sex-violence themes. i bet you can't hear anymore of my negative observation of a typical filipino. i could go on forever relating all that is wrong with us, but i this is enough to make "patriot's" blood boil. i know some "patriots" out there will react with what i said. but these are all true and unless we admit these things and do something constructive about these, we will remain a cancer to the society. there are only two sides of a coin; heaven or hell, forward or backward, part of a problem or part of a solution to the society. there is never a grey area!!! i long to see the day that we are part of a solution. if we are part of a problem, it would have been better that we haven't existed at all. i want to write this to our local newspaper to stir a few attention, but i'm still figuring it out how to do that. instead, i stumbled across this blog to have a free opportunity to speak my mind and to put a mirror on a common filipino.

anonymous - December 31st, 2009
oh yeah, i think considering the philippines as a poor nation is one big lie. what i think is we are pretending to be a poor nation so that we could have the privilege to beg from other countries. why? well, take a look at cars we have on the streets. most of the cars are new and not all of the people who bought them really need it. they add up to the cramped metro. these people really don't care about their society and how they could contribute. they only care about their comfort and their place in the society while living a dream. well, stop dreaming filipinos and start caring about your country. we don't know a thing about sacrifice. if our generation had lived in the times of war back then, we would probably would have given up our sovereignity to other countries than being killed fighting for it. i could not even think of one thing that the filipinos have contributed to the world that is really significant in this generation. thailand and korea already overtaken us while we boast that we are the best english-speaking country in asia? take japan and china. they didn't need to learn english and yet they're progressive. what do they have in common? they are proud of their heritage and care about their country that sometimes they even have to work without pay just so that they may be able to help uplift their nation for their next generation to come. we are a disgrace to the world!!!

anonymous - December 31st, 2009
hahaha. if filipinos don't care about anything, then they would not care reading this blog much more act upon it. we're only throwing punches in the air.

anonymous - December 31st, 2009
yup. the only thing that i could think of that this generation of filipinos have contributed to is the "love bug" virus. hahaha. what a way to get the attention of the world. even if it really didn't come from us, it certainly put us in the map of the world as criminals. if malaysia has proton and korea has kia and hyundai, the philippines has sarao. hahaha. we really never move pass the jeepney at all. i pity ourselves. i remembered back in the days of mr. ramos that we were considered a tiger nation back then. hahaha. what happened there? did we turn into a kitten now? hahaha. what a joke! the problem with the philippines is what makes the country....the people. we don't care at all and that's the problem with us. we don't have discipline on anything. we produce children indiscriminately without regards to their future. so, we raise them poorly. a poorly-raised child doesn't have the proper values and morals. we have a lot of those here in the country. and when the time comes they are to take our place, the country is ill-governed and is a mess as we are now. use condoms people if you really can't fight off your libidos. you have other things better to do than making babies and raise poorly. i don't know why filipinos can't see the big picture. we always complain our government. look at the mirror. we are the problem. if we can't contribute something to the society, then we are the problem.

anonymous - January 06th, 2010
flips really do suck ass......... ha ha ha ha ha............... pac man for pres!!! ha ha ha ha ha............

anonymous - January 10th, 2010
True, most of our neighboring countries are stacking up and moving up the ranks. About the cars here in Philippines, to be fair, most people here would consider it as a need and the last resort- unless you want to squeeze yourself in LRT during rush hours. If you are a girl and you work graveyard shifts, you better think twice about taking public transpo. BTW,suck pacman's ass.

anonymous - January 12th, 2010
How can u say bad things abt Phil????
This country has good beaches,girls and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Well those two things are important. hahaha

anonymous - January 16th, 2010

anonymous - January 16th, 2010
u make me sick,and your grammar sucks

anonymous - January 17th, 2010
Yeah, we get it already. We are in the list for one of the most corrupt countries in the world. So what can we do about it?

anonymous - January 23rd, 2010
THE ROMAN CATHOLIC teachings is dwindling their logic and turning them weaker,they love wasting their precious time fucking their brains up on LOCAL TV SHOWS,INNATE STUPIDITIES of mothers and fathers profusely bequeathing to their children like NEPOTISM....

DEMOCRACY is everybody's vocabulary and the irony...A PACK OF CORRUPT OFFICIALS.

I think democracy is incongruous for any country which has a majority of GULLIBLE people.

anonymous - January 23rd, 2010
THE ROMAN CATHOLIC teachings are dwindling their minds....

i'm so sorry


anonymous - February 11th, 2010
I'm sorry,
but since when did everything in the world resort to money..
it's sad that you can't look inside of yourself and be proud of who you are
YOUR RIGHT.. maybe filipinos do have a crab mentality every filipino who says shit about the Philippinesis is just reinforcing the idea that their a crabb

~ love a half filipinnaa --
P.S don't diss my ancestors !

anonymous - February 15th, 2010
THE ABOVE COMMENTS IS AN EXACT EXAMPLE OF WHAT A FILIPINO IS LIKE... DOWNRIGHT CRABS. Come on!!! We're either pulling somebody down, or riding on somebody else's coattails. Where the FUCK is the pride in that? You can hate the thread starter all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that he's right. The Philippines is an ocean of corruption, greed, stupidity, and ignorance (did I mention that MOST filipinos think this way?), and sadly, WE are all drowning in this ocean.

And to those who don't agree (or secretly agree but can't bring themselves to admit it - another foolish filipino past time), WELL FUCK YOU TOO!

anonymous - March 12th, 2010
wow. so many people full of self-hate. you can disagree with the government, but hating what you are is just a reflection on YOU. personally, i think filipinos are some of the most friendly, and generous people. what would be a more apt position to take would be to say that those who seek public office are prone to corruption.

anonymous - March 14th, 2010
Hmmm, I don't really agree with the idea of Philippines being a better place for people if it was wealthier. Sure. Money will give us Filipinos better life but too much will just fuel a country of greed and corruption.
But if we looked at it in a different light, if there was plenty of wealth to go around, less Filipinos will have to migrate and crowd countries and separate from their families.
So maybe if Philippines just sorted itself out and pulled itself together, there would be less suffering and poverty there. But as you know, the Philippine government is humiliatingly corrupt and as a Filipino, it is not one to be proud of.
I've also recently seen a 'tabloid' talk show in TFC (The Filipino Channel) and it was full of nonsense that boasted the rich and controversial life of fake celebs in the country. And the ironic thing was, even the talk show's host was the matter of gossip - in her actual show! And before you know it she's already burst into tears, more like a publicity stunt to earn the viewers' sympathy!
Well, these things are just the small things that make me hate my own country. Just because it's already hip-deep into poverty and a helpless third world country, it's lost all the happiness and contentment it should have. For example, togetherness, family, the beauty of the country itself! As they say it right? "All good things in life come free."

anonymous - March 18th, 2010
I hate Filipinos who migrate to the USA and act like they're really americans, and when they come back to the philippines for a holiday or a visit they act like they're very powerful, rich and discriminate the philippines, well good news for you all Filipino citizens in america who act like this, whatever you do, you'll NEVER become an american.

anonymous - March 26th, 2010
Reading this blog and all of this comments are so depressing...but one cannot say that this whole thread is a bunch of bullshit because ALL ARE TRUE...to some degree...

I'm an american citizen but i'm 100% blooded filipino...i wouldnt go as far as saying that i'm desgusted and ashamed of being filipino, but i also wouldn't say that i'm "PROUD" of whats going on in the philippines (politically, socially, economically...etc..)

it is a really sad matter that when WWII ended high expectations were placed upon the philippines...everyone expected that philippines would become one of the dominant countries in asia both economically, socially, and militarily...but what the hell happened..? We crased. thats what happened. Government wise, YES, the Philippine gov. is currupt...but is that really THE REASON why the philippines is in this state of condition...? OF COURSE NOT!

After WWII we had the POTENTIAL of making our country a country that is reknown to the world...but as a country, botht politically and socially, we made bad dicision...REALLY BAD DICISIONS.
But does it mean that we can't BEBUILD our country? the current state of philippines as of now is bad, but it's that TOO BAD that we cant make improvements...
Japan and South Korea were in worst state than philippines when the two countries started to rebuild and look at the outcome of the two countries. Japand and South Korea are two of the riches country in Asia...WHY CANT PHILIPPINES DO THE SAME...?
Philppines should have a great chance of improving its conditions because we have resources to use, if we use it wisely...Philippines, geographically, is in a great spot...it has many things within its country that can be used for its own improvments....

and as for filipino people who are working abroad...why critized them as a whole? people work abroad to get a better life for themselves and for their family...they are trying to find better opportunities for the future of their children. At least for most of them. I mean, why immigrate if you don't need to right? they must have a good reason for moving. And yeah some people who come to the US thinks that they are better than everybody just because they live overseas, but that is not the case for all of them.

People should understand the hardships and sacrifices of people who migrate to the US...more than likely, their whole family is in the philippines struggling with their daily lives, while they are alone in the states working hard to try to send some money back for their family...i guarantee that this is the case for most filipinos who are working abroad.

Like i said before, there are some who really doesn't care about philippines, some who are ashamed of being filipinos, some who sees their own race as nothing but dirt, well that's not all of us...

Philippines' problem is really an internal problem. Its the combination of government and along with its people that the philippines is like this today. (poverty stricken)


So philippines is a Catholic country right...? thats REALLY IRONIC because many filipinos are NOT acting in a christian way at all...
being a christian means helping each other right? but many people in the philippines really dont work together to better the country as a whole.
saying this, there are organizations in the philippines who are trying their best to try to help the country, they are just not well known to the public. Their efforst is greatly appriciated, but they cant improve the situations of the country all by themselves. they need the support of the country. Unfortunatly they are not fining much of it...

philippines has so much problems right now that it is too hard to see anything else but the bad...but like i said before, philippines' condition is not TOO BAD that it cant be rebuilt into a better country. there are possitive things happining in the philippines also, its just easier to point out whats BAD about the country, but hey that's just human nature.

hopefully once i graduate school and get stablished, i will be able to do good for the people of the philippines...i dont know how much, but even a little will be good enough...

i really hope that filipino people will be able to rise from all of this, if they chose to do it, then it will prevail. filipino people as well as the whole country has a GREAT POTENTIAL...just recognize it and try to to the best with what we have...

i really want to write more but this is getting too lengthy..so i'll stop it here...

*i hope 50 years from now this thread will still be here and we can all go back to it and see positive differences with the country as a whole...

anonymous - March 26th, 2010
want to add of the lengthy comment i wrot:
Our grandparents, ancestors, did not worked their asses off back in the days just to see our generation fail...

There is no better way to give thanks to the people who died for our country than to make sure that our culture goes on living. We cannot show more appreciation to them than making sure the children of their chirldren's childrens will have a bright future...


it might be hard, but it's not imposible...

<3 Marilou Sinclair

anonymous - April 09th, 2010
That's the attitude that a Filipino should have. An affirmative thought is a hundred times better than a negative thought (i.e Philippines is hopless).

anonymous - April 22nd, 2010
I believe and we all know that change for the betterment starts within ourselves...happy.gif..May all true Filipinos maintain our good values (family ties, caring, and most of all know how to take life seriously but won't let life overtake us..)...However, I remember, I am not Filipino...I am an Igorot..(kidding)...and proud to be one......All I want to say is that I am proud to be an Igorot and okay as a true Filipino as well...happy.gif...

anonymous - April 26th, 2010
Let me ask you... what if it is our fate? Ok you can say with our population of 99,000,000 only 1,000 are trying their best to improve themselves. All i've observed about Filipinos is that they are "saying" this stuff here, but are we doing it? If we do, only the people here is aware and is willing to change for the better Philippines. Some of my schoolmates don't mind about the status of our country, the people in my barangay don't mind also, the people in malls only think watching movies and eating popcorns can satisfy them already, most families just want to eat 3 times a day and it will be ok, students go to school and just watch the clock to point at 5pm. I tell you, this is the kind of attitude that keeps us and our country stagnant.I have come up a theory that could answer our 1 question "why?"

Here it is:
Statistically: base on a 99,000,000 population (people)"independent din yung government"

40% employed (subdivided)
15% not paying tax

=25% hope

30% students
10% no comment to their country(manhid.. basta mka pasok lg)

=20% hope

10% hindi nkapag- aral

=0% hope

20% unemployed

=0% hope

Government rating was based on its efficiency... 0-50% (it means it is variable)


Add all % of hopes divided by 2... and from your own view, how much would you rate our government from 0 to 50 percent and add this to the first result..

the value of hope is 45%/2 = 22.5% hopes from people side.
(note! this is fix based on the statistics)

Now for the government side?? it depends on how you rate it from 0 - 50%, then just add it by 22.5%

the result is the percentage of chance that our country will improved.

Let's assume thet we have an effecient government so we will have a 72.5% chance of improvement. That is already a big help. Anyway its just a theory, but what i am emphasizing here is that if we do our side, and the government do their side, everything will be under control. We, active people of the Philippines can contribute only 22.5% of improvement to our country, but if the government gives his 50% help by motivating this (15% employed but not paying tax and 10% na manhid na students) and giving opportunities to (10% na hindi nkapag-aral and 20% na unemployed). Sasabihin ko sa inyo, malaking pagbabago ang mangyayari...

Kung my ganitong pag-iisip sana ang mga leader natin.

Hindi mahirap ang maging maunlad.. nasa pag-iisip yan ng leader natin.

Ang mahirap ksi pag my bagong business proposition yung mga company sa ibang bansa... Ang tanong agad ng mga pulitika sa atin. " Magkano ang "share ko?"

Napaka ignorante!


anonymous - May 04th, 2010
Filipinos are just plain dumb. Why?

to them being poor is good and being rich is bad.

Poor=victim, even if they are lazy good for nothing bums.
Rich=Corrupt, even if they are hard working citizens.

Filipinos are idiots because if a politician say Ako para sa mahirap. They'd instantly support that politician despite the fact that he's not for the mahirap.

Filipinos depend too much on the govt despite the fact that they know that it is corrupt and hated.

anonymous - May 08th, 2010
come to think of it, the problem with the filipinos is not lack of intelligence. good education, in all forms, is deprived from us and this has been since the spanish period. what's the purpose? to gain and maintain conrol of power. as how friars used catholicism to control the minds and thoughts of our forefathers for spain to maintain control of the country, so are our politicians in our times. why do you think they don't put much purse on education? so that they would maintain the ignorance of the filipinos in order for them to get away with their corruption. if we are all educated, we will be able to choose our leaders well.

anonymous - June 27th, 2010
the filipinos werent the ones who made the philippines poor.it was the president and I mean the president of 09

anonymous - June 29th, 2010
You h34rt never learned, you suck

anonymous - July 24th, 2010
True. We, the the Filipinos, are the ones making the Philippines such a corrupted country.

But, mind you, Ms./Mr. h34rt, do you really think hating your own fellowmen helps? That you are making yourself any
less different?

I think, not.

I'm only 12 (turning 13 this last month of the year), kaya sana isip-isipin n'yo rin naman kaming mga kabataan.

Salamat. Magandang hapon po. happy.gif

anonymous - August 01st, 2010
filipinos love each other!!

anonymous - August 25th, 2010
Pinoys are IDIOTS! I hate all filipinos!!!!

anonymous - August 26th, 2010
what the!! God told us love others ...! anak nang!! if you are just going to refer to your experience YOUR SICK!!

anonymous - August 27th, 2010
OMG...I'm a Filipina from Belgium and from what I red right know, the only reason I'm ashamed of is having people like you representing the Philippines! :S
Walang kayong utang nang loob sa sarili nyo'ng bansa! Like our great national Jose Rizal hero would say "He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination."
It's sad for you people lose hope on what greatness the Filipinos are capable of.
It's just really sad...

anonymous - August 27th, 2010
I just want to say one thing. Us Filipinos are one of the Los hospitable people In the world. Saying as a fact that Filipinos can't love each other is terribly wrong. Why? Because whenever we go to places In the Philippines, there is always people that greet u. Smile at you and would talk to you no matter how much of a stranger ou are. And I hardly see that anywhere else.

anonymous - August 27th, 2010
I just want to say that Filipinos love each other. BUT there are exceptions.

anonymous - August 27th, 2010
please dont ever hate our nation !!
not all filipinos are like this and before you`ll live a comment, make sure that you`re a GOOD CITIZEN in your country before you share youre f*ckin bad opinions here !! lets look at the bright side .. !!

anonymous - August 28th, 2010
hmmm, marcos was a good president? don't you think na kaya naging mahirap ang country natin in the first place dahil sa marcos. Hay naku, tama na ang baluktot na katwiran. Never finished your essay dahil dun sa point mo na yun.
Do you ever stop to wonder kung ilang tao ang pinatay ni Marcos? Ilang libong kabataan ang namatay?

anonymous - August 28th, 2010

Many of you questions what Pinoys are so proud of when it comes to "pinoy pride".. Here are the answers, and I hope this will help enlighten all Filipinos who have lost their hope.

Yes, we are a poor country. Yes, We have a corrupt (if not the most corrupt) government. Yes we have more problems than solutions right now. But I still love our country. That is why PINOY PRIDE is so important. We recognize our country's weaknesses but we love it anyway. Take US for example, its sooo easy to be proud of being an American. Super power, massive high grade military, stable economics and good governance. They have a lot to be proud of. But us, even though we have none of those, we still love our country anyway. That is PINOY PRIDE my friend. Yes, we are poor, but we are also happy. In America, someone who got laid off during their recession killed their children, their wife then himself. But not in our country. Because we are poor, we are used to living in recession-everyday, in fact. Do you see homeless filipinos killing their whole families because they have no jobs? NO. Homeless Filipino people on the average has more than 5 kids, but they tough it out. Because we are poor, we are also RESILIENT. typhoon Katrina swept Oklahoma and it seemed like the end of the world. Ondoy hits Marikina and children are out playing who's the fastest swimmer. Children play. See where Im getting at?

About Marcos. Yes our country was at a better shape during his time. Yes, Cory may have not fulfilled all her promises. Maybe our country was better off with marcos economically. But UNDERSTAND THIS: no economic stature is worth a nation's FREEDOM. I will gladly take FREEDOM over economic status anytime of day. Freedom is a God-given right, no man should take another man's freedom. Marcos controlled the media, hence controlling information, which is our right. Journalists, activists and protesters disappeared and where never heard of. If in the eyes of Marcos you are an enemy, then you are guilty. He was the judge, jury and executor. You are guilty until proven innocent.. Lucky you if you were given the opportunity to prove yourself innocent, because during marcos' time, most often than not, you do not have that opportunity. MARCOS WAS A GREAT ECONOMICAL LEADER. he deserves that. He had great relations with the US that resulted to a great phil economy. But then again, would you trade good economy with your God-given freedom? I wont. I'll take poverty and corruption anyday. So long as I am live and die a free man.

Rizal and Aguinaldo fought and died for our country. How shameful that we, the ones who are benefiting from the freedom they fought for, are not proud to be Filipinos. We have been conquered by Spaniards, Americans and Japanese for a total of 300 years. 300 years we fought and bled all in the name of PILIPINAS. Americans fought with each other during civil war. We fough against conquerors far greater than us. And we succeeded through not through military strength for we had little, but through PURE and UNDENIABLE LOVE and PASSION for our motherland. If you are a Filipino who cant be proud and cant appreciate our history, then shame on you.

Filino OFWs endure so much just to make ends meet for their families. They endure hardwork, danger, loneliness, isolation and a lot more just so their families can eat 3 times a day. What you cant be proud of that?

The Filipinos' love for its motherland is a far greater love than any patriots, I believe. We have so little to love about the Philippines but we defend it. We have poor economy but e fight for it. We have corrupt government but we died for it. See, the Filipino's love for its country is far greater than any other.


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ka Pilipino!

anonymous - August 30th, 2010
As a Filipino, what have you done for your country at this moment? What have you done to correct these problems? It's your obligation too.

anonymous - September 11th, 2010
That's true. Such big words, but what have you done to love the country so far? Coz I don't understand if you love your country or your freedom. Loving the country is far greater than freedom. I was an OFW and I still hate being a Filipino not because of my race but because of how Filipinos live and didn't take care of what our forefathers have fought for. Try asking a pinoy in the street what he lives for. I bet you can't find a patriot now. Let's not talk about dying for the country yet. What about simple things as throwing candy wrappers or soda cups? Where do you throw them? Do you see where I'm getting at? These miniscule things are a reflection of what a Filipino is today my friend not what Rizal and the other heroes have fought for. Rizal probably regret that he died for people such as us.

And yes, the problem of every Filipino is within and not the color of our skin. It's what we do now that defines us as a people not what our forefathers have done. Our forefathers paved that way for us but we took it for granted. They fought against corruption and racism not just tyranny. Sad to say corruption even in every single transaction is part of Filipino culture.

Filipino society lives in apathy. We don't care anything anymore. We just go by trying to live and waiting to die. That's how most Filipinos live now. It's not about the land. I'm proud of our land. It's just the people are so pathetic. I mean, we see the problem already in front of us already, but we don't do anything to put a solution to it even though it's so simple. We're so coward to fight corruption because we fear for our lives. Instead, we just go with the flow and pretend we didn't hear or see evil.

Let's not go as far as US anymore. Take China, Japan, India, Thailand and Korea. We were ahead of them then. These countries don't need to learn english to be economic leaders. Now they're asking what happened to our country and us as a people. Now, Vietnam is threatening to surpass us.

You see, it's the way we live as Filipinos that's what I'm ashamed of not the color or what Rizal and the rest of the martyrs have fought for. How apathetic we are that put's us behind the rest of the countries. I bet only a few will die for the Philippines now.

anonymous - September 11th, 2010
Good point...Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!! Magluksa ka Pilipino dahil wala kang paki-alam sa bayan mo!!

anonymous - September 13th, 2010
All the blood, sweat and tears offered by our heroes gone to nothing because most Filipinos are apathetic, coward and no sense of purpose in their country!! Filipinos don't know what is democracy all about. The media and the Catholic religion is keeping the Filipinos from thinking. The Philippines has the stupidest media that leaves Filipinos stupid!! And a Catholic religion that does nothing but to only tell the people what to hear and to be complaisant about everything else. They teach people to be contended on their stature and to avoid contraceptions because "its against the will of GOD". Such a religion of hypocrites and morons who don't understand the Bible!!

anonymous - September 19th, 2010
You're damn stupid! "YOU STILL HOPE THAT EVERY FILIPINO WILL LEARN HOW TO LOVE EACH OTHER AND WORK TOGETHER" You're talking about love to each other while you put HATE on your toungue to your brothers and siters??? Learn first! You should be ashamed of yourself! Don't ya ever call yourself a filipino!

anonymous - September 19th, 2010
You're stupid coz I bet that you have a shallow understanding of what love is. I bet that you can't even die for Filipinos. Ask yourself this...what have you done for your country? I can answer this, but can you? Do you even know the precolonial history of the Philippines? I bet that you only know the Aeta's version.

This blog is meant to critically analyze what's wrong with the Filipino people. If you are so proud of being a Filipino, taste the facts and make the change. If the narrow-minded pinoys such as you can't accept that, then there is no hope for pinoys. Because the sad fact is, the truth hurts and you can't accept it!!!

anonymous - September 23rd, 2010
It's funny how you mention that we should love our country and our fellowmen, when your title says "..but I hate the Filipinos." It's also funny that you should use the word 'OUR' when not once in your blog did you refer to Filipinos using the first person. Are you not a Filipino yourself? Definitely not our loss, h34rt. What a stupid dumbass way of writing your name, by the way.

anonymous - September 25th, 2010
it's pinoys like you who look for the wrong things because you can't accept it because you're coward of making the change. tell me..what's the name got to do with making the change anyway? how's referring to one with the other going to affect your society positively? will your name make the philippines a better place to live in? very narrow-minded and very american way of calling names. and you call yourself a filipino? you're the one who should be ashamed!!

anonymous - September 26th, 2010
Marcos was a thief. No matter how great his potential was, he stole from a whole nation. outright stole. It was like a ponzi/pyrammid scheme. all looks well, country's economy goes up, just like in the scheme. but then, it just all tumbles and what's left were a few rich schemers and a lot of robbed people.

you don't have a good grasp of what you are talking about. politics especially.
I can't believe anyone who says what marcos did was in any way excusable.

Some points you raised were true. i do agree with GMA being a horror and corruption being our bane.

But Marcos... try to do something about that. ask older people if you say reading materials are biased. he is one of the main reasons we are in this hole right now.

We as a people, i humbly opine, lack some aspect of pride. we may be overflowing with it durin Pacquiao fights, being in other countries, being proud of our culture, etc. But when it comes to our home, we let others get away with these many forms of corruption. we have to be more exacting on our demands from each other. Not let others get more than what is for them. be it in traffic, in lines, in taxes, corription, anywhere where we are, as a whole, involved. as such our contributions must be proportional to what we actually demand.

anonymous - September 27th, 2010
a point well taken. but that's just a dimuinitive factor that could just be a speckle in the big picture. you see, we don't need to blame the officials. we share the blame because we voted for these beasts. however you want to exclude yourself of the blame, we reap what the majority have sowed for us.

let's not blame who had or has the golden staff at the office. instead, let's pause and think. think real hard what would make this cycle stop. let's attack the source of this all..and that is the hearts and minds of the pinoys. we've been made to be complaisant and to not think at all like idiots starting under the spanish colony.

let's think of what we could do to change the cycle. i would start from the education picking the philippine media as the first, because, let's face it, what good does our media teach our children these days? this is the closest and readily available form of media right in one's living room. heck, you could make a PhD out of the nation through television if the media wants it to. and this is the most prevalent form of medium. this should include values education. what about the one's who doesn't have televisions you say? enter the schools.

think about it...if the nation doesn't think, we will always be fooled. we will never ever get a good government. the governement is only as good as the people who put them in. on the contrary, if the people have been well educated and informed, one will be sure that the government is committed to the service of the people because the government officials have been well educated and given the right values too. it's a real domino effect: good education and values, the higher percentage of quality family life and the higher percentage the people will have a good government, if not the best.

but i doubt that this is going to happen, because our leaders look for the wrong things. hence they address the wrong problems. these clowns can't seem to see that the problem is within, not without.

and to the person who posted on the 23rd of september? who made u president to say it's not the filipinos' loss? speak for yourself. before you say anything like that, can you recount what have you accomplished for the filipino pride?

anonymous - October 12th, 2010
very well said... thanks!!!

anonymous - October 14th, 2010
lack some aspect of pride. we may be overflowing with it durin Pacquiao fights, being in other countries, being proud of our culture, etc. But when it comes to our home, we let others get away with these many forms of corruption. we have to be more exacting on our demands from each other. Not let others get more than what is for them. be it in traffic, in lines, in taxes, corription, anywhere where we are, as a whole, involved. as such our contributions must be proportional to what we actually demand.



anonymous - October 15th, 2010
i hate to break the mood but rizal was a fag.... melda loves shoes ha ha ha go philippines......

anonymous - October 15th, 2010
why are flips always the victim? there are heaps of poor places in the world but none cry better than the phils..but man it is good when you doggy style the women...love it!!!

anonymous - October 19th, 2010
I'm a young expat whom lived in the Philippines for two years. I have some small Filipino heritage, on my fathers side, and although it is no way visible, when I was young I was very proud. However I was exposed to the corrupt nature of their life styles, and their people in general. I made some very close friends and cherish the time I spent there, but for the most part many of the Filipino people are all the same; and some are even so humble as to admit their lack of individuality as a nation. Their music, television, clothing, is all an attempt to mimic western society. They all share the same frame's of mind and anyone who thinks outside the box is casted down and isolated immediatly, thus many Filipinos act fake or "plastic", as they put it, in order to fit in. As cliche as it may sound they are in fact sheep. Whatever the tv portrays as acceptable become acceptable, whomever is depicted as bad is bad, thus the candidate releasing more adds is almost currently going to be elected; no questions asked.

anonymous - October 24th, 2010
there you go! most pinoys are so gullible. unable to think for themselves.

anonymous - November 15th, 2010
One of the many reasons why the Philippines will ever be a better place is because of the patriotic crap that you all have. You all think that you are Christians but you only want to love you're own . This is the modern world now , and it's getting smaller. There is no such thing as the true blood Filipinos . I bet you everybody in the philippines has foreign blood. Patriotism is just an excuse for bigots.
You complain about things that is going on in the philippines , oh you're not a filipino , I couldn't care less anymore. Pilipinos just spit , urinate , throw garbage , defocate , etc in their own backyards, that is love for own country means ? The politicians just thinks this place place is pRdise because they can do what ever the hell they like because people are so stupid and patriotic they will believe anything.

What a pathetic group of people!!!

anonymous - November 15th, 2010
Hello , if you take part in a solution in making the Philippines a better place say goodbye to this world . You will definetely be killed . Have anybody notice the political killings ang the number journalist being killed.

Philippines is damned and punished by god , so repent.

anonymous - November 16th, 2010
--Heads up guys, if you lived in Manila usually what you will see is the dark side of the Philippines just to name a few like traffic jam, hold uppers,snatchers everywhere specially in Recto mga walang disiplinang driver ng bus, jeepneys etc.muntik na akong madisgrasya nung inipit yong sasakyan ko sa mga walang modong bus driver na yon.ilang beses na ako na hold up, tinutukan ng patalim,nilaslas yong bag ko, na snatch yong pera ko sa bulsa..geeeezz..i hate those bastard but not my motherland i still love phi.Then, the brighter side is, punta ka ng Province like Laguna, Batangas, Cebu, Vigan, Palawan, Bohol, Leyte at madami pang iba--you will see the simplicity of being a filipino and pretty contented with their lives. It is simple, tahimik, malayo sa gulo at fresh yong mga pagkain at hangin,aakyat kalang sa puno ng bayabas busog kana,walang problema sa pagkain ksi hindi na binibili.as long as you are a hardworker. malinis ang ilog at dagat dun.. yon ang the best ng Pinas

-and Yes, we love and help each other.pero siguro hindi lahat ng probinsya ganun pero ganun ang kinamulatan ko (paxenxa d marunong magtagalog hehehe. bihira ka lang maka encounter ng mababait sa manila.. no offend sa iba. kaya ayaw na ayaw kung tumira dito.gusto ko parin sa province namin--masarap parin mamuhay dun.(hehe)

Alam niyo guys pag may nakikita akong pulubi na humihingi ng pera na magagalit pa pag hindi mo binibigyan, yong mga taong aakyat ng jip or bus hihingi ng pera at yong mga taong walang tirahan na natutulog sa mga kalye kalye--naaawa ako, yes pero nangingibabaw pa din yong inis ko sa kanila sarap pag sabihan na hoy! kung may kanya kanya kayong probinsya--umuwi na nga lang kayo.magsipag kau dun, magtanim ng gulay or kung ano ano pa para hindi kau magutom.kaysa kung kani knino kayo humingi,kaso d ka din makapag judge sa isang tao e, wat if wala silang lupa???hehe!nakakatawa dba?madaming possibility at madiming rason.kaso katamaran nga ng Pinoy minsan. Pumunta ng Manila akala nila may maibigay ng magandang buhay!sus!d nila alam mas masarap mamuhay sa probinsya.

Mga kabaro kung Pinoy, start tau ng pagbabago, una sa sarili natin, pamilya, neigbor, barangay until it ramifies. kasi ako nagsisimula na. kasi nahihiya narin ako sa mga karatig bansa natin. nilalait tau akala mo kung sino.grrrr.sinasabi nila na sex store daw ang pinas?kung nagawa man ng mga pinay yon, may dahilan. example klangan ng pera para sa pamilya.geezz..mali parin yon,kainis yong mga babaeng ganun.known pa naman sana tau sa pagiging conservative--yon ang sariling atin e kaso na influence na.kakainis dba?! pero wait, sino nga ba ang nagdala ng ganyang ugali dito sa pinas??ang mga American xempre! influence nga naman.7 years old sa kanila hindi na virgin ang mga yon..at least sa atin dba?! kahit papano may natitirang pang mga matatanda na nag ga guide sa mga kabataan natin ngayon.

(And yes, malaking impluwensiya din sa mga bata ang mga pinapanood nila ngayon.ang mga giant network walang ibang iniisip kundi ratings.)

sabi nga ng friend ko na nagwowork sa call center: kung walang mga Americanong bobo, wala kaming trabaho...hehehe!yayks!see the reality??ang pinoy mga matatalino sana kso yong iba hindi ginamit yong utak nila...to those other dude ashamed of being a filipino, kinakahiya sariling lahi at tinalikuran , kinamuhian at nanunumpang hindi na babalik!.hahah! all I can say is: You are nothing but a COWARD! hahaha!kung naghihirap man ang Pinas challenge sa ating mga Pinoy yon..kung gano ba talaga tau katatag..kung may unos at bagyo mang dumating sa atin take it as a spicy in life..at least tau nakakatiis tau ng hirap.
-what if ang America ang magdadownfall???makakaya kaya nila yong nakayanan natin??pero ako stand padin ako pray kay God, bahala na si God sa mga masasamang loob at sa mga taong mahilig magbitaw ng mga masasamang salita na prang expression nalang sa knila yon.believe it or not, lumaki ako sa probinsya and never akong nakarinig na nagmura parents namin kaya ako hindi din marunong magmura.see? nakadepende talaga ang lahat sa mga sarili natin at sa loob ng pamilya. Being a good citizens starts with your self and family. Life is complicated you just need to learn how to live with it.

I love Philippines!!

anonymous - November 21st, 2010
wehhh!!di marunong mag mura daw oh. di lang naman sa parents natututunan ang pagmumura eh. lokohin mo lelang mo. hehe. pero, tama ang ginagawa mong pagbabago. sana marami pang pinoy ang magkaroon ng kamalayan tulad mo. at sana ang buong sambayanang pilipino para maibalik ang dating tayog ng pinoy. but until that time comes, I still am not proud of being a pinoy because of what we are now. hopefully, when most filipinos have come to their senses (because i know not all pinoys care to), we will get back up and be proud of what we have done just like what the singaporeans did and still are doing. we can only boast about manny pacquiao today. but if we filipinos have the discipline to restore our old glory as pinoys, we will walk with heads up high. and i believe that this can happen with the right values inculcating patriotism. and what better means to convey these but through education, formal or informal, and our media.

if these idiots in the government don't realize that, we don't have hope as a nation.

the reason why you started that revolution in you is that you have access to these media, formal or informal, or maybe even with friends or groups. what about the rest of pinoys who don't have such accesses and right friends and groups? they can't be awakened like you did. if the influences are crap, then expect a crap person out of it.

anonymous - December 01st, 2010
I think Filipinos are sad people. They get ever more sadder in time in parallel to modernization. Young or old, just see how they think and react to certain things like

Blind Patriotism

Hell there's a lot of ways to prove this and if you're a filipino just look around your town or city or wherever you might be in the islands of the Ph, its not hard to find people mocking people who speaks plain english (dear god filipinos you're making insults to yourselves). However you mostly can't see this on filipinos abroad because most of them are just grateful that they got the chance to earn more and provide more for their families back in the motherland and chances are these filipinos abroad are the smarter kind.

Facists and supporters of facism

Both the government and people. Not necessarily their fault as this kind of "face" has been brought in by foreigners themselves. In the Philippines just like anywhere else in the world who watches reality shows like big brother which the filipinos made their own spin-off version called the pinoy big brother, they value outside looks to the inner self. This can be proven by how a lot of them uses the term "pangit", which means ugly, as the opening for most insults, taunts and mockery. This may not account for all pinoys but they vote their future leaders and mind you not just the president, by voting the person with the most "pogi"/"ganda" points, which basically means the most popular choice, and not the most able one. If the candidate won he/she keeps the charades of facism(not in the materialistic manner or this will result to a fail but rather rich promises) on its own people and keep them hoping while it sucks their resources dry. I say "it" because I'm making a point that these "leaders" are in no way fit for a leader role but as parasites which is inhuman. ( I'm only 19 and in now way interested to vote, I lost faith a long time ago.. so don't expect me to explain why) Also how come foreigners love filipinos so much? Well they like acting STUPID and very skilled in sucking up like they did since the Spanish era. It makes me think of those japanese cafes where the young maids job is to point out that she's the broom and the costumer can sweep her to the floor anytime he wants. Plus either that or they do this fake patriotism thing where local gangs bad mouth tourists and blame "americans", which as long as you're white even if you're Aussie, British, whatever you.., for their hard life. What's more some of them think it's cool and supporting their country. All they do is prove how ignorant and mean mouthed jerks we are.

Something else I really hate about filipinos is their NEED for drama. They don't just want to watch it, they need it! Then they act like everything is either dramatic or too exciting or whatelse but I don't get it. Then they act overly dramatic but criticizes me when I don't ride the stupidity wagon. I don't see the humor in it Leave me Alone! Well it might be unfair to pinoys but most are that way so..

Then comes the music scene, which is not new or special or even damn worth hearing. Even if I think kpop, jpop, k/j rock sucks, at least there's the japanese folk experimental music. All the music to be heard here on ph are either "tagalog" versions of globally popular songs or stupid nonsensical themed fun songs, local hiphop/rap, pinoy rock which most of the time talks about lovers and heartbreaks, boohoo -_-, and the pop music scene this world generation sucks to grow up with. Honestly the older local music, though I'm not a fan, is more tolerable than all these crap here. Also most filipino movies suck! ALways the same predictable and boring love cycles and crappy horror turned comedy, and lots of gays! :] Yea gays, they never tire to stereotype gay people.

Why does it suck to stay in manila? Could be the pollution, could be the homeless people fighting for survival or the classic dons with egotism, it could the heat because of too many people, and too many stolen SUV's. Why do we need big cars? the philippines is way to small and composed of islands separated by seas to fit all these. Also the hormone problems.. Gawd what's wrong with these people?? Everyone is humping left and right they don't even think of the consequences! not cool man, the more people you bring the more problem you make. For everyone.

I'm sorry this turned out to be my own little rant but I have to express it somehow. ;]

anonymous - January 01st, 2011
you suck.

anonymous - January 05th, 2011
i could relate to your rants. well, as i said, it boils down to our education, government and the media. one will not produce a stupid people if you don't have these morons sitting on the throne of power and influence. you're too young to get a reality check of all these things and not jumping into the pinoy stereotypes. i hope more young people get to get that awakening and start a revolution in you. i hope you don't just mumble about these. instead, be a mover and do something about it. after all, young people like you will be taking over the nation (well, not literally, but you know what i mean). i hope you spread the word and influence the rest of our pinoys who are still asleep at this time and go against the flow of these pinoy stereotypes. the pages are blank for you. you need to write a better history for the pinoys so that when those pages are turned, your children and successors will be proud of what we went through and what we have become. we're not proud of the achievements and the history we have written. but they are there for you to learn from it and hopefully not make the same mistakes that we did. we're passing the baton on the young pinoys and we're counting on you to make that much needed change. the change of pinoys within.

anonymous - January 07th, 2011
I have over the years of following pinoy politics come to realize .. Pinoys are fucking hopeless ..

anonymous - January 11th, 2011
Point taken. I love these kinds of blog / discussion. If only filipinos were disciplined and are responsible...

anonymous - January 16th, 2011
pac man is a national hero! he is also a drug cheat....your swat team managed to shoot everyone except the bad guy on the bus....do i need to go on? on the bright side your women are awesome to fuck!! hey at least that's something... flips suck ass ha ha ha ha

anonymous - January 26th, 2011
If we all just give respect.

anonymous - February 08th, 2011
American women, didn't like filipina women, becoz filipina are threat to them...they are scared that filipina will steal their men. Admit it!

anonymous - February 09th, 2011
Hi, This was really true, great and real.I appreciate the effort Sir/Mam:

I am glad that I Proved that I am not the only one who thinks that EDSA Revolution is a Shit!

COry Aquino is just a piece of shit and do not deserve a honorable burial
anyway.. she and the moronic people
of the philippines way back then
is the Reason, why My mother and father
had to go Overseas!!! to work
for us to live in our everyday lives!
How about others? the ones who do not have the basic needs??
WHere Do WE Go now?
Kung matapang ka talaga
at makabansa, I challenge you to
be a SOLDIER i mean A Real soldier
and Eliminate all Muslim terrorist groups to give us and our countrymen at least a little safer place to live!
and REbels!!!
ANg gusto lang ng mga modernong kabataan ngayon, mag Starbucks, Mag Internet, Magtrabaho, Maglaro, Mag outing at Magpakasarap sa Sweldo nila
at di na inisip ang ating bayan..
tandaan ninyo, lahat tayo
apektado sa bawat galaw ninyo!
Many of you are just good in pointing Fingers!
you can
add me up @ fb: jxx_h8su@yahoo.com

anonymous - February 14th, 2011

anonymous - March 26th, 2011
I'm Filipino And Damn It You People Who Hate Us......... SHUT UP!

anonymous - April 07th, 2011
Im not filipino but I had a filipina girlfriend once for about a year. I noticed through her Facbook activity that there was an expression among filipinos called; "charrr overrr"... At first I didn't understand this expression but after a while I got it... I discovered that whenever someone told the others about something nice, meaningful and good in their lives, then someone else commented; "charrr overrrr"... as I understand, this expression is a way of telling to the other person that it's "too much"...."cool down"...."too sensitive"..."too dramatic"... maybe this is a good example of the crab mentality ? to put someone down, just covered inside a "humorous" expression.... charrrr. Besides from that I didn't notice any crab mentality while I was together with her friends. I think Filipinos are very social and friendly people, but it seems they always have a need of impressing others...

Anyway, I think the causes to the problems in philippines boils down to two things: overpopulation and undereducation.

anonymous - April 26th, 2011
I hate Filipinos but I love the Philippines. Living here is a lot cheaper than almost any other country out there but the people here suck. They're greedy, have no sense of private space, envious and to top it all off, pretend to be oh-so-nice but would rip you to shreds the moment your back is turned.

anonymous - May 06th, 2011
Besides urinating in the street like dogs, throwing their garbage down anywhere, shamelessly begging for money, accepting corruption as a way of life, blaming "Philippine time" for being late for everything, having no respect for privacy, or personal space, and systematically turning a potential tropical paradise into an impoverished dump, the Philippinos are a great people. Going there made me so appreciate the western world.

anonymous - May 07th, 2011
There is no doubt that Marcos was skimming money and making himself and his cohorts rich. However he also led the Philippines to the highest economic development they have yet to see. There are times when a corrupt yet skilled leader can be better than an honest yet incompetent one. Secondly Marcos was greedy and would not tolerate lesser thieves in the government. Now you have gotten rid of one big thief and replaced him with hundreds of lesser thieves in a government rife with corruption at every level. Then there are the cultural issues, such as mass over population due largely to the Catholic mindset that family planning is evil...thus leading to people who make 20,000 pesos or less a month having 12 or more children, which they can not afford health care education or even proper nutrition for. A complete lack of sanitation with over crowded slums and shanty towns, little or no trash removal, and as the previous poster mentioned signs every where saying "please don't urinate here". Every where I traveled in the Philippines people I met blamed all the problems on corrupt politicians, but if you ask who they voted for they will tell you they keep voting for the same people over and over even while complaining they are corrupt. They also complain loudly about a lack of foreign investment which has so helped other countries in South East Asia, yet they prohibit any foreigner to own more than 40% of a business, thus they have cut their own throats in the hopes of Western investment bringing new jobs and progress. It would take pages to list every problem, but currently I see the Philippines as becoming the Hatti of the Pacific.

anonymous - May 10th, 2011
? hindi nmn kau malakas sa dota eh

anonymous - May 12th, 2011
bilang isang pinoy, oo sumasangayon ako sa sinabi mo, pero yung pagsasabi mo at ng ibang pinoy full o half man na HATE nila ang pinas o ang Pinoy di ba parang insulto yun? alam ko maraming nangyayari sa pinas na di kaaya-aya pero sana naman look at the bright side, sa mga nagsasalita ng kung ano ano na di na daw babalik ng pinas at ayaw ng maging pinoy! I pity you kasi di nyo naranasan at di nyo kailan man mararanasan ang pakiramdam na maging TUNAY na pinoy. Maganda ang pinas di nyo lang alam kung gaano kaganda ang kultura at mga tao, yung mindset nyo kasi nakatuon sa negative kaya ganyan nga lumilitaw. Bakit sa america ba o sa ibang bansa walang holdaper?snatcher?killer?bastos?corrupt?! at kung anu ano pang negatibong salita na pwede mong sabihin sa isang bansa. I LOVE BEING A FILIPINO and I LOVE the PHILIPPINES, inspite of the difficuties na kinakaharap natin atleast kaya pa nating tumawa! ganyan ang PINOY!, and if i would be given a chance to change who I am or to be born in another raise, I would refuse that offer, and would REMAIN as a FILIPINO and would be PROUD NA SABIHIN SA KAHIT KANINO NA PINOY AKO. yun lang PO happy.gif sa mga ibang nagcomment dyan marunong ba kayong mag po at opo?! hahaha be optimistic di pa huli ang lahat para sa Pilipinas.

anonymous - May 14th, 2011
? dota na lng anu ba pinagsasabi nio?

anonymous - May 27th, 2011
I am a college student studying in a state university in the Philipiines and I can see all these every single day. One can only hope for improvement but, sad to say, when all around you cares nothing but individual self gratifications, it makes one resolve to just give-up and mind his own business. I really want to help my country but my country doesn't seem to care about its future leaders at all.

anonymous - May 29th, 2011
karamihan sa mga filipino ngayong ay masyadong negatibo ang pag i isip tungkol sa ating bayan,lalo na sa politika at government official natin, dapat sana pag isiiipannnn sana ng mabuti kong sino ang kanilang iboboto hindi lang sa popularidad at dahil siya ay sikat.karamihan sa ating kababayan kung sino sikat ay siya ang iboboto.ngayon maglilikramo dahil wala palang kwenta.kaya ang pilipinas pilipinas parin at tayo lang ang makakatulong kung paano natin pagtulong tulong aasinso and atin bayan.wag natin laitin ang lupa ng ating hinirang.magsimola tayo sa ating bakuran maglinis.at respito sa ating kapwa.ito ay maliit na bagay pero nakakatulong sa ating bayan.kung ang isang mabuting guro ay siyang nagbigay at nagturo ng kabutihan at magandang inpirasyon at halimbawa sa mga kabataan ngayon ito ay nakakatulong din sa atin mahal na bayan,wag natin laitin kung ikaw ay pinoy gumawa kanaman ng kabutihan,na ika o onlad sa pilipinas.

anonymous - May 30th, 2011
To all Filipinos who still long for a better Philippines, please do not give up on the country. Our country is facing many challenges and uncertainty at the moment. It is easy to give up now and blame others for our lack of succes and inability to be succesful countries such as Japan and Taiwan. However, if we continue to whine without making any efforts, what makes us different to those who blame the government? It is our choice to help or remain passive about the country. What is your choice
then - mga kabayan?

anonymous - June 18th, 2011

anonymous - June 22nd, 2011
I invested all my retirement money in the Philippines. All in all $1.7 million. I had given another $1 million to charity there. Corrupt extortionists forced me from the country and took everything I had in this world. DO NOT INVEST IN THE PHILIPPINES. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE IF YOU DO. TRUST ME!

anonymous - July 04th, 2011
Masakit mang tanggapin na maraming Pilipino na ang gustong talikuran ang kanilang pinanggalingan. Sabi nga ni Jose Rizal "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan". Siguro marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang nakakalimot kung saan tayo nanggaling kaya hindi makakaalis sa putikang kinalalagyan natin. Masyado tayong humahanga sa ibang bansa at hindi natin ginagamit ang ating mga kakayahan at kaalaman para umasenso ang ating bansa. Kulang na tayo sa disiplina. Masyado tayong mapanghusga. Sa lahat ng Pilipinong lider na nakilala ko, dalawa lang ang hinahangaan ko. Si Dr. Jose Rizal at si Ferdinand Marcos. Maraming katangian ang nagustuhan ko sa kanila na sa Pilipino mo lng makikita. Mahal na ang pagiging Pilipino at hindi nila ikinahihiya it. Maraming tao ang nagsasabi na masama si Marcos. Diktador, mamamatay tao at magnanakaw. Pero marami ang hindi nakakaalam na ang mga yaman nya ay galing yun sa mga negosyo nya. Magaling siyang magdisiplina ng bayan sa nakabubuti ng karamihan. Masyado siyang magaling magplano sa bayan at kung paano magnegosyo ng pera ng bayan para lumaki ito at mapapakinabangan ng lahat ng Pilipino. Na kahit na sinong lider ng ibang bansa ay hindi matapatan ang kakayahan nya sa pagplano at pamamalakad nito ng ating bansa. Kahit sa kahulihulihan hininga niya, taus puso niyang gustong ibahagi sa mga Pilipino ang yaman nito. Ganun din si Jose Rizal. Maraming humahanga sa kanya dahil sa kanyang katalinuhan at pagmamahal sa bayan lalo na sa mga kabataan. Sana ito ang mga taong dapat tularan natin. Mga taong may disiplina at ginagamit ang talino sa ikabubuti ng karamihan.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Magtiwala lang tayo at gawin ang responsibilidad bilang Pilipino. Tumulong sa kapwa at higit sa lahat huwag nating kalimutan ang kinagisnan nating Pananampalataya.

anonymous - July 06th, 2011
sayang pilipinas..si richard gordon na sana ang tanging pag asa natin nung nakaraang election. pero sad to say..stupid filipinos ignored this sole savior. well..lets just get ready to face further hardships ahead..we are going into one hell of a ride down to botomless shithole!! wooohooooo!!!

anonymous - July 12th, 2011
i don't need to argue with those who think that philippines suck because it's true...not because i hate being filipino but because i refuse to be blinded with what's really going on in this country...although a corrupt government contributes largely to the poverty of the filipinos, it is the filpinos themselves bringing downfall to their lives and just blame the government because it is easier to pinpoint somebody for their miseries than acknowledge their own laziness and lack of discipline...

i've been on more than a dozen countries and saw how disciplined and hardworking their citizens are...truth is they don't have that much resources than Philippines have but they know how to manage their resources and work hard on whatever job, career, profession or business they chose to have, thus contributing to their country's economy...they just don't simply turn their backs from their country and curse their countrymen...they don't brag that they are the "best" in the world, they simply do what they have to do...

what makes matters worse is some filipinos who now live abroad look down on their fellow filipinos left in the philippines and think that they are absolutely going down the shithole...not at all encouraging isn't it?...just because they call themselves citizens of other countries, doesn't mean they are better individuals than anyone else...but i do admire those who have lived quite a long time abroad and never forgot their heritage...it's funny how some filipinos in the u.s. try too hard to copy american culture when in the end, americans still look at them as filipinos...and one thing that's really disapponting about filipinos is that they think of their families and relatives abroad as "milking cows"...not all, but most...it's alright to help your family back at home in philippines, those who are really in need, but some are simply lazy and rely their lives to their dollar-earning relatives...and when they don't get the money or stuff they demand, their relative is already bullshit...so where in the world do you find this kind of attitude...only in the Philippines....so before Filipinos start whining about what a shit living in the Philippines is, they should start first to re-structure their way of thinking and attitude because if not, Philippines will be stuck on a status of being a third-world country...

anonymous - August 03rd, 2011
i think we can trace this back to how the Philippines suffered under colonization. Think back to where it all began. When Spain, UNITED STATES, and Japan were POWER TRIPPING and throwing their rotten influence over our way. for that person who said that he would not step foot on Philippine soil again - GOOD. People like you are not WELCOME.

anonymous - August 05th, 2011
Well, past is past. I think we as Filipinos should rather focus on our present and the future of our countrymen. Dwelling on the past and complaining will do no good. As of now we should help our countrymen since there are millions of people suffering as a result of poverty. I believe that instead of pointing fingers we should help instead. Even though results might virtually become failures they make a difference I believe.

anonymous - August 16th, 2011
First off, I fucking hate filipino
people, especially the ones fresh of the boat, you come to western civilization to work at jobs which require no certification or degree, 7-11, Tim Hortons etc, mostly for the sole purpose of making more significant money so you can send it back home to your family, your loyalty to your family is good but thats all. You come speaking broken english, you assume that everyone is scum (thief, poor etc) you fucking trashy filipinos come with the idea that your country's customs and way of living should apply in Canada or US, you believe that your country is superior to anywhere else and you criticize respectable people and have no manners, majority of you fucking people are not civilized, polite, respectable, educated or successful. You don't come with an open mind, you would assume that if you were to visit a country you would expect that country's ways of being different and diverse, and you would make effort to speak that country's language and adapt to that country's way of living, and most of all respect people and try to be sociable. Bit of a reality check now, you come from a 3rd world country, you have lame goals if any, you live like fucking pilgrims and you dont have the capability of thinking big or about the bigger picture of enjoying life, when was the last time you attended a social event or business event of some type with successful people, whether it be a club scene or dinner party, hotel party, sport club, limo, business conference, fine dining at an upscale restaurant etc, I'm not saying thats living large thats just some of the common things people like to do at times to enjoy themselves. The biggest sign of disrespect is when you are in my country (Canada) and you are working at a place of service whether it be a fastfood place or convenient store, and you speak your language ABOUT me to your fellow filipinos, how fucking incredibily rude, if it was up to me all of you guys would be sent home, and where the fuck are your manners, ever hear of please and thank-you and smiling to greet a customer....... it doesn't matter if I walk into a A&W and greet the filipino worker with a smile and ask how her day was going, you will still turn around and joke with your fellow piece of shit about me RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. The young filipinos are fucking lame looser skid hurting units, you fucking skids think you are gangsters, you buy one nice pair of clothes and a buncha rags then you wear your nice pair of clothes and you walk and act like you're a nigga from the hood and you mean mug, like holy fuck who the fuck are you????? and the girls think they are fucking divas and try to act like celebrities from hollywood. Message to all phillipinos many people dislike you guys some are outspoken and some are silent, if you are coming to Canada if you can't adapt and have respect stay fucking home and eat your mangoes

anonymous - August 23rd, 2011

anonymous - August 29th, 2011
shutup you filipino goof you fucking fag

anonymous - September 04th, 2011
Actually you are wrong. The Philippines has been a rich country before Marcos. It was the excesses of Marcoses that put as to where we are today. The Philippines was Rich before and while Marcos was in power, but because of their corruption, we are poor now. Read your history.

I am not pro-aquino, i hate them as well. But look closely to what happened during the times of Marcos era. It was the time when media was suppressed so news of wealth of the Philippines are the only things that you'll find in the news. All the negative stuff are censored. It was the beginning of the international sex trade of Filipino omen and children as well - have you heard o the "pagsanjan boy" well they used to be world famous during marcos' regime. but this was never put in any news coverage because imelda doesnt like the bad publicity of child sex trade news.

secondly, people actually died and tortured for speaking up. there was no opposition during his time. the power is tipped over too much to his benefit. hindi mga holdaper and sinasalvage nun - mga estudyante AT journalists.

third, have you ever researched about imeda's visit abroad? check that out and you will be astounded/ kayamg ipasara ang isang five star hotel sa new york pag babyahe sya. and her shoes; it will take you 8 years if you will wear a pair a day from her shoe collection.

I think you really did a great job in your research, kaso you focused too much on the positve things. anf also before kay marcos, yung $1 is equals to Php5. but do you know that before him it was only $1 is to $2.5?

anonymous - September 09th, 2011
oh isnt that funny? i hate the filipinos too, especially those racist people who think every foreigners name is joe or ashley. secondly they should not be criticizing pppol it"s like what they said to me corruption is present from the start of the world... well then why wont they shut the hell up with their "we're so poor and we need better money makers" campaign and all that crap cause its never gonna work... plus i also hate those people who keep saying that i should love my country but i don't... i mean why should i? here i'll give you an example: we wre atthis football game and everyone was like completely cheering on the phil teams and were cursing the other team for scoring most of the points so i boooed every time the philippines scored serves them right for playing dirty.... i could go on a long way but i wont or else this place would flooded and plus im waiting till im 21 so i can change my citizenship... i'd rather be dead than be part of thire racism

anonymous - September 11th, 2011
sigh.. You know what? I'm going to space..

anonymous - October 01st, 2011
true, especially the one about Marcos..it saddens me that the textbooks in public schools talks about how corrupt Marcos was, when in fact he did a lot of good things for the Philippines, unlike the presidents next to him, they helped pull down the country. Maybe he had unexplained wealth but it was not from the people, not from the taxes.Unlike, GMA.Also with Joseph, he made money not from the government but somewhere else..unlike GMA.I wonder what happened why Filipinos became so poor during Cory's time?

anonymous - November 03rd, 2011
to one "anynomous" who said "dont be balimbing" to fil americans living in the U.S.

my question to you: why can't we love 2 countries, the u.s. and the philippines at the same time. are we supposed to love just one country? you dont know why other filipinos leave the philippines to live in other countries its not because they hate the philippines but sometimes they have to. (petitioned by parents, married the one they love, to take care of aging parents... etc). i live in america and i love the philippines! i love both countries and nothing anyone say can change that.

anonymous - November 03rd, 2011
ONE COMMENT I READ : to quote "it's funny how some filipinos in the u.s. try too hard to copy american culture"

excuse me that doesnt only happen in the US, filipinos in the philippines are now trying so hard to talk with american accent, act like gangsters, copy foreign music and just change the lyrics. copying everything from music to clothes, the way they talk, tv shows everything.

anonymous - November 03rd, 2011
mayayabang pilipino kesyo nasa america or pilipinas. ang gaganda ng sasakyan puro utang naman at wala naman pera. maghahanda ng pagkain wala naman pambayad ng tuition fees ng anak nila. basta maka impress lang, yan ang pinoy. superstar si pacquiao, wag masyadong idolin hindi yan dyos. lalo tuloy tayong mukhang mabababaw, boxingero sinasamba na !

mahilig mamintas at mayayabang ang pilipino yan and mali sa atin.

anonymous - November 09th, 2011
iam not filipino. i always wondered why the filipino OFW girls OFTEN fall for married men , ruin their marriges, happiness of their kids all this just for getting money or just for lust or timepass while at the sametime , these filipino girls have spouses back home as well as kids.

anonymous - November 13th, 2011
it is because filipino people are absolute scum that are lacking morals, dignity and class, they are the worlds rodents, their appearance is similar to a rodent (size, facial expression, rate of speech)

anonymous - November 22nd, 2011
Mabuhay ang Pilipino!!!

anonymous - January 01st, 2012
the problems of filipino's are jealousy, insecure, crab mentality, vanity, stupid, and they love being slave by foriegn people inside and out of the country.

anonymous - January 17th, 2012
the problem with most filipinos in the internet is that they are childish in their reactions and responses whenever one tries to point out criticism- be that good or bad way of making it across. Filipino here, and I'm not even wanting to go on that bullshit way of propagating pinoy pride. Lose that schtick now, ALRIGHT? Oh, and I hate filipino films. They're so out of touch from real human emotions. And their ridiculous film festivals- just set the bomb in the whole arena and destroy this sole bad influence that keeps infecting the youth with anti-intellectualism and all things in the base. Oh and telling me that there's a GOOD side to the filipinos does not help generate something good out of that shithole of a country. Saying the opposite might at least provoke some violent reaction out of you, my fellow country people, and kick you out of the mudhole of your empty minds and souls. Educate yourselves, please.

anonymous - January 17th, 2012
Being a filipino youth born in 1991, I cry for my country and I cry for the coming generation because as they "start the change in you" that seems so impossible when the people you tried to reason with doesn't really care.


anonymous - January 18th, 2012
I feel sorry for all you sour graping half-Filipinos here who have been Americanized and try to always see and judge the Philippines thru ameriCan eyes! Fine, you don't like the PHILIPpINES, you think it sucks? You think it is hopeless? Haha! Poor you idiots! Stay in America and live your neurotic, stressed mediocre middle class lives! Do not go back to Philippines! Stay there simple minded yellow Americans!

What you are proud of your 14 trillion in debt, rushed lives, materialistic, self absorbed, love less lives? Good For you! Hahaha!

I lived in States but I love it in the Philippines. Philippines and being pinoy is about sharing, giving. have you ever worked in Makati? I have and the spirit here is so giving. I have so much fun. Christmas parties, pinoys prepare dance numbers as offerings to other officemates. People here try to live and work with each other respectfully, pinoys respect older people and value children. Many pinays here are some of the most giving beings inhale met..so different from consumer obsessed american bitches! Philippine skyline is now 14th best in the world given the buildings in Makati. There is progress. Phil stock market was best performing in Asia. Interest rates are all time low, banks are lending.. Foreign reserves have doubled to 74billion dollars! Foreign earnings from BPO alone is now 10billion. philippines will be 16th largest economy in 20150 per ..All you dumb sour graping traitors, stay away from Philippines. We do not want your white trash!

Philippines is not prefect but we are happy here. There is a lot of caring in our society. Pinoys you will find everywhere live very decent lives, working to send siblings to school..

What did you do to help the poor in the Philippines? You are proud of your celebrity crazy, fast food culture with high divorce rates and middle class culturet in the States? Philippines is doing fine, now an N11 country pre Goldman Saches!

anonymous - January 18th, 2012
I agree with the last comment! There is so much vitality in the Philippines! Pinoy culture is about smiling despite adversity, being close to God and family! You will not appreciate the Philippines if you keep viewing it from your Western standards of efficiency, etc. But are Pinoys happier than the average American? I can honestly say so, and I am from California!

Greece, Portugal, Japan, Europe are all aging fasT! Half of the population will be 60 years old in 40 years. In contrast, Pinoys will still be one of the youngest country in the world, now a widely accepted growth driver!

Philippines is doing great and I am so happy to have discovered the Philippines. This isntruly home. So many nice places and warm people to spend it with! Great food and culture. It is Asian, yet the culture is Hispanic!

Philippines now present many investment opportunities! While banks and mortgages in the States are collapsing, Philippines financial system will now get investment grade.

So many people here are so mis-informed! It's funny how these negative, shallow comments are from people who have nothing to show for themselves! But they bash Pinoys and the Philippines..

Well, the guys in Philippines are getting your jobs! No wonder 29 million Americans are jobless! Are you guys proud to be American while being jobless! Losers you all are who bashed Philippines..

I WIlL make more.money in Philippines and in Asia than you losers! Haha!

anonymous - January 18th, 2012
I am proud of PiNOY culture, which values family and every family member, from grand parents to grand kids. It is a culture that I'd intrinsically community based with community based sharing.

Filipinos are very likable Asians with a Hispanic flair. We are not a greedy, self absorbed, materialistic culture, if you do not value Being Filipino, then Its your choice. for me I have met the nicest, most helpful, generous people in the Philippines since I retired here in 2006.

anonymous - January 23rd, 2012
There, I've proven their idiocy. Again. You're froud? Froud to be mediocre that's all about it. We aren't self-absorbed and materialistic culture? Are you living for real? For the 14 years of my life in the past, I've observed how shallow filipinos are and I can attest that only a FEW are ever wise and less materialistic (and that includes me). People here are super crazy buying every new phone released in the market, whilst me, my phone is like 8 years old? And these people buy iPhones, which is not so much bad as long as you live comfortable lives like being able to eat- but it's even surprising that despite having so low an income would even buy something UNNECESSARY in their already poor lives. I just don't get that. At all. I live in Australia, and no, I don't hear much of filipinos working in intellectual, high-income jobs. Yeah, most filipinos abroad (especially around the middle east) work in areas where most people don't want to do in like nursing, domestic helpers, anything that is employee-oriented work. As a society in general, they're good to you when you're rich and/ or you're good-looking (meaning you look white). Most filipinos I've been surrounded with are great social animals in parties, and who hate people who don't want to partake in small, useless talk. Oh, and as a girl, I hate gossip, which of course makes me feel alienated around the others who expect me to be as ridiculously, predictably shallow and materialistically- minded.

Someone has mentioned that we are beyond repair and yet you're still crying pride for this country. You sound very inconsistent. I say stop it with this form of nationalism trite. You come off really deluded and just annoyingly evil (hey, nationalism isn't good for our nation- please read about Nazism and North Korea to know what happens when everyone shares your outdated, not smart POV). Now, unless someone dares to dump the whole filipino trash media (GMA and ABS-CBN networks) and create programs that do not insult the intelligence and emotions of the sensible ones out here who have been trying hard enough to tell the rest to start thinking practical and stop being so hedonistic. And to someone who said of filipinos multiplying fast, well, I just have to tell you that in 50 years there will be no food resources left on this tired earth, because we don't know how to preserve our environment (and that includes overpopulating, which would prompt more food production). Why do you make such moronic remarks? Stop believing that everything is alright there- when, really, it's not. See? Most filipinos just hate the truth. Or even accepting any sort of criticism whatsoever. Yes, indeed, a lot of them have too much pride to even admit their faults and work on to improve themselves. A self-defeatist mentality they have that prevents any solution making discussions and or a conversation to think up of ways to better it. As one said, yes, perhaps we are beyond repair (how can you love the country with this cynical remark?).

P.S. They also hate sarcasm. I just know it when they can't take this shit.

anonymous - March 17th, 2012

anonymous - March 19th, 2012
filipinos have to help and respect one another to make that country great again. we need a leader who knows what the country needs. bring back the death penalty for capital punishment.
make our military keep peace and order

anonymous - March 31st, 2012
you know what? i think one blogger was right into saying that this is all planned by the oligarchs and the people in power. you see, these idiots wanted us to be a people who can't think for themselves. they wanted us to stay morons so that we will not realize that they're staying in power to get richer. just check out the government's budget for education. they're not emphasizing on education coz they're afraid that after the people have been educated and start thinking and realize that these oligarchs are in for more power and money, they will be contested and ousted from their seats. that even the media is being controlled by them. look at the local shows we have. ain't it sad to see that there's nothing there to learn from but overacting and under-budgeted telenovelas, three-stoogies-like comedies, game shows for the stupid and news stories that are exaggerating.

they target the hearts and the minds of the people. once they have done this, and i think it's what it is now, more money and power for them. and can we stand up against them? NO!!! DEFINITELY NOT IN OUR LIFETIME (at least not mine). the system was established and is and will always be there for at least 50 years. unless our youth of today start to grow up and serve the government to change all of these, change will never happen in the philippines. only the rotten old devious oligarchs and businessmen are here to stay to prey on the ordinary pinoys. and we're all smiling because not everyone sees the big picture.

anonymous - April 04th, 2012
They can't stop fucking they even fucked up their land. Their women like fucking foreigners then maybe fuck up somebody else's land.
The problem with filipino is that they are aggressive but not brave, they are jealous, shallow, copycats, stupid, selfish, feels entitled when educated and impolite when not but abusive either way, they are backstabbers, immoral, and their greatest export is their women<< LOL but true.....
The are democracy but socialists at heart, what a bunch of hypocrites filipinos are

anonymous - June 15th, 2012
I live in a filipino hood they are acting all rich with there nice houses ther cheaply tuned up hondas they try to fit in but they are always looking at you if your not filipino I am canaidan and I am proud to be these people are always like oh fuck he's pana fuck you if you don't like that I'm native go back where you belong. BITCHES if you don't fuk with me I won't fuck wiTh you

anonymous - June 17th, 2012
this is weird, author says he or she wants the filipinos to love each other yet he or she hates filipinos. Ironic. If you want this country to be great you got to start with yourself..

anonymous - June 24th, 2012
As a Fillipina, I agree with the comment on the Philippine's current state of poverty. There were some comments here that made me stand up and applaud.Especially to the person who wrote about the music and the stereotype of gays on Fillipino media. Haha.
Now time for my two cents: 1) The government should get rid of the corruption.
2) I think the Philippines should develop a socialist economy. :] I think it would help with the health care and education. I know several young aspiring doctors, nurses, etc. In the Phillipines. But the majority of the population can't afford a doctor because they're dirt poor. So, unfortunately, no jobs for the medical staff and no medicine for the sick. sad.gif

anonymous - July 09th, 2012
My ex-husband married a filipino, they make $200,000 per year between them, and she won't let him help his young adult children through college. I call that GREED...worse still, they claim to be Catholic--I call that NO INTEGRITY.

anonymous - July 09th, 2012
Calling this ironic is just a way to justify the whole thing in your mind and excuse it. Yes, you can adopt the "be the change" mentality and change yourself, but it will not change the group dynamic.

anonymous - July 09th, 2012
The fundamental problem is that a majority of people in this world view monetary success as the only "REAL" standard. Well, needless to say, if that is the only "REAL" way to assess things, you should not be calling yourself a Christian of any stripe, and your life is going to suck; "You can't serve God and Mammon (money) because you'll love one and hate the other".

anonymous - July 13th, 2012
Totally agree with the comment dated Jan. 23. Most Filipinos who have low income buy something unnecessary in their already poor lives. Someone accused me of being "kuripot" (miser) just because I am practical, have better priorities (like my kid's education and investments), refuse to spend beyond my means, in short I don't run after every material thing just to brag and copy the rich man's lifestyle shown on television...and the funniest part is that her salary is only 1/100 of mine! She won't eat this kind of food or use this kind of stuff because it's not expensive or "in", but reality is she lives only in a dirty shack in a remote area of a small town (she still have the nerve to complain how small my condominium unit is in the city). And she expects people to live that same mentality as hers. Very pathetic! This is one bullshit attitude that's dragging Filipinos down. Shallow and proud even with nothing but their delusions. Philippines in itself is a beautiful place but most of its people are really strange...

anonymous - July 17th, 2012
Most if not all the negative comments are true. The solution? None. Reason ? Culture. Part of the problems? Geographic. Tribal mentality. To many tribal camps. Brgy are the root. False pride. Undiscipline . Fatalistic . Self serving. False claims as a culture .(denial ) the list could go on.

anonymous - December 25th, 2012
The filipinos are not to blame!

anonymous - December 29th, 2012
Still looking for a Filipino that looks Spanish; what a fucking joke, we only used your piece of shit country as a port on our way to real destinations. Do some research as to your Spanish surnames:

For the first several hundred years of Spanish rule, most Filipino surnames were either indigenous (e.g., Macapagal) or the names of Saints or other Catholic symbols (San Jose, de la Cruz, de los Reyes, etc.). Frequently, members of the same family did not have the same "surname" which drove Spanish officials crazy since they were trying to keep the tax rolls straight.

So in 1849, under Governor General Narciso Claveria, they issued a huge "Alphabetical Catalogue of Surnames" (Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos -- republished by the National Archives in 1973), which is just page after page of names, some Spanish, some Filipino, compiled by friars and bureaucrats from various sources. In theory, every Filipino was supposed to pick a name from this approved list, and all members of the same family were supposed to have the same surname and stick to it.

In practice, implementation was very uneven. In some provinces, e.g. Albay, the governor apparently tore out pages from the Catalogue and sent them to individual towns. Hence, almost everyone in the town had names beginning with the same letter ("B" in Tiwi, "R" in Oas, etc.) In other provinces, it was much more random. A lot of people kept old surnames (including "de los Santos" and the like) even though the decree supposedly forbade this. However, most Filipinos have family names which date back only to 1849 and to the "Catalogue" issued by Claveria.

Most of the Filipino-Chinese surnames date from the 19th century and later when most Chinese immigrants came to the Philippines. Names ending with "-go" or "-co" or "-son" often reflect contractions of generic terms or honorifics.

For more details on the Claveria decree, read the introduction to the 1973 edition of the _Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos_. See Edgar Wickberg, _The Chinese in Philippine Life, 1850-1898_ for the origin of Filipino-Chinese surnames.

So stop saying you are have Spanish blood, you idiots just took our surnames from a book, so sad. Pacific Islanders! you should be proud of who you really are instead of looking like idiots, do you fools not see what the rest of the world sees.

anonymous - April 13th, 2013
errrr, after 300+ years of spanish colonization, wouldn't there be mixing of spanish and filipino blood? i, for sure have some spanish blood. My forefathers were spanish, chinese and filipino. Funny thing is I look chinese when my chinese blood is the most minute of all. The only thing I got from my spanish ancestors was my white skin. And I have proof (which I wont share online because I'm afraid of internet stalkers). My clan researched the family tree. -.-

anonymous - May 12th, 2013
What the Philippines needs is a national identity. The Culture of the Philippines is extremely diverse, and although we are all considered to be Filipinos no matter which province we came from, which ethnic group we came from, what language we speak, there is no actually unity between the people. We need to develop a central culture and identity the transcends these nuances. Let us look at countries like Japan and Korea. Their people have an extremely defined identity which serves as the vehicle for them to unite and countribute to the country. Through my experience with Koreans, I have noticed that no matter where they go, they buy Koreans made products, especially electronics, etc. although some of these products are inferior to other products when it comes to quality, they still buy them as they feel compelled to support their country. Korea has such a strong identity that even though its population is one half the size of the Philippines, and its land area is less than half the size of the Philippines, their culture has become world known through hallyu. They are proud of who they are and what their culture is. This pushes them to work for the betterment of their country. Filipinos need to have ride in the country and must have a strong national identity to make major changes that will lead the Philippines into prosperity. After all, our culture teaches "bayanihan". If we actually apply this to aspects like our country, progress is sure to come.

anonymous - February 26th, 2014
Filipinos I have ever and all came across are rude stuck up pricks,Their women are easy whores who throw themselves at men,They only seem to ever stick with their own kind and only welcome a foreigner in unless he is loaded with $,They all where religious hypocrites aswell who didn't like being challenged in debates and I got the impression they where a arrogant bunch of people who always tried to make out they where better than you,Filipinos suck and their women suck cock for $5 lol

anonymous - February 26th, 2014
Oh yeah and alot of their women marry white men like 40 years their senior,Wow their Fathers must be so proud

anonymous - December 10th, 2014
some really retarded people on here .... most of them are flips ...and the guy that keeps writing "flips suck ass"
but i liked the swat team comment haha
watching that shit on tv was like watching a comedy show ...

anonymous - May 02nd, 2015
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anonymous - September 16th, 2015
I've said it before and I'll say it again .
flips suck ass !

anonymous - November 16th, 2015
Hi there .. Just checkin in to see if flips still suck ass

anonymous - February 06th, 2016
Yep they're still sucking ass ... And the swat teams still suck .

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