Date: Apr 25th, 2005 7:30:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: split

I assigned works on asoka, and I should called him today for push. Except for the clinique's module presentation layer coding, he still need to modify the disease modification. Another two should be assigned on him,too, modify the hzw front to echo one hyperlink as long as the counting is zero, and, allow the author to published there threads continuously.

The autorefresh now seems like one screensaver, however, I only want to make sure, what should affect the alexa statics, whether the firefox? or the other type if ie/skinned browser? or, the alexa toolsbar was hidden from the interface? what means the details? so that I need one test on my dep site, it is ramdon visisted, only one or two browser will do effectivly for statics,too.

Laura has lower acknowledge on web firm building, and not much time and command skills for her roles, so that I should depend anything important on her rather than I take care myself, or on other staffs directly.

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make up one test page
Date: Apr 24th, 2005 2:58:31 am - Subscribe
Mood: tricky

The page refresh continue, however, I think it probably make no effect to the counting, for, mostly, it refresh by cache. I do not want to use the page to increase the query yet, for the reason that it can not make all the indexes. All I want to do now is only make known about what exactly could do affect to the alexa counting.

The betterway is to make up the pages seems from differect pages either the pages, so that the browser will not callit from buffer, and not only the pageviews affect but also the flux.

it need to code by javascript and url, let asoka to do thatzcorel

Asoka can also try to do help to refit the sectart's flow which can append the introduction document for one disease, with one command jsp added, and one entity:update tag should be coded out,too.
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index need to update for SEO,still
Date: Apr 23rd, 2005 5:50:05 am - Subscribe
Mood: unstoppable

seems the domain's pr is not the same as the index pr, so that the links locate at the front page has no pr value at all, it will do little help for the other sites to increase their value. so that I should arrange the new modification to get the index.html more effective to seo, and less for the current usage.

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one Man Day
Date: Apr 5th, 2005 12:41:17 am - Subscribe
Mood: touched

The update/replant work sounds one little issure, however, it cost one ManDay work at last. The time gone on such way in the project as usual.

The day I provided section setting and messae by individual section object. before it sounds no use but only one feeling of forecast, I build up thus function out of the current requirements, it cost more time but do more importat day aftr day.

Its the contradiction in XP programming concept: The more simply satisfy for currunt with no foorcast, the more difficult to satisfy the change of requirements in the anaphrase of the project; its more impossible to saitify the requirements what all on customers willing.

Of course, It rely on the user story can be clearify at the beginning, however, it is the keypoint: as long as the user story has been clearify, why XP programming necessary.

So that I still think the XP programing is only the noncense.
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replantting issue
Date: Apr 4th, 2005 8:32:53 pm - Subscribe
Mood: psychic

The curiours situatioin yesterday, was caused by another backup file, it was been activatted for the new thread. It reminds me, the static varian should not bee affected each other between the applications.

I always mass cases up when repant to application from develop server to working system. I always thought I can remmeber it but always lost them here or there
the issue now is enclosed: directory; directory
3.sections-images directory;
4.html directory;?no?
5.index.html hyperlinks;
6.domain.xml-> domainname change
7.dao.xml, the dep site should display the demo section; bot shouldnt in worksystem.
8.dep.xml, use pool or directly, but means need to modify the url;

in the nextime I still
1.need to modify the sections's xml to cancel their views attribute;
2.move the logs directory to home/logs
3.buildup and modify the htaccess in ~/xnk and the $root/ for the current host


all above foure will be packed up to the working system;

the connection setting must to be modified, and all the logs and sesectionsxml must be copied to the new one from the old syste.
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