Date: Apr 25th, 2005 7:30:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: split

I assigned works on asoka, and I should called him today for push. Except for the clinique's module presentation layer coding, he still need to modify the disease modification. Another two should be assigned on him,too, modify the hzw front to echo one hyperlink as long as the counting is zero, and, allow the author to published there threads continuously.

The autorefresh now seems like one screensaver, however, I only want to make sure, what should affect the alexa statics, whether the firefox? or the other type if ie/skinned browser? or, the alexa toolsbar was hidden from the interface? what means the details? so that I need one test on my dep site, it is ramdon visisted, only one or two browser will do effectivly for statics,too.

Laura has lower acknowledge on web firm building, and not much time and command skills for her roles, so that I should depend anything important on her rather than I take care myself, or on other staffs directly.

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