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happybeginnings Up to speed - Subscribe
This blog or diary for a better word is really just a documentation of the ups and downs on the Surrogacy Journey that Caleb and I have decided to go on. Even though this private blog will only be shared with a few people I still felt the need to introduce myself.
So... where to begin? According to Caleb (and I have vague memories of this) the surrogacy seed was planted in my head about 8 years ago. We were visiting his parent’s house watching an episode of Desperate Housewives and in this particular episode a character was a surrogate. Mostly everybody in the room wasn’t particularly interested or excited about the idea except me. I thought it was something wonderful. A few years later I started researching the idea of becoming a surrogate but had to abandon the idea because I didn't meet the requirements (having your own children). For the next few years the idea would pop in my mind again and again but it was never the right time. Fast forward to August 2012 (and 2 babies later).
Caleb and I sat down and discussed the idea of me hopefully becoming a GC (Gestational Carrier) for another couple. We thought about it, talked about, researched it and finally decided to contact a few agencies and see how things worked out. In the end we went with our gut instinct and decided on a “local” agency.

Everyone on AAS ( the wonderful forum I joined says that everything to do with surrogacy is a “hurry-up-and-wait-game” and all I can say is YES and YES. It doesn’t help that I’m not a very patient person; this process has taught me to be more patient!
I decided to wait on starting this blog just because a lot of the process in becoming a surrogate is very drawn out and can take a while. This is what has been happening (in a nutshell) since we decided to start on this journey:
Journey Started 09/08/12
Meeting with Agency 09/06/12
Home Inspection 09/18/12
Officially accepted into the program 10/04/12
Presented with a couple E&M 10/09/12
Lunch with E&M 10/28/12
MATCHED w/E&M 10/29/12
Call w/ fertility Dr. 11/9/12
IUD Removal w/ my Dr. 11/19/12
IVF Medical Screening/Psych GA 01/24/13
PAP w/ my Dr. 01/31/13
Start B/C Pills 02/12/13
Received contracts via e-mail 03/06/13
Meeting with CPA 03/11/13
Call with Attorney to go over contracts 3/11/13
This is what’s next for us:
Contracts will be signed (today/tomorrow)
I start meds (around 4 weeks)

If you’ve got this far you’re up to date with what’s going on in our Surrogate life. I’ll be sure to try and update as often as possible, even when things are going slow.
Elle xx

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happybeginnings Officially Spring Mar 20th, 2013 9:20:52 am - Subscribe
So Spring has finally arrived and I am so stoked. Spring and Fall are my favourite seasons. I can’t wait to hit the beach with Caleb and the boys. It’s a great way to relax (me) and get the boys tired! I wish it was a little warmer today though, it’s only 61 but still that’s better than it has been and plus it’s not raining!
What makes today even better is I brought in freshly baked donuts! Sadly I can not claim to making them myself but they’re still awesome and it just starts my day out right!

Caleb and I are eagerly waiting for the contracts to sign. We received the first draft last week and had a few minor changes made. E&M signed their portion yesterday and we’ll hopefully be getting them tomorrow. As soon as that’s completed and our Attorney receives them back they’ll be giving the clinic the go ahead to start me on my medications (which may or may not include me taking daily injections.) Luckily Caleb will be helping me with this (I think he’s looking a little too forward to this part!) I’m not too nervous, I trust him completely and PLUS it’s to help get my body ready for the transfer. From what the nurse has told me, I’ll be on the medication for around 4 weeks and then we can make the transfer. We’re all still hoping for an April transfer but if not it’ll be May.

I spoke to E last night and she told me that they got 17 (or was it 18, I can’t remember now) lovely embryo’s when they went out to CA last week! They should be shipped out next week.

I thought because I kinda just dove in with this blog (starting in the middle of the whole process) that I would give a little background of how we came to be matched with E&M. Our agency sent us a profile of them early October 2012. After reading about them they sounded really nice so we expressed a wish to meet them. We met E&M towards the end of October at a lovely restaurant on the water. It was so nice to meet the couple that we’d hopefully be able to share this amazing experience with. We hit it off and talked and talked. The poor waiter must of thought we were crazy! I wish we lived closer so that we could visit more often but luckily with technology today we’re in contact vial e-mail and phone daily! We are very lucky to have been matched with E&M, they’re such amazing people who are going to make wonderful parents!

The next few months are going to be busy. We have so many family birthday’s this month PLUS I have my big 30 next month (or rather just the anniversary of my 29th Birthday ha ha thanks Carrie Underwood for that one!) E&M might be coming down to visit us the 2nd weekend in April which will be lovely. We’ll hopefully have the transfer towards the end of April. May we have our family vacation and then June we want to try and meet up with E&M for a little mini-vacation.

I have to get cracking with writing a speech for our good friend who’s getting married this weekend. She and I have known each other since before kindergarten! She lives overseas so we can’t make the wedding but this way at least she’ll know we love and miss her!

Elle xx

I took this picture this morning. These Azalia's always make me realize that Spring has arrived! This was taken in the parking lot at work! (Wish the watermark of the website wasn't there but oh well!)

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happybeginnings Signed, sealed and delivered! Mar 21st, 2013 2:56:58 pm - Subscribe

This is a picture my best friend sent me this morning of the weather they’re having up North. It’s crazy, yesterday was the first day of Spring and we’re having a cold front. It doesn’t snow here with us but its chilly today, low 50’s! I know we’ll be cursing come July and August when it hits the high 90’s and the humidity is driving us crazy! Still … I am so ready for warmer weather.

I am eagerly awaiting the contracts to be delivered today so we can have them signed and notarized. I’m hoping that when I scan them to our attorney that will set the wheels in motion to have them contact the clinic so I can coordinate with the nurse to start my medications.

Our youngest is turning 2 soon (and seems to be going through the terrible two’s at the moment) so we have to go Birthday shopping soon. We don’t go crazy with these Birthday’s because they’re so young. I’m thinking maybe just some Dollar store silly toys, a Disney movie and maybe a stuffed toy (like Elmo or something similar). I didn’t do a very good job of our eldest’s Birthday cake (it was just very sloppy looking, in my defense I only had 5min to decorate it!) so I’m determined this next cake will look better! I’m also thinking one balloon will suffice (the kids love them but they drive us parents into despair!)

Thinking about the warmer weather makes me want to go outside and take pictures. I absolutely adore taking pictures. You can ask poor Caleb, I’m always whipping out the camera happy.gif I think he loathes every November when I try and take our family portrait! Every year I am successful and we’ve had most of them turn out wonderfully. I really need to get into a better habit of taking pictures and painting. There are three projects I’ve always wanted to do and I’m hoping I’ll commit to them this year: A "day in my life" photo shoot; a “young me/now me picture” and the “365 project: a photo a day.”
I do have my manual camera at home that’s film is nearly finished that I can’t wait to have developed! That camera will always be special to me because Caleb bought it for me one Christmas when we lived in the UK.

So … BIG news. We signed the contracts!!!! Every little step is bringing us closer and closer to hopefully getting pregnant to help E&M. So exciting! Now we wait for the attorney’s to do their thing and then I can coordinate with the nurse to get me on my medication. Once that starts … oh boy we’ll hopefully get a transfer date and then the real countdown begins!

Elle xx
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happybeginnings Teatime Mar 22nd, 2013 12:49:20 pm - Subscribe
Another cold Spring day! The weather is supposed to be warming up this weekend but there are chances of thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday sad.gif I love storms but it’s hard with the kids being indoors. We have to do our weekly grocery shopping tomorrow so that at least will get us out the house. I wanted to go to a local Wingfest tomorrow but since there’s a chance of rain and thunderstorms I don’t know if we’ll go. My head is killing me today, I wonder if I’m thinking too hard! Wouldn’t be the first time ha ha!

So we signed all the contracts yesterday and I faxed and mailed them off to all the appropriate people. Our nurse contacted me yesterday saying she has the green light to start medications, and yes Caleb will be giving me daily injections (he is waaaay to excited about this part!) I can only start Lupron after 14 days of me taking active birth control pills (I am on day 4). She says she’s hopeful that we’ll be able to do an end of April transfer. She’ll know a more definite day when we talk next week and go over my cycle. She’ll be ordering the medication for me next week once she knows when the embryo’s will be shipped to her from CA. I am beyond excited. The best part is when I get the medication calendar because that will show the exact transfer date. Which means I will have a countdown date. It’ll make everything even more real. Can you tell I’m excited? Thrilled? Eager?

Browsing the internet the other night I found all these lovely vintage pictures and one that stood out is this beautiful teacup. Much to Caleb’s delight I love all things pretty and frilly. I collect teacups and teapots (although I don’t have many) as well as mythical creatures (like custom my little pony’s, unicorns, teddy bears, fairies ect) as well as fairytale books. I am planning on one day buying a glass display cabinet to house all my treasures. I love this one website that sells all these lovely Victorian vintage stuff (it’s not too pricey) but I also love rummaging in antique or thrift stores (without the kids, so this doesn’t happen very often!) I’m hoping to have my own equivalent to a man cave when we move to a bigger house in the future. Instead of a big screen tv, a fridge full of beer, and a PS3 with games (which would be Caleb’s) my room will be filled with flowers, art, books, teddy bears, oversized comfy chairs and tea! One can dream and plan right?

Elle xx
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happybeginnings Eating again Mar 27th, 2013 12:19:36 pm - Subscribe
I’ve been sick the past 3 days – fun times. Not keeping anything down and just feeling miserable. I came into work on Monday just for an hour to wrap up some paperwork and then Tuesday I cam in but felt so sick around lunchtime so I left and went to the Doctor. Turns out I had the early stages of a UTI! I’m still not 100% convinced that that’s what caused the nauseous (although it is a rare symptom) I think I might have had a stomach bug too. Anyway the medicine they put me on is working and I felt wonderful today, except the medication is making me a little drowsy and my eyes are so dry. I managed to eat food and keep it down! I made porridge the way my mom used to make it when I was little. I soaked the oats overnight. Boiled them and then cooked them on low for 15min, added milk, little butter and sugar and voila! It’s filling and delicious! I would of shared a picture but it was gone too quickly happy.gif I’m just so happy to be able to eat again and not feel like throwing up all the time. Lunch can’t come quick enough! I’m drinking loads of cranberry juice (which IMO should not be drunk without vodka!)

It’s so lovely to be back on AAS (the surrogate forum) there are 3 ladies who look to be transferring in April too, hopefully we’ll all be pregnant at the same time, will be nice to have other people at the same stage as me! I contacted my nurse from the clinic asking her about the medications and she said I’ll be starting them on 3/31, that’s this Sunday! Which means 4 weeks from then is April 28th. So that’s probably when we’ll transfer. I hope it’s that Monday (not sure if they do transfers on weekends) so that we can go up over the weekend and have time to spend with E&M! I sent her an e-mail this morning to see if they can give me a firm date so that Caleb and I can take time off form work!

It has been FREEZING the past few days. Seriously it’s supposed to be Spring! Balmy not below freezing (ok I’m exaggerating that part but still.) I have all my pretty summer dresses that I want to wear! I’m tired of trousers and jerseys (or pants and sweaters for the US). Still I shouldn’t complain… I’m excited for next week. I’m taking a me day to have my nails done (Christmas gift certificate) and just veg out at home (without being sick!) also it’s my Birthday (the big 30!) and I’m super excited about it. Caleb asked where I wanted to go for dinner and I chose Cracker Barrel (crazy I know) but I love their food!

Lunch was amazing, I ate a lot (I think I was making up for my lack of food the past few days!) I received an e-mal from my nurse. They can’t give us a specific transfer date until after I start my period (around the 10th of April according to the BC pills) but if I go according to my regular cycle then it’ll be around 4th or 5th of April. So we’ll see. I’ve asked her what to do if my period does start early/before the BC pack says.

That’s about it for right now!

Elle xx
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