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Prego Spaghetti Sauce :) May 15th, 2013 2:04:02 pm - Subscribe
Mood | euphoric
Song of the day | Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Well I’m back from a whirlwind of craziness happy.gif
We left for our week long vacation in the mountains on Saturday the 4th of May. It rained a lot while we were there but we had some sunny days and it still turned out to be a wonderful holiday. I tried a few pregnancy tests that E had given me but they all turned out negative sad.gif I tried not to get discouraged. On Friday the 10th we drove into town to the nearest Labcorp to have blood work done. The staff were extremely rude and refused to tell me if I was pregnant (I found out later that it was due to HIPA laws) which I completely understand but they could have been much nicer. Anyway on the way back to our cabin we stopped to get another pregnancy test, by this time I was so anxious to know. We got back to the cabin and I peed in a cup for Caleb to test (it’s our tradition!) I was in the kitchen and I heard him exclaim in the next room “Guess whose Preggo!” I couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and crying! He said that both lines came up right away! I called E to let her know and she was happy too! My nurse called a little later to confirm that we were pregnant and that 10dp5dt (10 days past a 5 day transfer) the beta numbers came in at 206! A strong number happy.gif

Monday the 13th of May I went to our local hospital to draw blood for the 2nd set of numbers. I waited sooooooo long (they said it was a very busy day, typical!) my nurse called me later on and told me that the numbers had more than doubled! 13dp5dt 1050!

I go for my 3rd beta test next Monday. The past 2 days I’ve been setting up ultrasound appointments with my Dr. I go for my hour long nurse visit and 6W Ultrasound on 5/23/13 and then for the 8W Ultrasound (with E&M) the first week of June! It’s so exciting. I’m hoping all is well and this little baby grows and grows!

Roughly based on the transfer date I am 5 weeks along today and I made a cute tickler, even though I know it’s early, I couldn’t resist. Due date is around January 15th 2014!

I do still want to upload pictures and eventually create a more user friendly blog but right now I’m tracking everything here!

Elle xx

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anonymous May 21st, 2013

The funiest thing about when I got your call is that I was in the middle of an eyebrow wax . You should have seen the look on my vietnamese face friend. I said Im pregnant and then I said Im not carrying it. The lady next to me had quite a flitter of her eyebrow and from there it was a charade of explanations while she contorted my face! A blessing of a phone call in the oddest of situations!

happybeginnings May 23rd, 2013

Ha ha! Thats too funny happy.gif

frost May 24th, 2013


We just had our 2nd child December 19th. One of the hardest things you ever do, but there is nothing more rewarding.

Best of luck and hope the pregnancy goes awesome!

anonymous January 07th, 2017




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