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How do I Edit My Personal Profile?

Keeping your personal profile on Aeonity Blog updated is very impordent. This informs other users just like you, who you are and what your interested in. To edit and modify your personal profile on Aeonity Blog login to your CP and click on Edit Profile.

Username - This area specifies your username on Aeonity Blog. Using your username you can link your blog as so Your username is a unique way of identifying you on our website.

E-mail address - All users on Aeonity Blog must have a valid E-mail address. Your e-mail must be unique, and can never be used twice on Aeonity Blog. E-mail are used to send support, and for communications with other on our website.

Date Format - Aeonity Blog allows all members to modify their dates on their blogs at any time. All date formats are done in php format. To edit your date format simply visit PHP: date - Manual on

Blogs per page - Specify how many blog entries you would like per page. Note that the higher the number the longer it will take users to load up your Aeonity Blog.

Notify on new comments - Do you wish to recieve an email notifying you when some one has commented on your blog? If so, simply leave at the default 'yes'.

At the friends view page, how many blogs per page - How many blog entries would you like your friends page to have? As noted in 'Blogs per page', the higher the number the longer it will take users to load up your Aeonity Blog. Most blog sites (including this one) allows users to show what their mood is when they published their blog. Many others allow for the user to post hat music he/she is listening to at the time. Aeonity Blog allows you to decide for yourself what you want to fill in, after all, it's your blog. Some ideas for custom filed: highlight of the day, money spent, clothes, book currently reading, music. The custom field can have a maximum of 255 characters. When posting, that is also the limit on Mood.

Gender - Specify if you are male or of the female gender.

Birthday - All users on Aeonity Blog must be of the age of 13 years of age. A valid birthdate is required by all users on Aeonity Blog.

Biography - Who are you, what do you enjoy doing? Give as little or as much information about yourself as you want. This enables yours to get an insite peek of who you are.

Password - All Aeonity Blog Members are protected by a password. To change your password simply edit this field are on your Aeonity Blog.

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