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How do I Create a New Blog Entry?

Creating a New Blog Entry is fast and easy to do. All you do is login to your Control Panel (CP) and click 'Add New Entry'. Doing so will take you to a page that asks for 5 areas. These 5 areas are:

Subject - A subject is simply the title of your Entry, it can be anything that you wish. The subject usually describes the entry or thought of your blog.

Entry - This area is the message that you are trying to relay to other friends and family. The entry is the core of your blog, and you may add as much content as you desire in this area.

Mood - (optional area) This describes how you feel. On the internet it is very hard for users to know how you feel. This area will help you express your feelings by simply typing it in the mood field.

Custom Field - This area is a custom area that was asked during registration. Most blog sites (including this one) allows users to show what their mood is when they published their blog. Many others allow for the user to post what music he/she is listening to at the time. Aeonity Blog allows you to decide for yourself what you want to fill in, after all, it's your blog. Some ideas for custom filed: highlight of the day, money spent, clothes, book currently reading, music. The custom field can have a maximum of 255 characters. When posting, that is also the limit on Mood.

Entry Options - This area adds special options to your Entry. Check marking one will activate or deactivate the features offered below.

  • Disable HTML? - This will disable / remove HTML Coding from your entry if selected.
  • Disable BB Code? - This will disable / remove BB Code from your entry if selected.
  • Disable Smiles? - This will disable / remove Smiles from your entry if slected.
  • This blog is private ? - If this area is selected, your blog entry will be private. No member or guest on Aeonity Blog may view this area.
  • Allow annonymous comments? - If this area is unchecked guests / unregistered users on Aeonity Blog will NOT be able to leave comments on your blog entries.
  • Allow comments? - If this area is uncheck members / guests will be unable to leave comments on your blog entries.

    Path Location

    Aeonity Blog > Login > CP / New Blog

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