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Just Registered a Blog. Now what?

Now that you have signed up for Aeonity Blog, you must do the following before all of Aeonity Blog features are at your disposal.

1. Validate your Email Address
2. Please allow 5 to 10 mins for arrival of the Validation Email our servers will send you.
3. Check and make sure Aeonity Blog is NOT in your Spam Box!
4. Once you have recieved our Validation Email. Besure to click the link provided within the email.
5. The Email we send you will look a little bit like this.

To activate your blog account at Aeonity Blog. You must goto the below URL to vaildate this email address and activate your account. Click Here or enter the code manually here with the code Thank you for registering at Aeonity Blog.

6. If you still have not recieved your Validation Email please Contact Us. Or visit our Aeonity Blog Help Forum and add a post. Please provide your Email that you registered with, and your username!
7. Users. We check our emails daily, we promise we will respond to you a.s.a.p.!

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