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Blog Avatar Tutorial in Photoshop PSD File

If your interested in having a Blog Avatar, this tutorial will show you how to create your own. The avatar shown in this tutorial will be of dimensions under 50x50. The process is farely simple, but this walkthrough does require you to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer.

So what exactly is a blog avatar you ask? Well the questioncan be answered simply as this. An avatar is usually a small image that represents who you are, what you like, or something you are proud of. Here is an example of an avatar:

Please note the red area, and the 'crop image' text. In this tutorial we will be changing those 2 areas by replacing them with a small 48x41 image that we can obtain from the internet or from a royalty free image website. Well with out delay lets get started.

Open Adobe Photoshop > File > Open > emoblog-avatar.psd

Click here to Download Blog Avatar PSD File.

Now within your layers menu you will notice the following menu layers as listed:
1. Crop Image
2. Example
3. Your Image 48x41
4. Background w/ Corners
5. Background


To create your own avatar simply edit the #3 from above. All that need to be done is for you to create your own 48 width x 41 height image. As seen in the 'example' layer this has already been done for you. To make this example (#2) active simply click on the empty location to the left of the layer. Easy enough right?

Once you have found an image that you would like as your avatar, all you need to do is modify its image size. To do so, do the following:

Open Adobe Photoshop > Image > Image Size > Enter 48 width x 41 height. Now click ok.

Besure that constrain proportions is selected, unless you want your image to be unproportional.

Once that has been done now simply cut and paste the image into emoblog-avatar.psd then 'save for web'.

Open Adobe Photoshop > Save For Web > 4 Up Tab > Save as a .gif file.

If you have any questions on this tutorial please visit our Aeonity Blog Forum If for some reason if you are unable to download the psd file, please contact us on Blog Troubleshooting Forum.

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