After Rain
Date: Jul 22nd, 2006 1:10:02 am - Subscribe
Mood: animated

... There came the rainbow ^_^
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Can't Sleep
Date: Jul 21st, 2006 2:58:07 am - Subscribe
Mood: sorrowful

I'm unable to sleep tonight. It has been like this since my dog passed away a couple of weeks ago. Whenever the clock strikes 1 or 2 in the morning, there will always be a dog or two howling so chilly and loud that you can hardly close your eyes and sleep. I know it sounds rather weird (well, it is, after all), but it has been said that the dogs only do this when they see a ghost. Although I don't have any scientific evidence to support the claim, both my mum and sister reported that they saw Mickey not long after he died. I wonder could it really be him? Looking back, the dog has lived with my family for almost ten years, so long that I forgot his real age already. He was loyal, playful and made a perfect companion all his life. Besides, he was also very protective and watchful of the house. I believe that is the reason why he was dropped down dead with unknown poison on the night of June 30. I had not seen it coming. Nobody in my family did. It just happened so suddenly and very unexpectedly. The sight of his dead body in the pool of blood seeping out of the skin is too painful enough. What has he done to deserve such severe penalty? I miss him, so terribly.
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Time Flies
Date: Jul 19th, 2006 5:46:48 am - Subscribe
Mood: amazed

Time flies when you're having fun. This saying is pretty much applied to me and the one full year (and a little bit more) that I was away from Aeonity. No, I'm not new here but yes, I do miss the feeling when I poured my endless thoughts into the blog very religiously- how I miss the good old days! Anyway, it is crystal clear to me that Aeonity has changed a whole lot (in a positive way, of course!) and I have to admit that I do like the color scheme that can be changed almost instantly - very cool and responsive, which kind of reminds me about the messenger service of MSN's. Well, it's been raining like nearly every day here and I'm so pleased that my final exams ended a couple of weeks ago (thank God!). For this reason, I'm looking forward to be posting more entries here very soon. Glad to be back =)
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