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Mood: nostalgic
iMood: white, the shade of white that is the underfur of a well-fed siamese cat

Once upon a time, the rumbling warmth of a cat pressed up beside me was the very best part of an autumn night that was too cool really to leave the window open but the day had been too hot to leave it shut and it was easy to forget until it was too late and I was burrowed down under the comforter my grandmother made me and the tip of my nose was feeling the whisper of distant snow but the cat was warm enough that I fell asleep anyway, dreaming of apples and books and bathing suits - memories of a summer not quite over.
Once upon a time, the weight of a cat on my belly could cure a heartache so heavy it seemed that just breathing was impossible.
Once there was a cat who sat under the dining room table and ate the lima beans of three children who wouldn't, and once there was a cat who was a fierce hunter and a nurturing mother hen at the same time, and once there was a cat who played with ping pong balls and slept under the covers and once there was a cat who found her tail on the stairs when she was a kitten and from that point on would go to the stairs to look for it and when she found it she would spin around and around until she tumbled all the way to the bottom.
This is for the cats who slept on top of doors and television sets, cats who chewed braids and chased hair ribbons, cats who shared tomato soup and stalked the cereal spoon just waiting for the milk at the end, cats who posed under the christmas tree and cats who climbed the christmas tree, cats who comforted and cats who protected and cats who laid in wait for the unattended glass of kahlua and milk, cats who stood in the bottom of the shower and wondered afterwards how on earth they had gotten wet.
I hate that I am now allergic to the creatures that have given me such joy through the years.
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